Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tell Congress NO on StimuWASTE Plan!

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From The Right Side of Life:

For those of you who are American citizens (especially those ex-pats living overseas that visit this site), now is the time to get your voice heard.

As I’ve documented here and here, the President’s stimulus plan as it stands right now is really nothing more than a boondoggle of government largesse and waste.

Think about it this way: if the typical contractor includes 10% of the project as waste and/or overruns, and let’s say that the final bill is $900 billion, that means at the very least there will be a bare minimum of $90 billion in waste, just off the top – and that assumes all the rest of the bill is legitimate!

Just say no. But, you have got to say no.

Consider this admonition from as well as these helpful links from InvestigatingObama:

Senators’ and representatives’ addressses, telephone and fax numbers, and email addresses

Additional contact information, including staff of Senate & House leaders’ staff

Here is a copy of an email that I have already sent to House Republican Leader, John Boehner:

Dear Congressman Boehner,

I am writing today to urge you and ALL REPUBLICANS TO NOT VOTE for the president's stimulus bill. From what I have heard and read about the bill, it is really nothing more than a boondoggle of government largess and waste. Think about it this way: if the typical contractor includes 10% of the project as waste and/or overruns, and let’s say that the final bill is $900 billion, that means at the very least there will be a bare minimum of $90 billion in waste, just off the top – and that assumes all the rest of the bill is legitimate!

Also, I DO NOT WANT ANY OF MY TAX DOLLARS TO GO to help organizations like ACORN. Just what we need - giving $4 billion more dollars to ACORN canvassers passing out cigarettes on the street corner in exchange for votes. Notice I didn’t say REGISTRATION, I said VOTES. I still recall that video of the ACORN representative telling a man in Ohio to vote for Obama.

Please, please PLEASE!! I am BEGGING YOU NOT TO VOTE FOR THIS! It will further increase our current ten trillion dollar deficit which would be placed on the backs of our children and grandchildren!! DO NOT DO THIS TO THEM!!

Please convince every Republican NOT TO VOTE FOR THIS AWFUL BILL! Please try to convince any Democrat that knows in his/her heart that this bill is TOTALLY WASTEFUL - NOT TO VOTE FOR IT!!


Hat tips -

The Right Side of Life for both the information I used in my email and the links. Also, thanks to commenter "Carol" for the ACORN information I included in that email.

U.S. National Debt Clock FAQ

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Translation: They can’t spend the stimulus money fast enough to actually stimulate anything other than campaign coffers, media buzz, and bureaucratic paperwork. President Obama asserted that there is no disagreement on the need to Do Something. He’s wrong. Two hundred economists spoke up this week in an open letter disseminated by the libertarian Cato Institute: “More government spending by Hoover and Roosevelt did not pull the United States economy out of the Great Depression in the 1930s,” they said. “More government spending did not solve Japan’s ‘lost decade’ in the 1990s. As such, it is a triumph of hope over experience to believe that more government spending will help the U.S. today.”

And that must be the message of gimlet-eyed fiscal conservatives in Washington who should wear the “obstructionist” badge proudly. Obstructionism in the name of fiscal sanity is no vice. Panicked profligacy in the name of blind bipartisanship is no virtue.

Dissent is patriotic. Light up the phones today. (Or as Top Conservatives on Twitter and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann are calling it: Operation Melt the Phones).


Christinewjc said...

From a commenter at Michele Malkin's blog:


On January 28th, 2009 at 10:45 am, Ed Mahmoud abu al-Kahoul said:
El Rushbo is 100% dead on correct…

RUSH: Obama just left the Capitol. He just finished his meeting with Republican leaders up there trying to get them to go along with his stimulus package. Now, I want to explore something in a little detail that I brought up yesterday. Obama does not need a single Republican vote in the House to get the stimulus bill. He just needs two votes in the Senate to get it. He does not need Republican votes. “I won,” he said. He can trump ‘em. Why does he want Republicans on board? Why does he want Republicans on board with this when he can do it without them? Folks, I’m serious about this. If it’s such a great plan, if stimulus is such a great plan, then why not take sole authorship of it as the Democrat Party so that when it works you can then really finish off the Republicans? When it works you can say, “And this prosperity was brought to you by Obama and the stimulus package and not one Republican helped out. Not one Republican thought it would work.”

That would be the end of the Republican Party as we know it, so why doesn’t he do it if he’s so confident it’s gonna work? Because he’s not confident it’s gonna work in the way you hope it works. It’s gonna work, for what he has in mind. But it ain’t going to work in the ways you hope. It’s gonna work in building and strengthening the Democrat Party for as long as we live. It’s going to grow the government. It’s going to make the government the sole focus of the United States of America, not individual citizens exercising their daily lives with individual freedom. But there’s also another reason. It’s largely about political cover — and I think, by the way, you probably have seen, if you are one who reads the Internet and websites daily, some of the most personal and vicious articles written about me ever, from mainstream reporters. It’s vicious. It borders on, “I hope he gets cancer and dies.”

It borders on, “Why did Tim Russert have to be the one to get the heart attack?” and these are from names that you know. These are from journalists, columnists, both local and national. Now, they’re really irritated. I thought I was irrelevant now. I thought all Republicans were irrelevant! Why all this vitriol aimed at me? This has nothing to do, by the way… Well, some of it has to do with Obama mentioning my name, ’cause just makes ‘em mad, makes ‘em mad. They wish that I would just vanish. So Obama mentions me, and it makes ‘em mad. Just a little professional jealousy thrown in, but a lot of it is issues. Let’s go back to 1993 for the answer to this: why Obama wants Republican votes; why he wants a, quote, unquote, “bipartisan bill.” The fear that these people are expressing I think is rooted in 1993. Bill Clinton passed — and if you remember this, my memory is long. Bill Clinton passed his “economic package” — the tax increase, the retroactive tax increase on people, after he worked so hard for a middle-class tax cut and couldn’t bring it off.

He did that without any Republican support. Do you remember, my friends? That tax increase went through with hardly any Republican support. He tried a few other things, without Republican support. While this was going on, here we were. I was being made an honorary member of the House freshman class in 1994, and there was a distinct conservative message, and that distinct conservative message coupled with the fact that not one Republican had compromised his conservatism by agreeing with Clinton’s tax increase, allowed for a great contrast to be drawn, and along with a lot of other factors, the Republicans won the House for the first time in 40 years in the 1994 election. That’s what they are afraid of. The reason Obama mentioned my name, the reason Obama is desperate to have Republican support for this is to see to it that what happened in 1993 does not happen here in 2009, and that is that no conservative alternative supported by the Republican Party is to get traction. /quote

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you on this ... I've linked to your post on Trillion dollar job creation would make a lot of people rich but will it create jobs

A lot of the links on the page have good information. It is ironic that this spending program could slow down the recovery.

Ted said...

Obama says his "recovery plan will include UNPRECEDENTED measures that will allow the American people to hold [his] administration ACCOUNTABLE" yet Obama refuses to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the same American people for his UNPRECEDENTED refusal to show his actual birth certificate.

rebecca said...

Interesting do you know where the idea of this stimulus comes from? From the depraved anti-Christian writings of John Maynard Keynes, communist, socialist, and HOMOSEXUAL. Gee, sounds like Nobama, right?

Here are some useful links about this SICK Democratic false-prophet:

"Lavender & Bolshevik"

"The anti-Christian economics of John Maynard Keynes"

Good to know that not a SINGLE republican voted for this SHAMulus. Viva la resistance!

Christinewjc said...

Excellent point Ted!

Rebecca - I plan to visit those sites today. Thanks for links!

Well, it looks like Rush Limbaugh's scenario is playing out! Just like you wrote, Rebecca, I am SO HAPPY that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN voted for this awful pork-a-palooza stimuWASTE bill!! Thank God!

Now, we just need to see what the Senate Republicans do. I have a hunch that they are going to vote 'NO!' too!

California Conservative has a good analysis and prediction at his blog.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the links and for including my blog post there!

Isn't it hilarious to learn that Obama is worried about Rush, Hannity, and all of the rest of the conservative talk show hosts?

Read this today (from above link):

Obama vowed to change Washington and usher in a new post-partisan era. The the mood music and optics were pitch perfect as he trekked up to the Hill. Republicans praised his gesture, welcomed his sincere demeanour and appreciated his willingness to listen.

Problem was, he wanted only to listen and did not want to act on what Republicans said. When he was asked if he would re-structure the package to include more tax cuts, he reportedly responded: “Feel free to whack me over the head because I probably will not compromise on that part.”

He apparently added: ” I understand that and I will watch you on Fox News and feel bad about myself.”

I really hope that he is watching Hannity's new show on Fox. It's AWESOME! And, his "liberal translation" segment did quite the number on Obama last night! Ha!

I think that the Republicans in Congress are FINALLY GETTING A SPINE and will listen to the people (and Rush, Hannity) and will not vote for the bill. I was also pleased to read that 11 democrats voted against it!

It is turning out to be owned by Obama and Pelosi - the Darth Vadar and Cruella Deville of the Dems. Both will go down the drain politically - (along with the billions in the bill, unfortunately)if this bill passes the Senate and gets signed by our Fraud-in-chief.

I just wish that the one eligibility case that will expose the usurper will come about soon! America CAN'T AFFORD to WAIT any longer!

Christinewjc said...

I wonder if Obama will take Rush up on his offer and ideas?

My Bipartisan Stimulus

My prediction?

No - he won't.

Harry ReiDEVIANT and Nancy PeLIARsi would rather fly to the moon without a shuttle than allow Rush to suggest any kind of improvement to the legislation.