Monday, March 19, 2012

The Ultimate FREEDOM

Sometimes it is important to take a break from our every day routines. This past weekend, I took a nice friend's advice (thank you Steve!) and took a break from blogging.

It took me some extra time to come online today. It is past 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) right now and I have been trying to decide what to write about here at Talk Wisdom. I take what I write quite seriously. I do not write about trivial matters because I happen to think that is a waste of time. I often post warnings about the current dangerous political climate out there and how our liberty and freedoms are being eroded away. Many people are scared about the direction of our beloved nation. Many are claiming that this next election will be one of the most important in the history of our nation. There is no question that all of those concerns are legitimate. There is a LOT to worry about these days here in America.

We are not living in the America that I grew up in back in the 50's, 60's and even the 70's. But the progressive movement that had been building slowly over all  those years - almost at a barely undetected rate - has now been radically unleashed by the Obama era. People who may not have noticed the changes back then have now been awakened to the fact that such changes are growing exponentially and are not healthy for our nation. One big example of this re-awakening was the development of the modern day TEA Party movement three years ago! The following is a copy of an email I received today about that:

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Dear Patriot,

Happy 3rd anniversary!

It's been almost exactly three years since Americans from all walks of life took to Main Streets across this great nation in one of the greatest, most peaceful citizen revolts in our history...

The Modern-Day Tea Party.

What started with “Santelli’s rant” spread first to the streets of Chicago, then to 40 cities and then to hundreds of communities as millions gathered for the April 15 “Tax Day Tea Parties.”

Those “Tea Party” events have helped re-shape our political world -- shining the light of truth on runaway government spending and re-focusing the debate on Liberty and Limited Government. And Grassfire Nation team members are intimately connected with the Tea Party. Hundreds of thousands of Grassfire Nation members took part in this great moment in American political history. So, Happy Anniversary!

+ + Special Tea Party Tribute

To help commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of the modern-day Tea Party, Grassfire Nation is thrilled to offer our team “Signs Of Freedom” -- one of the best tribute books honoring the legacy of the Tea Party.

This "coffee table" style tribute book takes you on a journey through the eyes -- and the signs -- of citizen-patriots who moved a nation with their passion and resolve.

In appreciation of your contribution to Grassfire of ANY AMOUNT, we'll send you "Signs Of Freedom" as a keepsake reminder of all that the Tea Party movement has meant to our nation. Go here:

Commemorate The Birth Of The Modern-Day
Tea Party With "Signs Of Freedom

The Left has done everything in its power to demonize and destroy the Tea Party. They have called us terrorists and zombies who have held our nation "hostage." Just about every email from the Pelosi machine or the Obama campaign talks about the "radical Tea Party." But the truth is, the Tea Party represents the heart and soul of this great nation. And what motivates us is a deep love of our country and a desire to save our freedoms from the Big Government statists.

I hope you will request your "Signs Of Freedom" tribute book -- in honor of what millions of patriotic Americans did three years ago in reigniting the flame of liberty in our land.

Steve Elliott

P.S. In the coming years, I hope to use my copy of "Signs of Freedom" to share with my children and grandchildren about this incredible movement in American history called the "Tea Party." This coffee table quality book can help tell that story.

The modern day TEA Party movement commemorates the kind of freedoms that God gave to us through the Founders of this wonderful nation. However, it is also a reminder of what could be lost if we do not stand up for such freedoms!

But there is a 'FREEDOM' that surpasses any kind of freedom that we would experience on this earth. It is the freedom that is given to all believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

I hope that readers here have been following Dr. David Jeremiah's new series "7 Days Until Christ Returns." This past Sunday's message was quite riveting! You can view it HERE

In this message on giving thanks Dr. Jeremiah points out the many things that we have to be grateful for—our family, our faith—but most of all our future.

Many times in Scripture we are told to "fear not." Why? Because of what Jesus Christ has done for us due to his finished work on the cross! In eternity, there will no longer be any fear, pain, tears, sorrow, or death!

Today's devotional:

No More Fear

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid.
Isaiah 12:2a

Recommended Reading
Isaiah 12:1-3
The word "Armageddon" shows up daily as journalists discuss the fears facing our world. But perhaps the thing bothering you today isn't Armageddon. It's the deficit in your bank account, a problem in your home, or a rift in your church.

Listen to Today's Radio Message

One of the great phrases in the Book of Revelation is "no more." We're told of a day for God's children when there will be no more tears, no more death, no more sorrow, no more crying, no more pain.

Clarence Macartney said: "When I read those great 'no mores' in the book of Revelation where the heavenly life is described... I feel I would like to add another great 'no more'--'There shall be no more fear.' When Christ was born at Bethlehem, that was what the angels said to the shepherds, 'Fear not.' Christ came to banish fear... Over the portals of heaven are written these words, greeting man as he enters the heavenly city, 'Fear not!'"

Whether you're worried about Armageddon in the future or aggravations today, trust Him and don't be afraid.

The Psalmist said, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee." That is good, very good. But still better is what Isaiah said, "I will trust, and not be afraid."
Clarence Macartney

Judges 21:1-Ruth 4:22

When we look at everything that I have shared today, there is no doubt that man can contribute to "signs of freedom." But the ultimate FREEDOM - IS IN CHRIST THE LORD.

May God continue to bless each of you and may He continue to uphold and bless the United States of America!

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Tried to leave the following comment at Talk Wisdom:

Christine shared: “When we look at everything that I have shared today, there is no doubt that man can contribute to ‘signs of freedom.’ But the ultimate FREEDOM - IS IN CHRIST THE LORD.”

As one who has been set free from drunkenness and all sorts of sexual sin by the Messiah, the Son of God, I agree with your conclusion 100% Christine.

I love to hear you SPEAK TRUTH. Keep shining my friend! You are loved by many all over the globe. This comes with much love to you and your family from generation to generation from the east to the west!! (ss)


Note to Susan - I'm sorry that the comment didn't appear in my queue. I'm not sure what is wrong. I need to pick up a friend at the airport now, but will try to figure out what is wrong tomorrow. I have copied and pasted your email. God bless you!

~ Christine