Monday, July 16, 2007

Experts: Credit Romney for homosexual marriage

Romney could have prevented same-sex marriages from proceeding with his Executive powers of Governor. He did not! Instead Romney ordered the appropriate paperwork be provided to homosexuals to enable marriage. The Massachussets State Supreme is Constitutionally (STATE) prohibited from making Laws from the Bench.

What is particularly disturbing about this is Romney's claim that "he did everything he could" to prevent homosexual marriage from becoming law in Massachusetts. What a bunch of bunk!!

"What Romney did [was] he exercised illegal legislative authority," Herb Titus said of the governor's actions after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court released its opinion in the Goodridge case in 2003. "He was bound by what? There was no order. There wasn't even any order to the Department of Public Health to do anything."

As a result, the good people of Massachusetts who side with the traditional family advocates are suffering because of this illegal legislative "authority." Time and again, illegal methods have been used to prevent the people from voting on this issue. MassResistance, has pages and pages of information that should worry the rest of the states that are close to making this same, bad decision.

Those who typically claim that allowing "gay" marriage does no harm to others haven't heard about David Parker and how he and his wife had their parental rights trampled upon because homosexual activists say, "it's legal now and there is nothing you can do about it."

Think I must be exaggerating about Parker's case? Think again! The tyranny reigns in Massachusetts courtrooms!

Federal judge dismisses David Parker's civil rights lawsuit

Outrageous ruling goes further, reinforces right of schools to teach homosexuality without parents' consent or choice to opt-out

Stunned reaction in Mass. and across America -- Boston Globe celebrates in lead editorial. Ruling is every parent's nightmare.

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