Friday, January 09, 2009

The Bush Bashing Plays On

Warning! It's time for another Talk Wisdom rant. Yesterday afternoon, I was visually tortured. Let me explain. My daughter and I needed to get pedicures. My toenails were so long they were curling over! (Guys...stay with gets better.) In the summer, I usually keep up with the routine because I wear sandals almost all the time here in CA. It is the one luxury I treat us to on a regular basis. However, in the winter I can hide my feet in boots. Anyway, the salon that we frequent has a big screen T.V. for the customers. Sometimes it is on, sometimes it is not. This time, instead of the usual CNN broadcast that I have seen in the past, they had MSNBC on.

Oh great...

The "we despise and hate Bush" network.

I usually avoid their news shows like the plague. This time, sitting there - three yards away from this big screen T.V. with my feet in a whirlpool bath - I was practically forced to watch it. The show is called "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" and David Shuster was the host.

Once they got past the "overt ObamaBorg Bot flattery of the day" segment about the "can do no wrong" Obama, Shuster interviewed Joe Klein? (I think?) from either Time or Newsweek. Call me lazy for not confirming which news rag it was. OK - just checked. It's in Time ragazine.

Just as they were going to cut to a commercial, the enticement clip mentioned what Klein has written about Bush's "legacy." I thought - oh comes the Wrath of Klein-Klown.

And, just what was the "legacy" that Joke Klein attached to President Bush - calling it "the most despicable act of his administration?"

Abu Graib.

That's right - the actions of a few ignorant, wayward, most likely crazy liberal Democrat "soldiers" were being blamed on President Bush. What's more, the actions of SOME STUPID PEOPLE - who, unfortunately, happened to be in our military long enough to do despicable acts thus, allowing the Media of Mass Deception to tarnish the rest of the TRUE HEROES OF OUR MILITARY at the time - were being attributed to President Bush's eight years in office as his "legacy." Have you ever heard of anything so blatantly false and propagandized (Is that a word? OK - yes it is.) as this??

I looked around the room at the clientele. Many were busy reading magazines, ignoring the broadcast. They were the lucky ones. One woman, across the room was intently watching the news show. She had a look of absolute disbelief on her face. Yep...she was probably livid about the lies and hypocrisy being spewed by this supposed "journalist" who is nothing more than a liberal hack and hate monger of the Bush Administration.

I wonder. What are they going to do at MSNBC once President Bush is out of office? They won't have their "whipping boy" to pick on anymore!

Oh...that's right. They will have their Obamessiah to cherish and lavish praise upon at every turn - while he predictably leads our country down the sewer of immorality (i.e. unrestricted abortion, [Note: Speaking of abortion, read how and why several prominent Democrats changed from the pro-life "moment of conception" view to pro-abortion proponents over at Al Mohler's blog. It's not about women. It's not about their "right to choose." It's about the money. Period.] homosexual indoctrination agenda) and the destructive road into socialism.

Oh wait! I forgot about someone else they can demean, bash, verbally torture and rabidly spew hate at! They can always send dozens of reporters up to Alaska to clobber Governor Palin about the successful sales of her new calendar.

Woo! Hoo! /sarcasm off

No Hat Tips due to extremely ignorant, biased, and hate-spewing reporters, a rag magazine article that only deserves to line a cat litter box, and the hopelessly IGNORANT Media of Mass Deception TV "news" show propaganda of Oberdummy fame.


Hat Tip: Al Mohler's Blog


rebecca said...

I got one better for you. I was at the parlor getting my hair done up when when I got into a conversation with the girl doing my hair. I started asking her if she was aware of the INELIGIBILITY issue, explained it to her, and she started getting REAL huffy, REAL nasty, started calling me a racist and everything. She was a REAL Obamabot Kool-Aid case! Well I just get LIVID when people play the race card so I just stormed out of my chair, TORE out my curlers, told her what I REALLY think about her boy-idiot NOBAMA, and threw the exact amount of money I owed the parlor on the counter, but gave her NO TIP. But instead I left her some pamphlets witnessing Christ's love, and some printouts of the INELIGIBILITY issue. That's the only way to deal the DECEIVED followers of the antichrist/muslim NOBAMA, using the truth and applying it with FORCE of CHARACTER.

Btw the way I did not mind walkingout of there with my hair halfdone like a lunatic because I knew that SARAH PALIN has suffered FAR more at the humiliating hands of the media, very demeaning, much like the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christinewjc said...

Rebecca -

I wanted to ask you. Are you from New Jersey? More broadly, from "back east" as we call it in CA? That term "parlor" has a lot to do with why I ask.

You know what? This Obama ineligibility issue is enough to make ANY PERSON'S HAIR STAND ON END! heh heh

I give you a lot of credit for speaking your mind. Most would shy away from that.

I believe that the "lunatics" will shortly be running the asylum real soon; that is, if SCOTUS doesn't have the - well, you know - to do its job and take any of the remaining lawsuit cases against Obama's citizenship. It would be so much easier if it gets down before the usurper is sworn in. However, if he is sworn in on the 20th, millions of American citizens will most likely rise up and protest. This issue will NOT go away easily nor quietly.

Of course, there will always be the ObamaBorg Bots who will remain in their Kool-Aid trance and stick by this fraud - no matter what.

I am looking forward to viewing this upcoming documentary. It will provide - proof positive - that the Media of Mass Deception was highly and extremely culpable in allowing a usurper to hoodwink millions of voters who - if they had known the truth about Obama (if he was vetted properly) - would NEVER have voted for him!

rebecca said...

Lol, thanks for that, I'm actually from Staten Island originally, pretty close to NJ, isn't that funny?? How did you guess?? I didn't know that "parlor" was a regional thing, good to know! What do you call them "out west"??

I agree that there are many people who are deceived and will remain deceived about Obama, but then we know from the Bible that many WILLFULLY close themselves off from the truth.

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." Psalm 14:1

Sounds like a modern day DEMOCRAT, don't you think??

Christinewjc said...

I'm originally from New Jersey! Ha ha! My mom lives there and still calls it the "beauty parlor." Out here it's "salon" or "hair stylist."

When I first moved out here, I needed to learn some new pronunciations. The name "Larry" for example, is pronounced Lair-ry in CA; rather than Lah-ry (in NJ). It's not a "pizza pie" out here - just "pizza." Speaking of pizza - there is NO PIZZA out here as good as the Italian restaurant ones back east!

I've been in CA for 24 years now - so I now "blend in" quite well. got rid of that tell-tale hard, NJ accent.

It's funny though. My best girl friend out here is originally from upstate New York!

Back to politics.

The Democratic Party has drastically changed from what I knew while growing up. It is so unrecognizable from the John Kennedy era - it's astounding to me! My parents were staunch democrats and my mom just remained as such out of habit. However, she did vote for McCain in this election! Woo Hoo!

It seems that conservatives no longer have any voice in government. They have been pushed out by the liberals - both Dems and RINOS. When Sarah Palin joined McCain's ticket - it was like a breath of fresh air in politics. She was what has been missing for many years - a true, pro-life, pro-traditional family conservative within the Republican party.


How great it would have been to see her as Vice President in 2009! I do look forward to 2012. I think that she will be a strong contender then.

rebecca said...

wow, i had no idea they do things so different "out west"! how strange i really have to get out there and see the country more, lol, i'm tied to a job right now and can't hardly travel ever. i love new jersey though, i agree they have the best pizza!

i don't know much about john kennedy but i know all about CAROLINE and TED and lemme tell you they are about the biggest crooks going. it made me smile to see PALIN tell it like it is in regards to CAROLINE, one of the real sinister hands behind this whole "election".

the whole issue of politics and family is a real painful issue for me... i think i mentioned my husband being an "admirer" of obama, i can't fathom why, and he is even a registered republican! i can hardly even talk politics with him... i believe in the biblical role of a wife, but i worry about what to do when the HEAD of the household begins to wander from the truth of scripture. I try to get him to come with me to our pastor but he just gets so ANGRY and proud in his error. he blames all of a our problems on BUSH -- and trust me we both voted for him twice!!

I really wish this country would appreciate what BUSH has done for us, he seems to me to be the HERO of our time. if not for him al quaeda would still be out there attacking us EVERY DAY. I only wish he would step in NOW and barricade the White House to prevent this creepy MUSLIM nobama from slithering in.