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Beware The "Fronts" of Radical Islam

Preface: When I joined "Digg" back on June 28, 2007, I naively thought that it might help bring traffic over to this blog. After several weeks of commenting on articles of interest (mostly the conservative, Christian view on issues) I slowly starting getting "fans" of my comments. Then, I found out how to turn "fans" into friends. Then, I learned how to send "shouts" to my friends list. Then, I learned how to submit articles.

At first, I had a little community of conservative and/or Christian friends. But once I started posting comments about the truth of Obama, the ObamaBorgDigg-bots came along and dugg down such comments. I found that many of my fellow conservative/Christian bloggers were getting "dugg down" as well.

It seemed to me, such people were not interested in any kind of rational discussion of the issues. They just hated all conservatives, Christians, John McCain and Sarah Palin supporters.

I was considering leaving the Digg arena. I found nothing but hatred from the liberal left there. I also discovered that the Digg webmasters often censored the conservative Digg posts that were rising in popularity. They even admitted their bias and would often prevent such posts from getting on the front page because of ideological differences. Once again, freedom of speech is censored.

Now, I have a new attitude about it. When I see my comments "dugg down," I view the minus diggs as a joyful celebration. Why? Because what was said obviously irritated the liberal Diggbots!

Take this Digg article and comment thread, for example:

On Obama's Inauguration: Muslims Say, "It's Our Time."

Now, my previous post was an essay on the same article. However, I wanted to show how the "other side" responded to the article and the back and forth comments going on between the ObamaBorg Digg-bots and conservatives/Christians who are trying to educate them away from their Kool-Aid drinking rhetoric.

For the sake of not having to hunt through 53 comments there, here are some of the ones that I was involved in:

Reply to this thread -9 diggs +6 / -15 Christinewjc
on 01/10/2009 Dugg by friends: 4Christ
Look out. Here comes a most "politically incorrect" reaction to this article!

While deciding just what I wanted to write at my blog - Talk Wisdom - prior to posting an excerpt from this WorldNetDaily article, something just "jumped" right into my mind. It was a scene in the movie, "Hook" where Captain Hook (played brilliantly by Dustin Hoffman, btw) asks the seemingly innocent and innocuous questions, "Comfy?" "Cozy?"

That scene had all the makings of someone who is sneaky and tries to appear good, kind, friendly, accommodating, all inclusive, concerned for the welfare (of his victims) and trying to "make nice" in front of them. All the while, we, as the audience, aren't fooled. We are privy to, and instinctively know, Hook's ultimately evil intentions and desires.

Chilling....isn't it?

Read more of "Muslims & Usurper in Chief: It's Our Time?" at: ...

Excerpt from On Obama's inauguration, Muslims say, 'It's our time'

Chavis Muhammad writes that "with some 1.25 billion Muslims across the globe, the Islamic world couldn't be more excited and anticipatory about the possibility of increased dialogue, understanding and unity that Obama's presidency will undoubtedly bring."

"As an African American Muslim, I can say my prayers were answered when Obama was elected," Chavis Muhammad writes.

Islam? The "religion of peace???" Yeah right. When pigs fly.



That was a portion of my post from yesterday.

Here are some of the responses:

+8 diggs +10 / -2 JenniferInMO
19 hr 14 min ago I don't even know how to address your hate, fear and bigotry. You are long gone.

For those of you just stopping by, the extremists in any religion are dangerous and can be very violent. Islam is no different, neither is Christianity. Islam is a peaceful religion as is Christianity for those who don't buy into the cult versions.

I am sure Muslims are happy about Obama's Presidency. Not because he is a Muslim (which he clearly is not), but because they, as many people do, see Obama as a uniter. They see Obama's Presidency as time when we might all become a little more understanding, tolerant and respectful of each other.

Christine obviously doesn't get it. Rather she chooses to continue spreading lies, hate and fear. That is something I doubt Jesus would do.

My reply:

-7 diggs +3 / -10 Christinewjc
19 hr 3 min ago Dugg by friends: 4Christ
Jennifer wrote:

"I don't even know how to address ..."

Then you shouldn't have!

Obviously, YOU didn't get what my comment and post was actually about. Should I give you a hint?

The appeasement... won't "get it" even then.

JENNIFER chooses to continue spreading lies, hate and fear. That is something I doubt Jesus would do.

Two can play that game...girl.

Then, this guy chimes in:

Thread +5 diggs +7 / -2 StaticThunder
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"Christinewjc chooses to continue spreading lies, hate and fear. "

FIFY. No, two people can't play at that game when the facts are you've already lost. You've lost the election and you've lost the ideological battle as your world view is rapidly becoming seen as the dark age throwback it is. Eight years of neocon rule have rendered your cause, your us against evil, with us or against us mentality, impotent.

You're a joke.

Now, I think that the following comment was addressed to my original comment:

Reply to this thread +4 diggs +4 / -0 Tiak
10 hr 29 min ago Did you seriously just imply that a quarter of the world's population are evil because they remind you of a character from a children's story turned movie?... If so, wouldn't Jafar have been a much more obvious choice?...

Notice the progression here? Is it intolerant to point out the naivete of such people?

Then, further down the thread a Digg commenter wrote this:

21 hr 48 min ago You folk's talk like a bunch of terrorist yourselves.
Right now,you scare me more then any Muslim.
You have to remember these people are your brother's and sister's to!

I replied using God's Word:

Reply to this thread -7 diggs +4 / -11 Christinewjc
18 hr 53 min ago Dugg by friends: 4Christ
Muslims do not worship the same God as Christians and Jews. Please see this post for the proof of this statement: ...

Echota -

The tolerance that Muslims enjoy in America is not reciprocated in Muslim nations towards Christians or Jews. Have you ever asked yourself, "Why is that?"

Regarding your comment that "these people are your brothers and sisters, too" are you at all familiar with the Bible? What, specifically, did Jesus say when he was told "his family" was outside waiting for him?

Mat 12:46 While he yet talked to the people, behold, [his] mother and his brethren stood without, desiring to speak with him.

Mat 12:47 Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.

Mat 12:48 But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

Mat 12:49 And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

Mat 12:50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

Obviously, he didn't like that:

18 hr 38 min ago @Christinewjc....I'm not here to argue the Bible with you,it's not part of my belief to do that...and yes,I was raised in a Christian home so you don't want to go there with me.
You seem to know the scripture so all I'm going to say is Matthew 5:43-48
Peace to you and all mankind in 2009

At this point, I want to back up to a comment given by GlobalRoamer:

on 01/10/2009 Dugg by friends: 4Christ, Janinco
It's Muslims time for what?

Killing homosexuals? That's part of Sharia Law. So it's time to kill homosexuals.
Killing adulterers? That's part of Sharia Law. I committed that sin once. Whoops, I guess I am out of here!

An Afghan family has a daughter who was raped, so they cut her open, removed the baby, at home, and stitched her up. ...

I think it's time for Muslims to start showing their indignation against these kinds of acts of Sharia Law.

My response:

15 hr 57 min ago Dugg by friends: Janinco
Good (and very sad) points, GlobalRoamer. Wear your "minus" diggs well. It means that the liberal, tolerance-allowed-for-Muslims-only (no matter how much evil they do), ObamaBorg Bots have been irritated by the truth you have shared.

You might be asking, why am I sharing all of this? The reason is because too many people in the United States of America have forgotten the "how," the "why," and especially the "who" reasons for the terrible attack on our nation on September 11, 2001. [Note: if you need a reminder, please see the video "The Path to 9/11"; but even MORE IMPORTANTLY, please see Blocking The Path to 9/11]

Many people have become highly and dangerously complacent regarding the Islamofascist terrorists and their goal of domination (and instilling Sharia law) in the West.

If you need your eyes opened up, please see Maggie's Notebook blog and her post:

Lionheart: The Blind Sheik and - Know your Enemy!

I first heard about Lionheart and his battles against the growing Muslim take-over in the U.K. back in January, 2008, when I posted:

Blogger Arrested: No Free Speech Rights in U.K.

Maggie's Notebook prefaces Lionheart's article:

***Internet Exclusive***

In this post, Lionheart sounds the clarion call to know your enemies. The following reports how online Islamic forums, deemed "moderate" by the British government, were actually set up by Al Qaeda's Abu Hamza al-Masri, also known as the blind sheik - with British tax pounds supporting it - all in the name of tolerance.

Lionheart's friend, Glen Jenvey, was instrumental in bringing Hamza to justice, and discovered Hamza's plan to set up training camps in Oregon. Jenvey, a cyber-terror expert, and a former U.S. espionage agent in Iran, has been featured in prominent television documentaries and Internet films, including Obsession. You'll find a link to his video collection below.

The question is, are there really any "moderate" Muslim organizations? Am I even allowed to ask such a question? Apparently, Lionheart wasn't allowed to even criticize radical Islam in the U.K. last year. Now, we can see the terrible progression and toll that the United Kingdom is suffering. The Islamofascists are wreaking havoc over there - all in "the name of tolerance."

Is such tolerance worth it?

Is it worthwhile?

Or, is it more like the analogy of placing your country (like a frog) into a cold pot of water on the stove - watching the frog slowly get boiled to death sitting in the warm water of complacency?

Lionheart writes: is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Moslem online forum in Britain. It promotes itself as being a moderate Islamic forum to the wider British community, who have links with many other Government funded organisations, Islamic and non-Islamic alike.

So while the Government are ploughing millions of pounds of tax payers money into these types of organisations to counteract the militant aspect of the Islamic religion that is now in our midst, these exact same organisations are able to use that money to build their infrastructure, build their Islamic agenda into the public debate, build their base of supporters and then use that power to influence the public debate, mobilise an army of Moslems to support their agenda on our streets to demonstrate against anything they perceive that is contrary to their Islamic religion, or by mass targeted letter writing campaigns to influence institutions and organisations decisions.

British Government funded Al Qaeda terror is being promoted under the guise of counter radicalisation, and claimed to be the moderate face of Islam.

There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam and it has two faces.

Read the rest here.

Update at 12:33 p.m. PT:

I have just begun watching a video entitled:

Dispatches - Undercover Mosques



Eye say the least!

Hat Tips:


The Path to 9/11

Blocking The Path to 9/11

Maggies Notebook


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Christinewjc said...

Update at 12:33 p.m. PT:

I have just begun watching a video (found via Lionheart's blog) entitled:

Dispatches - Undercover Mosques



Eye say the least!