Saturday, July 07, 2007

Exposing Deception, Health Dangers, & Early Death Stats

Very interesting angle on the opportunity for those damaged by the 'gay' lifestyle to force responsibility on its promoters. Where do we get this idea that 'gay is ok'? Certainly not from within ourselves. It is only through much 'education' from schools, government, activists, and pro-gay corporations.

A commenter named "raybojabo" makes a very good point in response to this article! I, too, think that exposing the health risks of homosexual behavior is the way to get the currently unchallenged promotion of homosexuality out of the public schools. It may take some time, but I sincerely hope that individuals like Michael Glatze and Charlene Cothran (former lesbian, current Venus magazine editor) take center stage in helping to expose the deep deception, early death statistics, and dangerous health risks of this lifestyle.

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Jody said...

Along the lines of Big Tabacco's Second Hand Smoke, does Big Sodomy's Second Hand Gay still make you gay or just bisexual?