Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breitbart Barack

Breitbart Barack

If the truth be told, this writer, William A. Gensert over at American Thinker explains EXACTLY what must happen during this election season. Republicans must Breitbart Barack! The call for hard-hitting ads against Barack Hussein Obama during baseball games this Spring, and football games in the Fall, is a great suggestion!  As the writer points out, there are probably millions of Americans who are not paying attention to politics right now. They are too busy with important things - like their jobs, raising kids, and keeping their household budget afloat.

However, there are millions of others who are busy doing unimportant things, like playing video games, watching mindless T.V. shows,doing silly and pointless "farm building" on Face Book, or spending life with their headphones on. We need to be diligent and continue to share what the new media; (Internet blogs, conservative websites, forums, new film documentaries etc.) presents regarding the truth about Obama and how what he and his ilk present is not what our Founders envisioned. The media of mass deception will continue to be lapdogs and shills for this pResident, so people will not likely get the truth from there.

I could post hundreds of good links for readers to learn what the ObamaBorg media won't tell you. However, a good place to start is to visit the excellent links in my sidebar here at Talk Wisdom.

I have referenced the book "Ameritopia - The Unmaking of America" several times over the past month or so. I am currently in Chapter 11 - "Post-Constitutional America." It is the first chapter in section III entitled, "On Utopianism and Americanism."


When John Locke wrote about the nature of man in the state of nature, he faced skepticism from some contemporaries. But his description was not theoretical. Indeed, not only was his influence on the American founding significant, but he rightly pointed to America as evidence for his observations and conclusions that individual self-interest and self-preservation, the right to life and liberty, the use of labor to improve and possess property, and equality in justice formed the natural state of human existence. And the quality of this existence promotes industriousness, sociability, civility, economic prosperity, and charity among men. "Everyone as he is bound to preserve himself, and not to quit his station willfully, so by the like reason, when his own preservation comes not in competition, ought he as much as he can to preserve the rest of mankind, and not unless it be to do justice on an offender, take away or impair the life of what tends the preservation of the life, the liberty, health, limb, or goods of another" (Second Treatise, 2,6)

In his own way, Andrew Breitbart outwardly, vocally, and publically lived his life the way John Locke describes it. And when he saw evil, corruption, injustice, political correctness run amok, and communism being implemented via this current gangster government, he worked to expose it for all to see. When one goes up against the strong political machine of liberal leftist wolves, a person can get beat up by them ...or even killed. We do not know as yet the exact cause of Andrew Breitbart's death, but with all of the vetting videos now coming out against Hussein, we can see exactly why he could have been targeted. In the end, we may look back and see his untimely death as a sacrificial turning point that will lead to Obama's defeat in November.

Back to Levin's book:

"It is often asked as a mighty objection, where are, or ever were, there any men in such a state of Nature?...The promises and bargains for truck [trade], the woods of America, are binding to them, though they are perfectly in a state of Nature in reference to one another for truth, and keeping the faith belongs to men as men, and not as members of society" (2,14).

When we want to see the difference that the role of true faith exercises in Americanism vs. Utopianism, look first to the Bible, and secondly to the difference between Individualism vs. Collectivism.

Levin continues:

Concisely put, this is the heritage and lineage of the American people, which dates hundreds of years before the American Revolution and transcends all else. From the earliest settlers escaping persecution or seeking opportunities in the New World, to the original colonies asserting self-rule through popular sovereignty and numerous local governing bodies; from the demand for independence, the assertion of inalienable individual rights, and the Revolutionary War, to the founding of the constitutional republic to secure individual liberty and the civil society, the American people engaged in the most widely considered and far-reaching exploration of humanity--its meaning, cultivation, and application--in world history. Even half a century after the adoption of the Constitution, the character and psychology of the American people were apparent to Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote, "They have been allowed by their circumstances, their origin, their intelligence, and especially by their morals to establish and maintain the sovereignty of the people" (Democracy in America, 1, 54).
The coast to coast cry for the "sovereignty of the people" is what brought the rise of the TEA Party Patriots back in the Spring of 2009. And getting back to our Constitutional Republic founding will probably take decades - but it can be done now that Americans have been awakened by the totalitarian methods being used by our current pro-socialist government. This election will be crucial in deciding what direction our nation will head into - the liberty that a Republican leader wants under a Constitutional Republic; or the tyranny that is currently wreaking havoc under Mr. Obamination. That will be our choice, folks.

Where do you stand?

With whom will you stand?

Will you fight for liberty for your children and grand children's sakes?

Or will you just sit back and succumb to tyranny?

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Christinewjc said...

Sharing a comment from American Thinker:


Never underestimate the cleverness of the liberals or progressives…..

This presidency was never about putting in a man of substance and ability, never about uniting a nation, never about keeping the dream alive, never about being the beacon for the world….no, it was an agenda….a progressive agenda to introduce socialism, to maintain the society of entitlements under the religion called government…..

How cleaver to promote a man for president, whose race would be protected under the pretense of racism. Americans can no longer discuss, debate or disagree with a president whose only truth is the color of his skin. Everything else is either a lie or a mystery. To disagree with anything this man says is flat-out racism….and it has worked effectively till this very day….

Andrew’s sites were targeted to those who were “anti-American”…..didn’t matter their political stripe, media affiliation NOR race……Conservatives, Christians, Jews and many others within this realm is under attack by a minority of intolerant people who “think” they know what’s best for America and actually believe they are the voice of America…..and that’s what is most dangerous about them when allied with a compliant media…..

We’re on the precipice of surviving as a Republic…..being complacent, quiet and refusing to confront that which is evil in this political climate is a death wish…..

And THAT is the truth……

Read more: American Thinker Comment Thread

Steve said...

Hey Christine!
I saw this this morning and thought about posting something about it; glad you did!
I gotta tell you, if Conservatives and Republicans don't get serious and "play for keeps" we're never going get rid of these weasels that are just wasting us! Notice the Supreme Court will be hearing 6 hours of arguments in a couple weeks about Obama Care. Wanna bet they uphold the individual mandate? This is the same Supreme Court (save 2 members) and Chief Justice that went along with the faud by swearing in Obama. Keagan has no business even hearing the arguments ... but this is the Obama regime.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

I've been warning people about Obama here on this blog since 2007. I hear you about getting the weasels out. So true! So many of them have done nothing about Obama's ineligibility, radicalism, trashing of the Constitution, and tyrannical "executive orders" that are taking away our rights, liberties, and freedom.

I hear that there is going to be a huge rally on March 24th in D.C. before the Supreme Court begins the hearing on the 25th (I think?). I don't see how the justices can spin the mandate ruling when the 10th Amendment prohibits such a thing. But with the crazy chaos currently going on, nothing would surprise me anymore.

You are correct. Kagan should recuse herself. But she isn't honorable enough to do that. She's in with Obama's progressive crap so deep that it would cover her from head to toe!

Do you recall Justice Thomas stated that "they are avoiding that issue" when someone asked about Obama's eligibility? What is holding people back from doing their constitutional duties? Why is ObamaFRAUD and hell-bent Holder getting away with so much criminal activity? What are these people so afraid of?

It takes a brave county sheriff like Joe Arpaio to do the investigating that all law enforcement should have done a long time ago! I think that is the answer. This regime must be taken down through the power of the individual states and their law enforcement officials.

I never thought that I would see the day where a corrupt government would get away with such out-in-the-open criminality! At least Andrew Breitbart stood up to them all. And, we may have him (may he rest in peace) to thank come November when Obama and his creepy ilk get booted out!

We need to keep Breitbart's efforts alive via the Internet and on shows like Hannity. People need to see how so many radicals, race-baiters, commies, tyrants etc. surrounded Obama his entire life. That is why he is so anti-American and anti-Israel. As the website CommieBlaster puts it, Obama is a Marxist/Socialist Maoist/Progressive/Un-American / race-baiting, Left-wing radical puppet whose puppeteer is trying to bring down the United States of America! How much more do we need to endure of this traitor to freedom and his treason against America?

Steve said...

Threats of defamation is a very powerful tool in making sure everyone is in line with this fraud. There's no doubt in my mind that people such as Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter and Mark Levin are not smart enough to see through the obvious that was so eloquently displayed by Sheriff Arpaio. They all take home pay checks we (at least myself) can only dream of. They aren't going to sacrifice that for ... well ... their country, or patriotism.

Christinewjc said...


Did you ever hear the video where Obama states "the powers that be" wanted Ron Paul to lose a state in the northeast - Maine - and that
"THEY" want Romney to get the nomination?

YouTube: (Amplified Volume) Obama Caught on Hot Mic Admitting Election Fraud by TPTB

It certainly sounds like Obama - doesn't it? Just who are "the powers that be?" It must mean several a group. It's not just Soros the puppeteer. That is SCARY STUFF!

Bet we won't hear that tape on the media of mass deception!

Do you think that the list of people you mentioned realize that "the powers that be" will never allow the eligibility issue to ever get prosecuted in court? They all dismiss it as irrelevant. O'Reilly claims that the newspaper birth announcements prove that Obama was born in Hawaii. He claims that his team "investigated it." Doesn't he know how many babies born in foreign countries are brought to Hawaii and birth announcements are placed in the paper? That isn't any proof of where Obama was born!!

Hannity must have been told not to cover the birther issue or he would lose his job. We certainly need his voice out there now to vet ObamaFRAUD this time around. I guess we could come up with excuses for every conservative to avoid the issue. I think it's possible that even Breitbart knew we couldn't "get" Obama out using that issue, so he took the route he took to vet Obama this time by exposing his radical associations.

Perhaps you are correct. They each fear losing their jobs (or maybe even their lives). Breitbart was probably made an "example" by the "powers that be" not to fuss with Obama's past radicalism. They have been successful (so far) at painting the "birthers" as ridiculous conspiracy theorists. But when a law enforcement officer like Sheriff Arpaio did an investigation (for the original purpose of clearing up this issue in Obama's favor!!!!) and found that the document was forged, where do we go from here?

Christinewjc said...

Another video of that one-way conversation led me to I don't know much about that site, but noticed this at the top left of the page:

UPDATE! Obama Audio...
First showed up on youtube on March 6 2012
in the morning uploaded by user...


here is description he used...
Don't ask me how I got this video, it just got to
me. Don't ask me what it is, I really am not
sure. Sounds like one end of a phone