Saturday, July 21, 2007

Readers: Problem w/ blog, check back later, Chris

Testing because my last blog entry didn't post.


If you can access this blog post, please to over to "The Way of God in Truth" blogspot for my latest post.

For some reason, my Talkwisdom blog is not posting correctly today, and all the previous posts are not accessible as well.

Trying to find out what the problem is.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


P.S. If this blog does reappear, please comment to let me know. Thanks.

Update: Perhaps it is just a browser problem that is only affecting my own computer. I just checked the status of this blog on my son's computer and the page is loading properly.

If you visit this blog today, would you be kind enough to comment and tell me whether or not you can read this post? Thank you!

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