Monday, March 12, 2012

Tim Tebow Meets Wounded Warrior - U.S. Army Ranger Romy Camargo

The Fox News video about this meeting titled it, "Wounded warrior meets Tebow." But when you listen to what is said on the video, it is obvious that Tebow believes that his status as an NFL football player pales in comparison to this man's status as a wounded war hero.

The accompanying article title is more accurate, Florida Wounded Warrior gets surprise visit from Tim Tebow.


When Tebow read about what Camargo had endured, getting shot in the neck and being left quadriplegic during a combat mission in Afghanistan, he wanted to meet the wounded soldier.

"He's a real, true-life hero," said Tebow. "So it's very special to have the chance to hang out with him...He's been an inspiration to a lot of people and he'll continue to be an inspiration to me and so many more, so it's real exciting to get a chance to meet him."

Tebow called Camargo a true American hero.

"For me, it's so humbling, to see kids and they're like, you're my hero. I do nothing special, athletes do nothing special. We play a silly game," Tebow said. "But here's someone who put his life on the line for our country -- that's a real hero."

Hat Tip: Fox News Channel

P.S.  I can already imagine the commentators on Sports Center (a.k.a. the Tebow haters) going apoplectic over Tebow's statement, "we play a silly game" instead of focusing on what really matters about this meeting.

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