Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Drop the GLBT Acronym...

...and just call them what they really are - CONFUSED!

The onslaught in California has begun. What traditional Christian families have suffered through during the years since the state of Massachusetts created same-sex "marriage" out of thin air - by rogue judges and their judicial fiat - is now happening in California.


Look out Christian brothers and sisters - more than anyone else - you and I will be the targets of intolerance and "hate crimes" lawsuits! We will be (actually, already are!) chastised and verbally abused for "hateful thoughts" as well. Quoting Bible verses that specifically condemn homosexual sex acts will be viewed in public as "hate thought" and punished due to an erroneously perceived intent towards incitement for "hate crimes."

Recall how homosexual activists went on the T.V. news shows and publically blamed Christian evangelists, pastors, and laypersons and their "thoughts/sermons against homosexual behavior" for Matthew Shepard's murder? Years later, we found out that the man was targeted for his money - not his sexual CONFUSION.

Wait and see! It's coming!

It is so unfortunate that many Christians who thought that they were being kind, considerate, tolerant, loving, and accepting of their homosexual relatives, friends, and co-workers, will see their religious liberties stripped by one...over the next decade.

Wait and see! It's coming!

It won't only be a matter of being called a bigot when you speak out against the homosexual agenda. Even though you should have the right to freedom of association, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, the newly formed "discrimination" laws will trump them. Therefore, to hold to your deep Christian faith and the truth about homosexuality being sin in the pages of the Bible might force you to choose between your faith or your job. Refusing to print materials that you find objectionable may hit you with a lawsuit where you will have to pay a huge fine; perhaps even forcing you out of business! Uttering a Bible verse, or, even just saying that homosexuality is sin and an abomination to God could land you in court. You will be the target for lawsuits by CONFUSED people and their smarmy lawyers.

Wait and see! It's coming!

Actually, it's already here!

Same-sex "marriage" erodes religious freedoms.


"What most trusting Americans fail to grasp is the correlation between the advancement of the homosexual agenda and the gradual erosion of our religious liberty," said Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action.

"California's judicially imposed social experiment in marriage has hastened the demise of religious freedom across the U.S."

Think that same-sex marriage will satisfy CONFUSED people? Of course not!

The next wave of the war over sexual identity and morality has begun.

What's even worse is the fact that it's not only the CONFUSED people's agenda and their rabid lawyers who will be complicit in silencing religious freedoms. It is the entire postmodern, radical, liberal-left mindset that negatively affects all of society at work here. Guess who is behind this cosmic battle of our time?

Return of the Censors

Excerpt from Buchanan article:

Censorship is making a comeback. Outside the United States, it is considered an acceptable price to pay for the new diversity Western Man seems now to value more than the old liberty.




Human Events

No matter what, it will always be my prayer that CONFUSED people will one day realize that:

Christ (is the)
Us (to be)
Saved (from)

Update @ 11:11 a.m. PT:

Be sure to read Albert Mohler's article:

Full Citizens at Last? Who is next?


Full citizens at last? These Americans were not full citizens at 5:00 pm on June 16, 2008, but they were a minute later when they were granted legal marriage applications?

This leads to other urgent questions. Who else is now being denied full citizenship? Does this mean that others denied access to legal marriage as the recognition of their sexual relationships are being denied status as "full citizens?" Would the editors dare name who these might be?

This editorial is further evidence of a phenomenon that is now standard in many circles -- the assumption that all moral and legal discrimination is wrong. That is a disastrous assumption. Civilization requires discrimination between right and wrong behavior, what is legal and what is criminal, what is celebrated and what is condemned.

America has had to go through moral convulsions at times to learn that some forms of discrimination are morally abhorrent -- such as discrimination on the basis of race. But other forms of discrimination are required by common sense and moral discernment.


Scott said...


I think you're confusing censorship with becoming unpopular.

Just because your opinions aren't as welcome in polite company as they used to be doesn't mean they're illegal.

Remember, even skinheads are allowed to say anything they want.

Christinewjc said...


Did you read the article links? I doubt it. If you did, you would have noticed that it isn't just people's "opinions becoming unpopular." Lawsuits have resulted in people paying huge fines for their "opinions." That doesn't bother you?

Let's do a little experiment. Answer these questions:

Do you believe in a woman's right to choose aborting her baby in the womb?

Do you consider yourself a secular humanist or do you believe in God?

Based on your answers, I will give you a follow-up question.

It appears to me that you just like to come here and use your CONFUSED thought process to wave away the real issues attached to this terrible ruling.

It doesn't bother you that four judges trumped the votes of over 4 million California voters? Who died and made them anarchist dictators?

The CONFUSED celebration may only be temporary. The issue will be on the ballot in November. Prop. 22 will be upheld and the rogue judges decision overturned.

Christinewjc said...


Also, do you consider yourself to be homosexual or heterosexual?

Susan Smith said...

Dear Christine—

It is so good to be back from a few days travel out of Columbia, South Carolina. I missed Talk Wisdom.

There are many confused individuals in our world today. Anyone who sins willingly does not understand truth. Jesus is the truth (JOH 14:6). Jesus of Nazareth is the way and the life. Those who sin willingly do not understand the way and they do not understand how to live in order to enjoy the abundant life only Christ can give. The type of sin does not matter. One can gossip and slander willingly. All who sin willingly are confused.

We are commanded to walk in love (2JO 6). How is this done? How do we love those we consider or judge to be unlovable? How do we love those who practice certain sins we do not practice because of the grace of God in our lives?

We are to rescue those being led away to death (PRO 24:11). God’s written Word tells us we are to have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness, but rather we are to expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret (EPH 5:11-12). How do we do this? How do we expose sin without talking about it? The answer is easy if you know God and the one God sent. We walk in the light as he is in the light (1JO 1:7). We walk in humility as we walk in his light every day.

Jesus is the true light (JOH 1:9). When God showed me mercy and gave me the light, it seemed dim at first. Over the years it has become brighter. Jesus delivered me from more than 20 years of active homosexuality in 1985 and God delivered me from the identity of a lesbian in 1988. Years later the Lord delivered me out of more than 30 years of drunkenness. Praise His Name!

It is a privilege to have you as my “little” sister in Christ, Christine. God is using Talk Wisdom as a beacon of truth and light all over the globe. Fear not, my sister. Keep following Jesus. Much love from the East to the West coast. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

Dear Susan!

Welcome back! I'm glad that you had a nice trip away. However, I'm even more glad that you are back here sharing your love for Jesus, and the wisdom and knowledge of the Scriptures!

Your entire comment is excellent! This part is essential to the truth:

We are commanded to walk in love (2JO 6). How is this done? How do we love those we consider or judge to be unlovable? How do we love those who practice certain sins we do not practice because of the grace of God in our lives?

We are to rescue those being led away to death (PRO 24:11).

In today's confused world, "evil" is labeled "good;" and TRUE GOOD is labeled "evil." Thus, the Christian evangelistic point of "rescuing those being led away to death" is not viewed as being GOOD!

We discussed this fact at our last "The Truth Project" class. Susan, it is such a GREAT course! I highly recommend it to all Christians!

Testimonies like yours are often labeled as "unreal," "untrue," or even worse, a subtle form of "hate speech" against CONFUSED people who steadfastly believe that they can never change. But how could they possibly, logically, label you that way? You have been where they are! What's more, you have experienced the rescuing from it through the power of Jesus Christ!

Our study mentioned the verse that reminds us, "...for such were some of you..." That goes for EVERYONE - including me - who has ever lived! We are ALL in bondage to sin until Jesus rescues us from it's penalty - eternal death.

Whenever you come here and comment, Susan, it is truly refreshing for my soul and spirit! No wonder Jesus called his sending of the Holy Spirit "the Comforter." Words spoken from the Holy Bible through those with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit do just that - comfort brothers and sister in Christ! Thank you for your continued encouragement and willingness to share Jesus - THE TRUTH - here at Talk Wisdom!

Love from the West Coast,

Wayne from Jeremiah Films said...

Great post ... I have linked to it from Homosexual Agenda "Make Change, Not Lawsuits"

The lawsuits are already taking place in Canada, The "Day of Silence" is if you really look at it just a form of special rights of free speech ... Left unchecked we will lose our rights.

It is a shame that the media is biased on covering this issue but that is another post.

Susan Smith said...

Dear Christine—

I never wanted to change when I was living in the “lifestyle” of homosexuality. I did want to quit smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking lasted for more than 40 years in my life, before the Lord enabled me to quit the habit.

There was a desire to stop getting drunk, but there was no power to do so until God had mercy on my soul. My deliverance from sexual immorality was truly a miracle of God. It is difficult for others to understand.

When I lived as a lesbian I never had a desire to change, because I truly believed God made me that way. It seemed natural for me. Today, it is easy for me to say I was deceived many years ago, but it made me very angry during those years if anyone suggested I was living a lie. I knew my emotions and how I felt. Women attracted me. Men did not. I had absolutely no desire to be with a man.

An older brother molested me when I was 4 or 5-years-old and this molestation was a deep dark secret in my life until I was more than 40-years-old. I was over 50 before I realized I was a victim of statutory rape when I was a child. There are no words to describe the shame and the guilt felt by a little girl or a little boy whose sexual innocence has been violated by another person.

I was afraid and ashamed to tell anyone when it happened and I did not realize or understand as a child that I had been molested. The fact was denied and the reality of my sexual molestation was repressed (unconscious denial) for many years. My fear, hurt and shame turned into anger, bitterness and even hatred. There was a subtle hatred toward most men during many years. There was also an emotional detachment from my mother during my developmental years and I never wanted to be like her. I identified with my dad and I am thankful God gave me a decent earthly father who loved me.

Dr. Bolte who is head of the counseling department at Columbia International University (CIU) where I attend school suggested I may have suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He interviewed me before my acceptance to graduate school at CIU, and I believe I am following Jesus today as I work toward a degree in Clinical Counseling. Dr. Bolte was amazed when he learned I had been medically discharged from the US Army and diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Jesus healed me and I stopped taking lithium after 22 years.

This fall (Lord willing) I will be taking a course called Psychopathology. Dr. Bolte is the instructor and I am sure God will allow this to be a wonderful experience for all who are in the class. I explained to Dr. Bolte when Jesus removed the hatred, anger and unforgiveness from my heart, then the “chemical imbalance” in my brain was healed. Psychiatrists told me for 22 years that the chemical imbalance that causes manic depression (today called bi-polar disorder) could not be cured. I know better. Praise the Lord!

God bless you Christine. Thank you for being my friend. (ss)

Scott said...

Christine, I am gay, plain and simple.

I believe in God. Probably not your version but in this country your version isn't required reading.

The 4 judges were following the Constitution whether you like it or not.

I'm not sure what abortion has to do with this but since I'll never really have to deal with that particular issue as a gay man, I'd say it's none of my business. If a woman asked my advice, I'd tell her to carry the baby but it really isn't up to me.

Now then, the links you listed are red herrings and I've read them all apart from this post.

1. The photographer in New Mexico was running a public business subject to the laws of the state.

2. The Church in New Jersey was also running a public business that was being used by all kinds of groups for all kinds of marriages. If they opened it to Methodists only, they wouldn't have had this problem.

3. Catholic Charities in MA were running an adoption agency that is regulated by state law. The state said follow the law, the Catholics said no and took their ball and went home.

4. Canadian Human Rights decisions have no bearing under US Constitutional Law.

5. Censorship only exists when the government intrudes on free speech. Much like the FCC can ban the 7 dirty words as a condition to have a license to run a radio station, local governments can regulate rules for holding a business license. There is no right to run a business in the Constitution.

If you want to shout from the rooftops about sinners, you are free to do so and will be free to do so forever, just ask Fred Phelps.

Scott said...

By the way, this is a total sidebar to the equal marriage ruling.

You may want to rethink 11/4's vote as being a silver bullet to end gay marriages.

If your amendment passes, the marriages between now and then will most likely still be legal because the courts do not generally allow new laws to be retroactive.

The amendment also does not change the crux of the ruling that states based on the CA Constitution (the highest law of the land), one class of people cannot receive a benefit afforded to another class of people.

4 of 7 judges based their decision on that clause in the Constitution. The amendment does not change that ruling.

What very well may happen should the amendment pass is that the court could easily say that nobody can get married after 11/4 and the all couples must recieve domestic partnership benefits without the title of marriage.

I suggest you do some research into tinkering with the Constitution and established legal precident before you advocate for this vote.

Christinewjc said...

Scott wrote: "The 4 judges were following the Constitution whether you like it or not."

So, the three judges who ruled against making up a heretofore unheard of definition of marriage to include same sex couples were not following the Constitution? Is that what you are saying?

Changing the definition of marriage - by judicial fiat - is involved in this decision. It's not just about "rights." You have the right to get married as anyone else. The definition of marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Any other type of union is called something else.

As a male who desires sex with men, you do not want to marry a woman. Then go ahead and have your "domestic partnership," or "civil union." But it will never be recognized as a marriage in the eyes of God. He has made this clear in His Word. Marriage is God's idea - not yours - nor mine. He defined it from the beginning.

I will be working hard to get people out to vote for the reinstatement of Prop. 22. Millions of Christians will be voting FOR traditional marriage. It will be overturned...whether you like it or not.

Back to my questions. Since you did not give your full opinion about the abortion question, it might be difficult to proceed with my additional questions. However, from what I gather by your answer, you appear to be pro-choice, not pro-life on the issue.

Let's just say, for the sake of the argument here, that you are pro-choice.

My next question to you is:

"If a "gay" gene was found and people could have the option to abort a child in the womb that has tested positive for the presence of the "gay" gene, would it make a pro-lifer out of you?"

I realize that this is a hypothetical question. There is no "gay" gene. However, several years ago when such an idea was being tossed around by homosexual activists, some of them came over to the Christian pro-life side just because of this one issue.

Can you now see how opinions and views can easily be changed? Oftentimes, it is due to selfish reasons - not in light of what is good for the culture and/or public at large.

If you have been following this thread, you have probably read Susan Smith's testimony. Can you recognize the fact that sexual orientation can be changed by the power of Jesus Christ indwelling the believer?

You said that you "do believe in God." Which one? The God of the Bible? How would you answer Jesus' question, "Who do you say that I am?"

Scott said...

You obviously haven't been following the news.

2 scientific studies have come out in 2 days both suggesting that there is a biological componant to homosexuality.

It's a quick google away.

Your question about abortion and the gay gene is again irrelevant. I am an alive, happy gay person who's mother did not choose to abort.

There are mothers out there right now who choose to abort severely deformed or mentally challenged children. I don't weigh in on their decisions because it's NONE OF MY BUSINESS. Your hypothetical is also not my business. If asked by somebody who is in that situtation, then I will give my opinion based on the facts in a real case.

My belief in God is not your business, nor is it the business or anyone in the government. That is between me and God.

Here's a hypothetical for you. Say you get prayer in schools someday and one of the students in your kids (or grandkids) class wants to lead a Buddhist chant for the whole class.

What would you do?

Mark said...

Scott says:
2 scientific studies have come out in 2 days both suggesting that there is a biological componant to homosexuality.

Dear Scott - Don't forget that an appeal to a biologically based orientation is not a moral argument. As two researchers who have worked hard to demonstrate congenital influences on homosexual development have admitted: "No clear conclusions about the morality of a behavior can be made from the mere fact of biological causation, because all behavior is biologically caused" (Brian S. Mustanski and J. Michael Bailey, "A therapist's guide to the genetics of human sexual orientation," Sexual and Relationship Therapy 18:4 [2003]: 432).

Scott says he believes in god - maybe he would like to tell you - Christine, how one goes about Knowing this god of his and why anyone should believe him. Or is his god a private affair that does not desire others to know the TRUTH?

Getting some popcorn and a comfortable chair....

Gary Baker said...


"The 4 judges were following the Constitution whether you like it or not."

"The amendment also does not change the crux of the ruling that states based on the CA Constitution (the highest law of the land), one class of people cannot receive a benefit afforded to another class of people."

Not really. Marriage, as practiced in civil law, is not a benefit. It is a contract between the two principals and the state. All contracts ratified by the state are subject to rules and limitations as set forth by the legislature. The supreme court's declaration that it is a right or a benefit does not change the fact that under American law, rights and benefits are granted either by the people acting through their legislature, or by God (as stated int he Declaration of Independence). The Supremes do not have the authority to change legal definitions which were well established at the time the constitution was ratified. That was what the people ratified, not the revised version that the judges are selling.

As for the amendment affecting gay marriage retroactively, there is certainly precedent for it. For example, when polygamy was outlawed, those who had several spouses were forced to divorce. At any rate, the marriage license will mean very little if the state agencies will not recognize it for allowing benefits.

"Censorship only exists when the government intrudes on free speech."

I quite agree with you on this point. When the government allows suits to be filed, contrary to free speech. That is censorship. When government officials in schools support one viewpoint to the exclusion of others, and limits free practice of religion, that is both censorship and violation of enumerated rights under the US constitution. There are many examples of government censorship involved through the education systems. Please remember: Free speech is a right. Freedom of religion is a right. Marriage (under law) is a contract.

Christinewjc said...

Scott wrote:

"My belief in God is not your business, nor is it the business or anyone in the government. That is between me and God."

Ah! I see...the ole' "my beliefs are private" excuse not to answer a direct question.

Then I won't answer yours - either.

Kevin said...

"2 scientific studies have come out in 2 days both suggesting that there is a biological componant to homosexuality."

I don't really see the point here. There is a biological element to alcoholism... that doesn't mean that we should promote it as an equal lifestyle choice.

Kevin said...

"My belief in God is not your business, ... That is between me and God."

Then you are not living out your faith...

18Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (Matt 28:18-20)

15But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have... (1Peter 3:15)

Wayne said...

The Canadian HR case sited above - Stephen Boissoin site

Scott said...

Who says I have to read your bible to have a relationship with God?

I'm sorry your God is confined to a book, mine isn't that small.

Mark said...

Since Jesus Christ said He was God, rose from the dead, confirmed the authority of scripture etc.. - don't you think maybe you should first defend or refute who Jesus said He was, and perhaps not who you want Him to be?

Truth - the word became flesh. The Scripture is God's word, it was not invented by men - it was delivered to us. We don't hide that Truth, we share it with others. God is not yours or mine, He is! You either have the Truth or you do not, Jesus told us there is no middle ground.

Scott said...

So sad and so small Mark.

Hey, why is your blog blocked by certain corporate web filters?

Mark said...

my corporate web filter is working fine...maybe some "filters" now have Truth detectors and wanna keep it secret, I dunno.

So sad and so small Mark.

...and yet another contender steps forward.

Gary Baker said...

"Who says I have to read your bible to have a relationship with God?"

Better question: How can you have a relationship with God without reading the Bible? Christ was God incarnate and in constant fellowship with the Father. When the Pharisees pressed him, he often responded with scripture. When the devil tempted him, he responded with scripture. When questioned about the way to life, he pointed people to the scriptures. The Bible is a record of God's communications, instructions, and revelations. If you really want a "relationship" with God, why not look for his clearest messages? Some people claim to fellowship with the Spirit, but St. Paul warned them to test the spirits. And how do you test them? By their agreement with the scriptures. If you don't study and know the scriptures, you may be getting messages from spirits that are anything but holy.

There is a great deal of opinion these days that says that a person's relationship with God is strictly their own affair. That's true as far as it goes. It is also true that God has given the scriptures and believers to assist in our growth. Paul also said that all scripture was spirit breathed and good for training, teaching, and I believe rebuking. In the Old Testament, God told the people to study and dwell on the scriptures at all times, for they were not just instructions, but they were life.

I find it very hard to believe that anyone can seriously be attempting to have a good relationship with God without strenuous pursuit of the scriptures.

Anonymous said...

I know this thread is a month old, but for a site that proposes to talk wisdom, I'm surely not seeing much evidence of introspection in this article.

Your idea that gay people are 'confused' is unrefined and hyperbolic; calling all gay people everywhere (regardless of the obvious dissimilarities between gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals) confused is a pretty ungracious move, and by trying to obliterate the differences between them, you reduce your ability to make sense of individual gays and lesbians. The word 'confused' shouldn't be a rhetorical weapon with which you discredit people.

The cruelty of the word 'confused' is like applying the word 'retarded' to a non-retarded person: it's slander, and it's demeaning. Do you really mean to say that you are more informed about a gay person's sexuality than they are? Or a transgendered person?

Lots of gays and lesbians seem 'confused' about their sexual preference: when they are in denial about who they are attracted to and trying to fit in and 'become' heterosexual, "confused" is a word you hear a lot.

But it diminishes your ability to listen to people if you merely label them (or your past self!) 'confused' and pretend that, by stringing together ad-hominem criticisms and some half-digested pop science you've conquered with Reason. It shows you lack patience. It's a bully tactic that hints at a lack of real wisdom, and an inability to address oneself to the person in front of you.

And finally, it's not constructive. It comes off as pedantic, crude, and lacking in charity. And if you really do possess the Truth, with all your riches you think you'd be able to afford some good charity. Yes, even to people you think are committing an abominable evil.

Please, please don't talk this way anymore.

Christinewjc said...


Thank you for stopping by and expressing your opinion. Though we most likely will never agree on this subject, I appreciate that you took the time to comment.

I will begin with one area of agreement regarding your comment.

I agree that all of the adjectives described through the acronym "GLBT" have definite dissimilarities about them. However, I think that my choice of the term "confused" is applicable and does not necessarily have to be seen as terribly derogatory.

If you look at the various meanings of the word "confused" you will note that it does contain several different points.

If I were to choose which definitions more accurately describe what I am attempting to convey here, I would select the following:

5. to combine without order; jumble; disorder: Try not to confuse the papers on the desk.
6. Archaic. to bring to ruin or naught.

To disconcert is to disturb one's mind by irritation, perplexities, etc

To make opaque; blur

To mistake (for another): confused effusiveness with affection.
To make opaque; blur: "The old labels ... confuse debate instead of clarifying it" (Christopher Lasch).
To assemble without order or sense; jumble.
Archaic To bring to ruination.

To make something unclear or incomprehensible: a new tax code that only further confuses.

Lacking logical order or sense: a confused set of instructions.
Chaotic; jumbled: a confused mass of papers on the floor.

If you will notice, I did not select the meaning(s) of the word which would suggest "lack of intelligence or understanding." Therefore, this eliminates the idea that I am using such a term as some people would use the term "retarded."

I realize that many glbt people are highly intelligent and successful in their lives. That's not the kind of confusion that I mean here.

What I am saying is what the portions of the definition I have chosen from the list indicate.

The reason that I have done this is precisely because our God of the Bible is not a God of confusion. He is a God of order.

Human beings confuse things.

I won't go into great detail here because you can read more about this elsewhere on this blog. Just type in "homosexuality" and/or "radical homosexual agenda" into the blog search box.

Briefly, I will say that there are people who have different purposes when expressing their sexual orientation and proclivities. Some want approval. Some are actively trying to sway children away from what their parents (and thus, the Bible) teaches them regarding God's plan for proper sexuality.

I will also say that many unsaved heterosexuals have their own brand of sexual confusion in this area. Adultery, fornication, pedophilia, rape, beastiality and porn are just a few. However, the difference is that not many heterosexuals get to go into the public schools and "teach" such sexual deviancies to the students. Homosexual activists are busy polluting young minds with sexual confusion and deviation that can (and often does) lead to ruination - which is another description of the term "confused."

I could not help but noticed that you capitalized the term "reason." Was this intentional? If so, is reason your god?

Christian author and apologist, R.C. Sproul once said, "Love of wisdom is to discover ultimate reality."

Truth is reality, whereas philosophy (while utilizing reason) is trying to discover reality.

We each start somewhere. What is your worldview?

God gave us a conscience. However, He also warned us that we can be captivated by the world's lies. (See Romans 12:2) We are told in Scripture that we need to be born again through Christ and thus have the renewing of the mind.

The Bible informs us that we need to seek to be "metamorphed" a.k.a transformed by the "renewing of our minds." (See 2 Cor. 3:18)

Christian believers are highly concerned with the anti-God, anti-Biblical teachings that are going on in our nation. Destruction of the consciences of our children is at work. We are actively working to prevent such an onslaught.

Sin has blinded many to God's Truth. Do you believe there is such a thing as absolute truth? If so, where would you look for it? Where would you find it?

The downside of not knowing Jesus Christ or His Word, the Bible and all that it instructs is that we will be conformed, instead, to the world. (See Col. 2:8)

My goal at this blog is to carry out Jesus' command of The Great Commission. This includes sharing the Gospel. Part of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is to inform people of the bad news - we are all sinners in need of the Savior. The Cross of Christ is an offense to those who are perishing. Look at how offended you were when I only used the word "confused."

My vision in this effort is to help others see and realize the joy that can be theirs when they learn and apply God's Word to their lives.

My mission is to fellowship with people who are seeking answers, share the gospel message and help lead them to Christ. I want to encourage new believers towards the study of God's Word in order for them to be able to discern truth from error.

I truly believe that once a person is born again in Christ, he/she will be led by the Holy Spirit to discern and apply God's Word - which, by the way, ultimately fulfills every need.

I am committed to applying God's Word in every area of my life and help show others the way towards reconciliation with God - even if it means that people may be offended by what I share.

Jesus said, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

My ultimate goal is to evangelize in this confused and hurting world. I can only point in the direction of Jesus Christ. He does the saving.

Think about this.

If evangelizing is all about making people feel comfortable in their particular sinful proclivities, then the gay-behavior-affirming churches are right.

However, If evangelizing is all about pointing out that we are all sinners in need of the Savior, Jesus Christ; and the only way into His Kingdom is through repentance of sin at the foot of the cross for our redemption - then the born again, Bible believing, Christ loving, saved followers are right.

Bottom line? God is right! And we discover Him and His Truth through the Person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life - no one comes to the Father except by Him! The Bible is special revelation about Jesus Christ. It is God's Love Book to this sinful world. Nothing else compares!

Mark said...

Well said Christine!

If we continue down the path that views the world (human sin and our fallen condition -i.e. never loosing that feeling lie) from a purely natural (worldly) perspective, we make ourselves and our own perspectives the center. In essence we corrupt God's Truths and replace His wisdom for our own. We become very susceptible to the world and its subtle pull away from God's Truth.

If in the begining all creation was by the word (devine wisdom - Truth - the root word for logic) and the Word became flesh - Jesus (See John 1:1-5) - than everything else must be compared to that, no?

Thus in neverlosethatfeeling's
"religion" and concerns are nothing more than an opinion and thus relative - having nothing to do at all with objective Truths - independent of human emotion or desire. That is a "religion" that has at its very foundation a product of Man- NOT God, who does indeed care about what we do and how we do it; giving us a purpose and not some humanistic materialistic spin that only creates more delusion - gay marriage, unlimited sexual freedom, etc... If neverlosethatfeeling, Kevin or Scott have any other source(s) for absloute objective Truths, they should let us know or shut the hell up with all their complaining.

If they deny such objective Truths exist, then the only logical conclusion is for them to get over the fact that those with power define it (Truth), and will use what ever name calling they want. Fortunatley Christ never called any of His children to force the Truth on anyone, just share it. Well done Christine!