Sunday, July 22, 2007

Olmert Giving Holy Land Away Again

Olmert is making one huge mistake after another! First, it was unwisely trusting the Hamas government. Then it was giving up some land. Then it was releasing hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. Now it's giving up more land!

We need to pray that Benjamin Netanyahu gets back into office as Prime Minister of Israel. Olmert is giving more and more portions of the Holy Land away; ignorantly thinking that appeasement with the Palestinian Arabs will stop terror.


Will someone buy and send him a copy of Obession: Radical Islam's War Against the West!

As the link to the article tells us:

None of the prisoners being released was involved in the murder of Israelis, a political source said.

"There is no Israeli citizen that can claim he was harmed by one of them [the prisoners]," the political source added.

"However, most of them were involved in attempts to carry out terrorist attacks that failed."

So, it's a good thing to give them another shot at succeeding in a terrorist attack??

This is insanity, people!!

At least there were some voices of reason in the article:

Mofaz said the release was a heavy price to pay for nothing in exchange.

"It will raise the price that Hamas will demand for Gilad Shalit, and we need to hold onto prisoners for that goal," he said, referring to the Israel Defense Forces soldier abducted by militants on the Gaza
Strip border in June of last year.

"I'm not sure how the ministers would have voted if their son had been abducted. I'm not opposed to supporting Abbas, but while Shalit is in their
hands, it's not right to carry this thing out," he said.

Yishai said he was opposed to the move because "we are flooding [Abbas] with gestures, the efficiency of which we cannot check."

"We understood that unilateral political moves do not work, so we're moving on to unilateral gestures that are also inefficient, certainly at this time," he continued.

Inefficient? To let over 240 more terrorists out of jail to roam free? It's downright stupidity!!

Will someone encourage Olmert to read Why Christians support Israel and John Hagee's latest book Jerusalem Countdown, which details why radical Islam and Israel cannot dwell peaceably together!!??

It will be interesting and educational to hear what Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief of WND has to say on these latest developments. He can be heard tonight on the Matt Drudge radio show with guest host John Batchelor.

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