Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Topics Today

I don't watch the news as often as I used to. Too much Obamadroid information for my tastes. However, I was gratified to learn about a democrat senator who thinks that the stimulus package does not contain the right distribution of monies for the purpose of creating jobs. Wow! ObamaFRAUD, PeLIARsi and ReiDELUDED must be fighting mad over that!

Read all about Senator Bill Nelson: Influential Senate Dem Questions Party Support for Stimulus Bill
Sen. Ben Nelson told FOX News he is unsure how many Democrats will support President Obama's $819 billion economic stimulus bill.

Nelson would not agree that the items he thinks should be removed from the bill are "pork." He just surmises that they wouldn't create jobs - which is what the title of "stimulus bill" means. I still think that many of the ones mentioned actually were pork entitlements. That reveals the fundamental differences between conservative and liberal thought.

On to another topic.

This morning, while visiting the Fox News Channel website, I noticed that they have a section for SCOTUS. When I clicked on the page, there was a list of cases and links to articles about lawsuits on docket.

I wonder if the ineligibility cases docketed against Obama were ever listed there? Somehow, I doubt it. But if this were the case, wouldn't it be considered strange not to include them? Again, I just noticed the page today so I am not sure whether or not they were originally listed before the cases were eventually denied by SCOTUS.

While doing some research online, I decided to see how many blogs and websites were actively discussing this particular case. I typed in "supreme court docket 08-570" into a search engine and over 2,460 results showed up. Yahoo had slightly more at 2,940.

As I scrolled down the pages of links, I ran across a Daily Kos article - written last month - about the Berg v. Obama case. I usually do not read that blog, but I was curious as to what was being written about the Obama ineligibility cases from the usual, rabid, liberal-left side of the blogosphere.

I do not want to link to them, so just copy and paste the following link into the address bar if you want to read the entire article.

You will notice that the post contains comments by those who are called "freepers" (obviously mocking the commenters at Free Republic) by the Kos author. After a comment which listed of all of those who "don't want anything to do with this case," the truth of the matter comes out:

...the reason this "case" is over is because it never got started. "evidence" has nothing to do with it. the reality is, the court sees this as political nitroglycerin and after the 2000 debacle is not about to get into it. the potential for a true crisis, with paralysis of the succession and uncharted waters as to what next, all in the context of the current politico-economic and foreign threat quagmire, is far too high.

Political nitroglycerin....yup!

But I must state, if it had been George W. Bush's citizenship being questioned (recall the blown-up, out of control reporting on that Dan Rather-gate false report about Bush's National Guard status and duty?) you can bet your life that such an issue would have been exposed LONG AGO!

Why is it that liberal democrats get away with so many instances of fraud, corruption, illegalities, and stomping on our Constitution?

Personally, I do not think that this issue is going away. Some day, some how, some way, the truth will come out. I can't see how they can hide the truth forever.

Another comment:

i would have liked them to make obama put up too, but after he won a clear electoral victory, it was obvious that was just never going to happen.
you see ..., if someone doesn’t care about taking care of it for the future and most of their energy is expended on getting obama out of office, then they never did care about the “problem” in the first place. the problem is not obama, it’s the “process” by which obama got in there. that is the problem.

Another comment:

on the other hand, if someone attack the “real problem” as not having anything to do with obama and having entirely to do with a process that has been
discovered to be deficient — then — this is the constructive solution to the problem (i.e., the state laws to that effect).

we can tell how many are really interested in only obama versus interested in “the problem” (of the process which is deficient) ...
the supreme court knows that after january 20th, only congress can act to impeach the president. they wait until then, consolidate them all and dismiss them all on the basis that only congress has the power to impeach the president (and they don’t even have to consider one ounce of evidence..., just state the constitutional law and “excuse themselves”...).

Another comment:

if anyone thinks that these lawsuits are going to stop without 0bama producing a legal birth certificate they are sadly mistaken. there is too much money and a few too many people who believe that the constitutional requirement of "natural born citizen" is worth fighting for. my money is on the patriots of the usa and not the people who just want this to "go away."

Another comment:

the supreme court knows that after january 20th, only congress can act to impeach the president. they wait until then, consolidate them all and dismiss them all on the basis that only congress has the power to impeach the president (and they don’t even have to consider one ounce of evidence..., just state the constitutional law and “excuse themselves”...).

I don't think that is completely true. If Obama isn't a natural born citizen (which is obvious unless his true father was someone other than Obama Sr.), then his election to POTUS was a fraud and he can be removed from office immediately. It is just a matter of the right case getting a hearing.

Sometimes, I think that SCOTUS is denying these hearings while taking the conferences because they know that eventually, a case about this ineligibility issue must be heard.

Currently, Berg v. Obama has been bounced back to the Third Circuit:


...still pending in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals where Berg just filed a Brief on 1/20/09. Berg said I had bypassed the Third Circuit hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court would hear our case on an expedited basis because of the significance of the case.

The two [2] other cases are in Federal Court and I will advise you shortly about the status of each.

There are other cases going on throughout the country in lower courts. Last I heard, there were about 30 of them.

Again, this subject is not going away. It is just a matter of when and how the truth will finally be revealed.

Hat Tips: Fox News

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MurrayA said...

It should be clear to all (and even leftists will admit it) that double standards are the name of the game with this crowd. They DO NOT belive in the principle of "what's good for the goose is good for the gander";
they DO NOT believe in democracy - only when it goes their way;
they DO NOT believe in justice and equity - only as a stratagem to advance their cause, again, when it suits;
they DO NOT uphold human worth and dignity, despite their professed humanism;
they DO NOT believe in the sanctity of life, despite their professed opposition to war and capital punishment.
they DO NOT believe in the priority of logic, reason, facts, and evidence, despite their constant pleas about "science", e.g. in the global warming issue.

Let this be clear: "liberals" are the most illiberal, bigoted, bellicose, belligerent, and clueless lot ever, I believe, to appear on the world's stage.