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The Key To Israel's Survival - Don't Trust Obama!

Former Governor Mike Huckabee was interviewed on Greta's show - On The Record - tonight. He certainly didn't mince words when he spoke of the horror over Obama and his terrible political ploys against Benjamin Netanyahu and the Sovereign State of Israel!
While doing a search, I found some very interesting blog essays about Obama's attempt to get Israel to back off considering striking Iran's nuclear facilities.

1. Caroline Glick: Obama makes the case for an Israeli strike on Iran

I highly recommend reading the entire essay. Nonetheless, here is an excerpt:

It is important to keep Blinken's threats and Caspit's scenario in mind when considering Obama's speech to AIPAC on Sunday morning.

Obama's speech was notable for a number of reasons. First, this was the first speech on an Israel-related theme that Obama has given since the 2008 campaign in which he did not pick a fight with Israel. And it is due to the absence of open hostility in his address that Obama's supporters are touting it as a pro-Israel speech.

While he didn't pick a fight with Israel on Sunday, his speech did mark a clear attempt to undermine Israel's strategic position in a fundamental - indeed existential - way. As many commentators have noted in recent weeks, Israel and the US have different red lines for the Iranian nuclear program. These divergent red lines owe to the fact that the US has more options for attacking Iran's nuclear installations than Israel.

From Israel's perspective, Iran's nuclear program will reportedly become unstoppable as soon as the Iranians move a sufficient quantity of enriched uranium and/or centrifuges to the Fordow nuclear installation by Qom. Since Israel reportedly lacks the ability to destroy the facility, Israel's timeline for attacking Iran will likely end within weeks. The US reportedly has the capacity to successfully bomb Fordow and so its timeline for attacking Iran is longer than Israel's.

The reason this is important is because it tells us the true nature of Obama's demand that Israel give more time for sanctions and diplomacy to work. When one recognizes Israel's short timeline for attacking, one realizes that when Obama demands that Israel give several more months for sanctions to work, what he is actually demanding is for Israel to place its survival in his hands. Again, once Iran's nuclear project is immune from an Israeli strike Obama will effectively hold the key to Israel's survival. Israel will be completely at his mercy.

Obama cannot be trusted. And I think that Netanyahu's speech at the AIPAC meeting (where he unequivocally defended Israel's right to defend itself and not succumb to anyone else's demands or timeline) demonstrates the strength of Israel's leader. I don't think that Prime Minister Netanyahu will wait one second longer than necessary before demolishing Iran's nuclear facilities. Why? Because he knows that his nation's survival depends on it!

One concluding paragraph:

The fact is that Obama's actions and his words have made clear that Israel cannot trust him, not on Iran and not on anything. The only thing that has been consistent about his Israel policy has been its hostility. As a consequence, the only messages emanating from his administration we can trust are those telling us that if Obama is reelected, he will no longer feel constrained to hide his hatred for Israel.


2. The Ulsterman Report: WALL STREET INSIDER: My God…My God…What Has Become Of America?

Chilling excerpts:

WSI: My belief is that what is being attempted…the…reforming if you will of the United States…yes – that is evil. The danger it poses to the country, to the world – yes…evil. Be it ignorance on the part of Barack Obama, or willful neglect…I cannot determine for certain…but he does appear willing to cooperate with those who have long sought to destroy this country…not so much a physical destruction mind you…but rather the…spiritual destruction of America. A kind of…cancer that will eat away at its internals leaving nothing but…an empty shell of what it once was.

WSI: Obama revealed himself to us…in full. While it was suspected…certainly we feared the possibility…but to have it so openly confirmed was…it was very unsettling to people who, shall we say…don’t unsettle easily.

UM: Please explain. Something. Explain something on that.

WSI: I will simply say this – and someday this information will get out…I likely will be long dead when it does…but the truth will be spoken of this someday.

In 2008 the American people voted for a man who has absolutely no regard for human life if that life is an impediment to the agenda. The meeting between himself and the prime minister confirmed that fact. The Israelis are now staring into the face of evil – a selfishness and disregard that is stunning in its scope and singular purpose. A delay was requested that has no basis in saving lives – but rather one that puts so many lives at risk! A delay that is pure political calculation – a calculation whose sole purpose is for but one political candidate – while all others are to be sacrificed if need be! This goes beyond the disrespect and immaturity put on display when they met last…that…you told of that. I fed that information to -name deleted- and you then told of that.

But THIS…what…what Barack Obama asks of Israel now…what is threatened if Israel does not comply…for nothing more than politics? It is…it is Chamberlain all over again. And just as Chamberlain strutted and preened to the world…this Obama does much the same. To not act against evil makes one complicit with that evil…that…he ignores history…or worse yet – he hopes to repeat it!

UM: Who?


You wish to know something of that meeting between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanhayu? The prime minister stared into the eyes of our president…and he saw the truth of the man. He understood fully and completely the corruption of his heart.

The fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of Israel at this time in history is a God send!! I recall cringing when Ehud Barak and that other liberal leader was prime minister in Israel; but at least we had a strong Republican President at the helm here in America. Now that we have this utterly despicable weakling in office - Obamafail - we have a strong leader in Israel to take the lead and destroy Iran's nuclear ambitions before it's too late! As the WSI stated above, NEVER AGAIN is the mantra of the Jewish race!! NEVER AGAIN will they be at the mercy of another country or leader to rescue them from the grip of evil!


3. Lastly, the following is a "Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide" link. Amplified Volume) Obama Caught on Hot Mic Admitting Election Fraud by TPTB

The original video was taken down and I don't know how long this one will stay up, but listen to what sounds to me like the voice of Obama admitting that there are "powers that be" meddling in the Republican Primary - even to the point of taking a "win" from Ron Paul in Maine. It certainly sounds like Obama on the hidden mic!

Hat Tips to all links.


P.S.  After publishing this post, I read the following:

Now The End Begins
God bless Israel and my God continue to protect Her!!

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalm 121:4


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Update on another subject - Andrew Breitbart's death:

Crime File An Eyewitness Speaks Out About Andrew Breitbart’s Death Scene. [go to site to see photos.]

Copy of post:

Los Angeles, CA—It was just after midnight when Christopher Lasseter was walking his little dog in Brentwood. He watched a man he now knows to be Andrew Breitbart crossing Barrington from The Brentwood.

Beritbart was walking without apparent distress in the direction of the Starbucks across the well-lit street. Once Breitbart stepped up on the curb, as Lasseter put it, “He fell hard like a sack of Potatoes.”

A man unknown to Lasseter called 911. The 911 operator told them to begin chest compressions on Beritbart until the police and paramedics arrived.

The very top photo shows where Breitbart died on his back with his head close to the lamp post on the left and his feet under the newspaper vending machine to the right.

Lasseter described Breitbart’s skin color as bright red.

I obtained the interview on video but it’s now property of so look for it over there. I will post a link here once it’s available.

We will be waiting with bated breath for the Medical Examiner's and the Toxicology Reports to know exactly what cut a young man's life short.
Posted by Crimefile at 3/02/2012 05:39:00 PM

Read all the comments, too.

Significant ones:

Anonymous said...
"Lasseter described Breitbart’s skin color as bright red."

Sounds like cyanide poisoning.

•The skin of a cyanide-poisoned person can sometimes be unusually pink or cherry-red because oxygen will stay in the blood and not get into the cells. The person may also breathe very fast and have either a very fast or very slow heartbeat. Sometimes the person's breath can smell like bitter almonds, though this can be difficult to detect.

March 02, 2012 9:00 PM
Anonymous said...
That sounds exactly like cyanide or carbon monoxide poisoning. Except with CO poisoning, he'd have likely fallen unconscious and not been walking around. Good call.

Terry Canaan said...
Flushed skin can be a symptom of cocaine or other stimulant overdose. Rich Hollywood type -- not much of a stretch. We'll have to wait for toxicology on that one.

In any case, if the witness turns out to be reliable, we know it's not the widely speculated heart attack. In those cases, the victim turns pale, ashen, or even bluish.
Anonymous said...
I had a heart attack with four arteries blocked 100% when I was 44.
My BP was 35/20 and I was a whitish gray color. To be bright red doesn't make sense.

March 09, 2012 11:01 AM
Anonymous said...
Go to YouTube and search for the video titled CIA Whistleblower talks about Heart Attack gun

After listening to the testimony, you will probably be convinced that Breitbart's red skin color resulted from poison shot from just such a gun.

March 09, 2012 6:07 PM

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