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Jesus Loves You!

Dr. David Jeremiah's new television series is entitled, 7 Days Until Christ Returns.

This is not designed to say that Christ will return after the next seven days (for no one knows the day nor hour - but God Himself). It is a study to see what Christian individuals might do differently if each of us KNEW that Christ would return in seven days.

From Dr. Jeremiah's site:

7 Days Until Christ Returns

Want to see asteroids from space? Tidal waves engulfing whole cities? Iconic structures collapsing? Just visit your local theater. Doomsday films attract huge audiences as movie-goers imagine the world’s final destruction. But we don’t need these movies to find answers.
All the information we need is in the Bible. One day the world will face a period of distress and great tribulation such as it has never seen before and will never see again. But not so fast! First, Christ will return for His own. That can happen at any moment . . . maybe 7 days from now.

Now, we don’t know exactly when Christ will return, and the Bible warns us against setting dates. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use our sanctified imaginations in thinking about it.

What if we did know Jesus was coming again 7 days from now? Would we live differently?

In 7 Days Until Christ Returns, Dr. Jeremiah presents a personal 7-step action plan to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. These 7 messages will encourage you to develop an awareness of areas in your life that you would want to change if Christ were returning in the next 7 days.

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Today's message tells us: Jesus Loves You.
Message Outline:

Dr. David Jeremiah

“Jesus Loves You”
John 1:34-51

March 4, 2012

I. Salvation Comes Through the Preaching of the Word of God – John 1:35-39
John 1:29
John 3:30
John 2:23
John 2:24
John 1:39

II. Salvation Comes Through Personal Witness – John 1:40-42
John 6:8-9
John 12:20-22

III. Salvation Comes Through a Pointed Encounter – John 1:43-44
John 6:5-7
John 14:8-9
John 1:44

IV. Salvation Comes Through a Powerful Testimony – John 1:45-50
John 1:45
John 1:46

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