Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Like This New Blog Title

If you are a regular reader here, you may be getting sick and tired of all the blogposts discussing the "gay christian movement" and/or homosexuality. It is just that with so many changes occuring as of late, with two prominent former homosexual activists both declaring freedom from homosexual behavior and identity (with the power of conversion through Jesus Christ), that this topic has caught the wide-spread interest of the blogosphere.

This morning, I found a new blog being linked here written by a person calling him/herself "DC."

The blog has been named No longer accepting the unacceptable

DC's profile simply states:

"I have thought for some time about whether or not I want to jump into the online fray of the homosexual debate and decided that today was the day. Due to the nature of this subject, my family and my job, I am going to use a pen name - you can call me DC."

What does this tell us? It tells us that the homosexual activists are so strong in the workplace, anyone who disagrees with their mantra could be fired if, or when, they speak out!

This is not good for our country, people. It's not good for our families, either. It's definitely not good for our faith in Jesus Christ.


Because it is a form of tyranny being leveled towards people who believe that homosexual behavior is unhealthy, undesirable for promotion towards our children and grandchildren, and most of all, a sin against the body and God himself. The "tolerance" and "diversity" garbage is actually a ruse that is being used in secular America in order to cause a terrible dictatorship-like atmosphere against Bible-based Christian believers.

At work: Don't agree?

Get disciplined, or even fired!

At home: Speak out against any homosexual activist or 'gay christian' religious group?

You're labeled a bigot. (And, apparently, not welcome to go to their blogs and speak out against their false ideological points, either.)

As an individual person?

If you want to keep the peace and harmony, (as one lesbian christian once told me) then just shut up.

Nice, huh?

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