Thursday, January 22, 2009

Respect Needs To Be Earned

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In the comment section of the post, Leftists Rarely Show Conservatives Any Respect, Gary Baker shared some awesome comments. Gary was kind and gracious enough to accept my invitation to be a guest blogger and allow me to re-post his comments in a new "blogment" here at Talk Wisdom.

Gary was responding to GMPilot's comment in the previous thread. GM originally wrote (in response to Christine):

"How easily the demand for "respect" rolls off your tongue...but if you don't give any, you don't get any. That's something both sides need to remember."

Gary responded:


I am reminded of the thousands of dollars of damage the Clinton staff did to the White House areas when Bush was first elected, and the special effort that Bush made to make certain that President Obama would not have to face that. Meanwhile, the Obama crowd on the mall leaves the place looking like a pig sty after the ceremony.

I'm reminded of how democrat senators refer to the service men as war criminals. How they undermine 50 men whose service was every bit as exemplary as John Kerry's for the simple reason that they expressed their opinion.

I'm reminded of how Bush is called liar and war criminal for saying [and] expressing the belief that Iraq had WMD's (more than were actually found) when everyone from Gore to both Clintons to Kerry to Edwards said the same thing on the record.

I'm reminded of how Trent Lott was forced from his leadership position for complimenting an old man at his birthday while the democrats embrace a former KKK official. Of how a republican resigned in disgrace for a solicitation scandal very similar to one performed by a democrat who was subsequently re-elected.

I'm reminded of how liberals claim to champion rights for women and minorities and yet savage people such as Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and Sarah Palin. I'm reminded how all of this is based strictly on toeing the liberal line and has nothing to do with worth or integrity.

When modern liberal ideology or President Obama gives me something to respect, I will gladly show it. Right now, the things that he is naming for his main agenda is rewarding irresponsible behavior, ensuring that people have a clear path to kill the unborn, stifling free speech and freedom of association, increasing debt and taxation, implementing economic policies that will prolong the recession, and working to permanently redefine marriage against the will of the majority in the country.

I got nothing...

[Note: In response to Mike's request that we should all "pray for Obama," Gary added:


BTW - Mike, for what it's worth, I spend a considerable part of my time in anguished prayer asking God to bless our leaders and this nation. Contrary to what so many think, a good many of the Christians are not bringing up these items to be judgmental. They are bringing them up in the hope that the nation can avoid judgment. The key, however, is repentance, and that's one thing the milk-soppy, pasty-faced, feel-good kind of preaching that is so popular in liberal churches these days will not spur. It does a person or a nation no good to allow them to be comfortable in their sins. From what I understand, it's a lot like gangrene: It doesn't hurt. It just stinks until parts of you start dying. I would rather the country be broken hearted and saved than comfortably fall into nothingness. /quote

Written by Gary Baker

About today's author:

I'm a conservative Christian with a great respect for the Spiritual and an engineer with a passion for the practical. I respect opinions, but only up to a point. I have a much greater respect for facts. I have a great love and admiration for science as well, but lately find a lot less admiration for many of the claims people make in its name.

Hat Tip: Guest Blogger Gary Baker


GMpilot said...

"I respect opinions, but only up to a point. I have a much greater respect for facts. I have a great love and admiration for religion as well, but lately find a lot less admiration for many of the claims people make in its name."

Substitute "religion" for "science" and our views aren't that much different, Mr. Baker.

Matt W. said...

Excellent thoughts. I try to explain this to people all the time. I have Respect for the Office of the President. If I were to meet President Obama, I would call him Mr. President or Sir (not that I ever expect this to happen mind you), not out of respect for him personally, or his views, but out of respect for the office he now holds.

In fact, were I to meet Bill Clinton, I would treat him with respect, and I find him repugnant and detestable... and that's before we even get to his politics.

Anyway, the point is, I can treat someone with respect for their office, or former office, without actually respecting that person.

Was that clear, or was I babbling... I'm not sure, I'm exhausted...

Gary Baker said...


Fair enough, but if you are going to deny respect to the religious, you need to have your ducks in a row on the factual. I don't object to religious antipathy nearly so much as that your supporting facts are generally bereft of context and analysis. (e.g., pointing out the thousands that have been killed by Christian extremists while ignoring the millions of Christians targeted by atheist extremists.)

As was mentioned above, I'm a big fan of facts, but a fact taken without context can easily mislead or be used to mislead. One of the things that I enjoy about my job is that it not only requires factual knowledge, but rigorous analysis to determine what the facts are actually saying. If you wish to disagree with me, by all means. All I ask is that you do so in an intellectually honest manner.