Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sarah Palin Nails ObamaFRAUD to the Wall!!

The following Face Book post written by Sarah Palin has got to be one of the greatest spot-on  retorts against ObaMARXIST that I have ever read!! She tells it like it is - and isn't afraid of a challenge by the media of mass deception, the elitists (some of whom are absolute PIGS - like Bill Maher), the evil administration now in power, and even ObamaFAIL himself! She challenges Obama to a debate! Wouldn't THAT be an eye-opener to the failed policies that Hussein has done over the past three years that are now wreaking havoc upon our nation? Obama will just slither away - like the snake he is who hides behind the tall grass of his handlers and the media of mass deception - so as not to be vetted and detected for who he really is. Obama's minions - the famous ObamaBorgBots will likely ignore (or mock) Palin's assessment of Hussein's failures. But Obama's failures are all there - for all the world to see. Attacking a former vice-presidential candidate has to be one of the lamest excuses for attempting to take the public eye away from the real issues at hand. Sarah Palin - you are one of the greatest female conservative politicians of all time!! Thank you for your strong faith in Jesus Christ, your integrity, your honesty, your strength (that I know comes from God), your determination, your solid spine when so many are attacking you and your family, and most of all your outspoken love for God, your family, this nation, and We The People!!

Sarah Palin's Face Book essay:

Let’s Talk About the Real Issues, Mr. President.

by Sarah Palin on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 6:41pm ·
The far Left continues to believe American voters are not smart enough to grasp the diversionary tactics it employs to distract us from the issues our President just doesn’t want to talk about – issues that affect us all every day and must be addressed.

Exhibit A in these diversionary tactics is an absurd new attack ad President Obama has released taking my comments out of context. I’m not running for any office, but I’m more than happy to accept the dubious honor of being Barack Obama’s “enemy of the week” if that includes the opportunity to debate him on the issues Americans are actually concerned about. (Remember when I said you don’t need a title to make a difference?)

Just off the top of my head, a few of these concerning issues include: a debt crisis that has us hurtling towards a Greek-style collapse, entitlement programs going bankrupt, a credit downgrade for the first time in our history, a government takeover of the health care industry that makes care more expensive and puts a rationing panel of faceless bureaucrats between you and your doctor (aka a “death panel”), $4 and $5 gas at the pump exacerbated by an anti-drilling agenda that rejects good paying energy sector jobs and makes us more dependent on dangerous foreign regimes, a war in Afghanistan that seems unfocused and unending, a global presidential apology tour that’s made us look feeble and ridiculous, a housing market in the tank, the longest streak of high unemployment since World War II, private-sector job creators and industry strangled by burdensome regulations and an out-of-control Obama EPA, an attack on the Constitutional protection of religious liberty, an attack on private industry in right-to-work states, crony capitalism run amok in an administration in bed with their favored cronies to the detriment of genuine free market capitalism, green energy pay-to-play kickbacks to Obama campaign donors, and a Justice Department still stonewalling on a bungled operation that armed violent Mexican drug lords and led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent people.

I’m sure I missed a few things, but the list is just for starters. Along with millions of others, I’m willing and free to discuss these issues with the President anywhere, anytime; and I’m sure any of the four patriots currently running for the GOP nomination would also welcome the opportunity to talk about the problems everyday Americans face due to the abject failure of our current administration’s policies. The President will dismiss all of these problems by saying, “Well, uh, ‘change isn’t easy.’” But considering that candidate Obama promised to turn back the waters and heal the planet, the American people had at least a reasonable expectation that, at the bare minimum, he wouldn’t bankrupt our country.

This latest ad is quite odd, but also quite telling. It shows that our President sure seems fearful of discussing the economy, energy prices, and all the other problems people need addressed. And intended or not, now that his ad opens up the discussion of Barack Obama’s radical past associations and the radical philosophy that shaped his ideas about his promised “fundamental transformation” of our country, I welcome the media to join ordinary Americans in finally vetting Barack Obama. The media failed to do so in 2008 to the detriment of us all. Maybe this time around they can do their job.

They might start by noting the President’s heavily edited attack ad. Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro helps them out in this piece. Please read it all.

- Sarah Palin

Hat Tip: Sarah Palin's FaceBook Page


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I've learned over the years that leftists can't seem to stop LYING! How apropos that the two words start with the same letter. Leftist = LIAR!!

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