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Journey To Global Governance

Hello everyone. I have been a bit behind in my blogging and answering comments, so please accept my apologies for neglecting such important duties. Although Henry Lamb's article appeared online yesterday, I just read it today and thought that I would discuss it here.

Lamb has been quite accurate in his evaluations about social, political and global happenings and occurrences. His latest article does not disappoint!

I am posting it in it's entirety here today. Over the next few days, I will come back and place commentary, links, and additional information that will show readers here how accurately Mr. Lamb has evaluated what is to come as a result of this new Marxist/globalist administration's intentions.



Obama to put world ahead of America
Posted: January 17, 2009
1:00 am Eastern© 2009

Most of the world is giddy about the inauguration of the first black president of the United States. The media have invested unprecedented airtime to transform this man into a modern messiah. The celebration is not because he is black. Far better qualified black candidates, such as Condoleezza Rice, Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell would not be celebrated, nor even welcomed as president. In fact, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, both black secretaries of state, were ridiculed as "Uncle Tom" and "Aunt Jemima" by many of the same people who celebrate Obama.

Obama's color may be a bonus, but it is his philosophy that much of the world celebrates.

Much of the world sees Obama not simply as the first black president, but as the first president to accept global governance to be more important than U.S. governance. His Berlin speech last July promised "a new global partnership" and a new "global commitment" to "save the planet."

To implement his commitment to global governance, Obama has nominated Hillary Clinton to be secretary of state. In addition to her book, "It Takes a Village," Hillary is on record in support of the World Federalist Association's efforts to establish a world government, and publicly applauded Walter Cronkite's receipt of the WFA "Global Governance" award.

Obama has named Carol Browner to the new position of energy czar. This woman, until last week, was a commissioner for the Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society. Browner's new position requires no confirmation and is beyond congressional oversight. She will be empowered to administratively implement Obama's philosophy across all federal agencies.

Obama chose Erick Schwartz to coordinate his transition team's interface with agencies that deal with the United Nations. Schwartz is, among other things, the person in the Clinton administration who "managed the White House review that resulted in the U.S. signature of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court." In an effort to influence the Obama administration's global governance agenda, Citizens for Global Solutions set up a conference call with the transition team. These organizations are advocates of global governance and are deeply embedded throughout the Obama administration.

Obama's inauguration is a major, historic event. Many black people – and some whites - will weep because they have lived to see a black man elected president. Many white people – and some blacks – will weep because they have lived to see an American president who apparently puts global interests above the interests of the United States of America. [bold, italics mine]

Expect Obama's global agenda to embrace the U.N.'s global warming program. The world is giddy about his inauguration because the world expects Obama to sign and support whatever the U.N. designs as a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol. The U.N.'s answer to global warming is substantial reduction in the use of fossil fuel in developed nations while allowing developing nations to do whatever they wish. Expect new energy taxes at the international, national and state levels. Expect new tax-paid subsidies for alternative energy operations and new, punitive tax-increases for fossil fuel users. Expect Obama's U.N.-inspired energy policy to be a ball-and-chain on the American economy.

Expect Obama to re-sign the U.N.'s International Criminal Court Statute to demonstrate to the world that the United States is, indeed, a new member in the world community. Never mind that the document gives the ICC the power to prosecute U.S. military and private citizens for whatever the Court defines to be "crimes against humanity." For years, U.N. delegates have accused the United States of "crimes against humanity" for refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

[Note from Christine: In the past, I have written several blog posts about an end-times series of movies based on the book of Revelation that were produced by a Christian group called Cloud Ten Pictures. Many of the scenarios proposed by the plots in the movies have become quite prophetic over the last few years. The last movie in the series is called "Judgment." (At the site you can watch a movie clip - click on "trailer.")

Here's a description:

The Story

Good vs. Evil. It's a colossal battle as old as eternity itself. But this time it's going to court...

Mitch Kendrick (Corbin Bernsen) is a respected lawyer troubled by his lost faith and haunted by the memory of his deceased father. To make matters worse, he is visited by his ex-lover and O.N.E. (One Nation Earth) Prosecutor Victoria Thorne (Jessica Steen), who makes him an offer he can't refuse. He's ordered to defend the Christian resister Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis), who has been indicted on charges of hatred against humanity, or face the wrath of Franco Macalousso (Nick Mancuso), Supreme Leader of O.N.E.

A reluctant Kendrick accepts the case only to find that the entire proceeding has been rigged and his client will be found guilty regardless of his defense. Outraged at Victoria for her deception and frustrated by Helen's unwillingness to denounce her beliefs, he decides that the only way to uncover the real truth is to put God himself on trial!

Kendrick proposes this to Macalousso, who likes the idea of putting his eternal nemesis on trial for all the world to see. God himself is on trial for crimes against humanity... it's simply too good to be true. He allows Mitch to proceed even though Vicky is against the idea.

Meanwhile, J.T. Quincy (Mr. T) rages against the unjust trial of Helen Hannah. A man of action and tried of the passive resistance of his fellow Christians, he's determined to strike a blow against the evil of Macalousso. Quincy plots a daring escape plan to break Helen out that is fraught with danger and enlists the help of some not-so-faithful friends.

But as Kendrick slowly unveils the truth throughout the trial, he not only experiences a personal epiphany but is also made aware of the deceitful lies and evil machinations that Macalousso uses to control the world.

Suspense mounts as these perilous events close in on themselves and the world waits breathlessly for the supreme court's final JUDGMENT.

What is so eerie to me is the fact that this movie is so similar to what is actually happening to Christians today...losing our freedom of speech, being labeled as "bigoted" and "hateful" because we adhere to Biblical morality and believe that homosexual behavior is sinful; and even being punished for that belief through prosecution of so-called "hate crimes" laws!

The courts are filled with activists judges today who do not follow the law and the United States Constitution, but make their own laws based on their own liberal opinions (and, at times international law/opinions) and usurp what the majority of citizens actually want on these social and moral issues.

The film depicts the Christians as "terrorists" and "haters", blaming them for crimes that are actually committed by the O.N.E. nation earth forces.

Sound familiar?

Look at what is happening in Britain:

Christians are becoming social pariahs in Britain, claims Jeremy Vine
Jeremy Vine, the BBC presenter, has claimed that it is becoming "socially unacceptable" to be a Christian in Britain.

Is the United States of America far behind on such an attitude towards Christians?


Look at what is already happening here:

Bible Giveaway Banned at School on Religious Freedom Day

Religious group sues for access to Cobb schools

There are hundreds of examples that I could list here!

The "Judgment" movie is excellent and I highly recommend it.

Here are a few of my former posts about it:

Destroying Freedom of Conscience

"Hate crime" to quote the Bible?

Real Life "God-on-Trial" Plot]

Continuing original article:

With Obama's support, expect to see John Kerry, the new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduce a line of U.N. treaties that have been stalled for years.

The Convention on the Law of the Sea will be a high priority. This treaty declares that: "Sovereignty over the territorial sea is exercised subject to this Convention and to other rules of international law" (Article II(3)). Advocates of this treaty willingly surrender national sovereignty over territorial seas to the U.N.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, another treaty waiting in the wings for U.S. ratification, will effectively remove authority for raising children from parents and bestow that authority upon government.
Watch for CEDAW, the Convention to Eliminate all forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Phyllis Schlafly says this treaty would require a rewrite of U.S. laws to conform to the fantasies of international feminists.

There are many more U.N. treaties waiting to be ratified, and still more under construction. This is the essence of global governance championed by Barack Obama and those he brings to power. His inauguration is far more than the celebration of the first black president. It should be recognized as the last step on the journey to global governance. /quote

P.S. If that article wasn't enough to cause concern about the coming Obamination, read this one too!

Hat Tip: WorldNetDaily

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