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Press Pro-Hamas Bigotry Against Israel

Lately, I have been having a hard time deciding on titles for my blog posts. This is another one. I originally titled this post, "What Do Paris and Chicago Have in Common? Anti-Semitism!" But that was too long. Then, I thought I'd name it, "Paris and Obamaland: Pro-Hamas. Surprised?" Then, I settled on the one that appears above.

This post will have a lot of information and links, but it is important to see how much the media ISN'T TELLING US! And, this goes for the Israeli Operation Cast Lead war against Hamas as well as many, many other subjects (e.g. the non-vetting of Obama and the silence on the fact that there are two upcoming SCOTUS lawsuits that deal with the fact that he is not a "natural born citizen" (father born in Kenya) and thus ineligible for POTUS.)

Back to this post.

Last night, while flipping through the channels for news about Israel, I happened to see a short snippet of Larry King's show. The words across the bottom of the screen claimed that he had a "blogger" [update: according to King's blog, the "blogger" might have been "Hanan Ashwari"] being interviewed on the split screen. This "blogger" (who happened to be a woman dressed in a headscarf so obviously, she was pro-Palestinian) was busy complaining about Israel's aggression and sharing her negative opinion about Israel's Operation Cast Lead. There was also a man on the split screen who was, apparently, on the scene either in Israel or in Gaza. I didn't catch either of their names. Although I only watched a brief portion, why didn't Larry have a Jewish blogger on the show to counter what the Muslim woman was saying?

This morning, I tried to locate a video of the show, but I haven't been successful at finding it yet. There is an article at the King website, and I also discovered that Larry has a blog. Since I'm not a "fan" of CNN or Larry King, I didn't know he had a blog. There are over 500 comments! Two, in particular caught my eye:

Rachel January 3rd, 2009 2:51 pm ET

I have a problem with most people, specifically in the Western world, blaming Israel for all the problems in the Middle East. If you or your families were affected by this kind of violence and destruction of your home, family and country then maybe you would feel differently.

Why isn’t the Palestinian government being blamed for not controlling their own people? Why are the Israeli’s being blamed for protecting their people? The Israeli’s should not be blamed for the death of so many people, including innocent civilians, when the Palestinians themselves should be blamed for the Hamas hiding their weapons and their people in public places which hold those innocent people!

Every government controls their population, why isn’t the Palestinian government? The Palestinian government is probably embarrassed to admit that they have no control over the Hamas, the people involved in terrorist acts, and the violence that their people are a part of! Hamas is at fault for the deaths of their own people, and many more, they should be blamed!!!!


Dolly January 3rd, 2009 2:53 pm ET

We hear of disproportionate in media broadcasts regarding Hamas rockets and Israel’s defense.

The fact is that Israel is targeting a 20,00 Hamas troop level in Operation Cast Lead. This Hamas attack force is targeting and has within it’s reach of attack 750,000 Israeli citizens.

Facts: For 8 years Israel has been hit by rockets & mortars from Gaza with Israeli citizens having but 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter once a warning siren has sounded.

Gaza is home to mosques used as weapons, ammunition's & explosive depots that were struck by the IDF during the operation in Gaza.

Fiction: There’s no food in Gaza and people are starving.

News reports, including one produced by TV station France 2 on Dec. 29, showed a Gaza resident in a food store saying:

“Apparently, there is nothing, as you can see. There are no natural products for the kids. There is no milk. There is nothing here.”

Facts: Warehouses in Gaza are filled to capacity, according to international aid groups. In the same France 2 TV clip referenced above, upon closer inspection, shelves filled with food can be seen in the reflection of a refrigerated door in the store.

During a one-day period alone – Dec. 31– Israel facilitated the transport of 29 truckloads of food, including 15 truckloads of flour, into Gaza. Even as Hamas was firing rockets and mortars during Israel during the ceasefire, Israel facilitated the delivery of 2,500 tons (delivered on 93 trucks) of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and medication through the Kerem Shalom cargo terminal.

Fiction: Gaza has no medical and other aid supplies to help the injured. .

Facts: During the first 5 days alone of Operation Cast Lead, Israel has facilitated the delivery of 6,500 tons of aid, 179 truckloads into Gaza at the request of international organizations, the Palestinian Authority and various governments., including basic food commodities, medication, medical supplies and blood units. Another 106 truckloads of humanitarian aid are expected to arrive in Gaza on Jan. 31st. Crossings to Gaza are open for the transfer of humanitarian aid from all international organizations, in full cooperation with the Israeli authorities and without restriction.

Facts: Hamas – in an effort to exploit the suffering of innocent civilians - has refused to allow injured Palestinians to leave Gaza to go to Egypt for treatment.

Facts: Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abu al-Gheit said earlier this week that Hamas was not allowing wounded Palestinians to cross the border into Egypt for treatment: “We are waiting for the wounded Palestinians to cross. They are not being allowed to cross.” Asked who was to blame, he referred to Gaza by saying, “Ask the party in control on the ground in Gaza.

Fiction: Palestinian journalists are unbiased and show what’s ‘really’ happening in Gaza.

Facts: Some Palestinian journalists are manipulating & exploiting unintended victims of the Israeli strikes. Said one Palestinian journalist, members of the Palestinian media are ‘directing’ civilians to cry and telling them what to say in interviews: “A mother of one of the martyrs stood by the door of the intensive care unit while crying… relatives and those around her were telling her what she should say to the television cameras: ‘Say your son (before he died) prayed and went out.’ The journalists (in the hospitals) are going overboard in their insensitivity and taking advantage of this sad situation, . One cameraman told a mourning mother: ‘Hit your face, cry, do some action

Fiction: Israel has cut off electricity to Gaza.

Facts: Hamas officials have committed deceptions such as pulling dark curtains in mid-day while holding a meeting to make it look as though they were being forced to work by candlelight .

Facts: On Dec. 23, 2008, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak met with PA President Mahmoud Abbas with both leaders strongly criticizing Hamas & holding them for current violence in Gaza & ongoing suffering of Palestinians living in Gaza .

Facts:Our friend & ally Egypt, has taken on the role of mediator between Israel & the Palestinians as well as between Hamas & Abbas’ Fatah faction & has been criticized for coordinating with Israel to close the border between Gaza and Egypt to aid in stopping the spread of terrorism.

Fact: On Dec. 27, Egypt opened the Rafah crossing to receive wounded Palestinians.

Facts: These Hamas forces are being trained & armed by Iran while it continues with 6,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium .

While you are watching the nightly news remember the facts that Iran & it’s protégé Hamas are serious threats to US & Israeli security.

Dolly Miller-Brennan

Moral of the story:

Don't ignorantly believe EVERYTHING you are hearing on the Media of Mass Deception news broadcasts! They have an agenda and bias of their own!!

This is why the New Media - blogs in particular - are catching on so rapidly for TRUE information and REAL NEWS - not the "news" that is being filtered by someone with their own worldview biases, prejudices, propaganda, and liberal-left-leaning agenda!

I highly recommend reading all of the posts about the current Israeli Operation Cast Lead over at Pam Geller's blog.

Take a look at these posts:


Did you hear about that on the news?

2. Pro-Hamas Rally in Obamaland - Chicago


Freedom Folks covered the blood libel here.
Pro-Israel vs. Pro-Palestine Protests in Chicago
A very large Pro-Palestine protest was mounted in Chicago today, with participants being bused in from other cities and states (we heard one organizer gathering people who “were on the bus from Milwaukee”). Jake covered a similar but much smaller protest earlier in the week.

Today was definitely the main event — the Hamas supporters gathered in front of Chicago’s famous Tribune Building, then marched across the Chicago River and around the corner to the Israeli Consulate. A good-sized crowd was already in place across the street to offer their support for Israel.

We wandered around in both crowds taking pics and video for a while. We had our press ID badges on, but were still told we had to “choose a side” when the loonies got ready to begin their march to the Israeli consulate. The police hustled us off behind their barricades post haste…just in case you were wondering if bloggers are still largely considered to be “second class journalists” — the answer is YES!

Jake will have video up after a while. Until then, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, for the most part, and keep my witty commentary to a minimum.

It's kinda funny. The bloggers are getting MORE TRUTH out to the public than the PAID JOURNALISTS out there - and we bloggers are being considered "second class journalists??" Well...that's a label given by the Lamestream Media. They are being EXPOSED FOR THE BIASED, UNTRUTHFUL, BIGOTED, LYING, PROPAGANDA TOUTING, LIBERAL LEFT LOONIE SPEWING, UNGODLY BUNCH THAT THEY ARE! I once read that 90% are either atheists, agnostics, skeptics, or secular humanists. Most of all, many typical journalists are anti-Christian, anti-Bible, anti-Jewish (particularly, anti-Zionist) worldview advocates whose ignorance about Jesus, prophecy, the Bible, and God's Chosen People - the Jewish nation of Israel; propels them in the direction of hate towards all of the aforementioned groups - while siding (either secretly, knowingly, or ignorantly) with the enemy - Radical Islam!!

Yesterday, Wayne of Jeremiah Films graciously included my previous blog post at his Sderot Watch page. If you are not familiar with the situation in Sderot, please go to the above link and scroll down to watch the seven minute Youtube video on the right side of the page. I think that your eyes will be opened to the reality of what life is like for Jews in Israel - especially near the Gaza border where rocket attacks happen quite often. It will show you just one of the many reasons why Israel needed to respond with Operation Cast Lead.

One last comment to share:

Bill January 3rd, 2009 2:57 pm ET

I am sick of hearing the gazans complain about their problems. They elected a terrorist organization and they deserve what they get.
If Mexico was shooting rockets in to the U.S., how long would they do it before we bombed the into the stone age. If they want peace, stop shooting rockets.

Hat Tips:

Larry King blog.

Atlas Shrugs

Jeremiah Films

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