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The Jihad Candidate

The Jihad Candidate

by Rich Carroll

Conspiracy theories make for interesting novels when the storyline is not so absurd that it can grasp our attention. 'The Manchurian Candidate' and 'Seven Days in May' are examples of plausible chains of events that captures the reader's imagination at best-seller level. 'What if' has always been the solid grist of fiction.

Get yourself something cool to drink, find a relaxing position, but before you continue, visualize the television photos of two jet airliners smashing into the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan and remind yourself this cowardly act of Muslim terror was planned for eight years.

How long did it take Islam and their oil money to find a candidate for President of the United States ? As long as it took them to place a Senator from Illinois and Minnesota ? The same amount of time to create a large Muslim enclave in Detroit ? The time it took them to build over 2,000 mosques in America ? The same amount of time required to place radical wahabbist clerics in our military and prisons as 'chaplains'?

Find a candidate who can get away with lying about their father being a 'freedom fighter' when he was actually part of the most corrupt and violent government in Kenya 's history. Find a candidate with close ties to The Nation of Islam and the violent Muslim overthrow in Africa , a candidate who is educated among white infidel Americans but hides his bitterness and anger behind a superficial toothy smile.

Find a candidate who changes his American name of Barry to the Muslim name of Barak Hussein Obama, and dares anyone to question his true ties under the banner of 'racism'. Nurture this candidate in an atmosphere of anti-white American teaching and surround him with Islamic teachers. Provide him with a bitter, racist, anti-white, anti-American wife, and supply him with Muslim middle east connections and Islamic monies.

Allow him to be clever enough to get away with his anti-white rhetoric and proclaim he will give $834 billion taxpayer dollars to the Muslim controlled United Nations for use in Africa . Install your candidate in an atmosphere of deception because questioning him on any issue involving Africa or Islam would be seen as 'bigoted racism'; two words too powerful to allow the citizenry to be informed of facts.

Allow your candidate to employ several black racist Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan followers as members of his Illinois Senatorial and campaign staffs.

Where is the bloodhound American 'free press' who doggedly overturned every stone in the Watergate case? Where are our nation's reporters that have placed every Presidential candidate under the microscope of detailed scrutiny; the same press who pursue Bush's 'Skull and Bones' club or ran other candidates off with persistent detective and research work? Why haven't 'newsmen' pursued the 65 blatant lies told by this candidate during the Presidential primaries?

Where are the stories about this candidate's cousin and the Muslim butchery in Africa ? Since when did our national press corps become weak, timid, and silent? Why haven't they regaled us with the long list of socialists and communists who have surrounded this 'out of nowhere' Democrat candidate or that his church re-printed the Hamas Manifesto in their bulletin, and that his 'close pastor friend and mentor' met with Middle East terrorist Moammar Gaddafi, (Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)?

Why isn't the American press telling us this candidate is supported by every Muslim organization in the world? As an ultimate slap in the face, be blatant in the fact your candidate has ZERO interest in traditional American values and has the most liberal voting record in U.S. Senate history. Why has the American main stream media clammed-up on any negative reporting on Barak Hussein Obama?

Why will they print Hillary Rodham Clinton's name but never write his middle name? Is it not his name? Why, suddenly, is ANY information about this candidate not coming from main stream media, but from the blogosphere by citizens seeking facts and the truth? Why isn't our media connecting the dots with Islam? Why do they focus on 'those bad American soldiers' while Islam slaughters non Muslims daily in 44 countries around the globe? Why does our media refer to Darfur as 'ethnic cleansing' instead of what it really is; Muslims killing non Muslims! There is enough strange, anti-American activity surrounding Barak Hussein Obama to peek the curiosity of any reporter.

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Continued here:

A formal plan for targeting America was devised three years after the Iranian revolution in 1982. The plan was summarized in a 1991 memorandum by Mohamed Akram, an operative of the global Muslim Brotherhood. 'The process of settlement' of Muslims in America , Akram explained, 'is a civilization jihad process.' This means that members of the Brotherhood must understand that their work in 'America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.'

There is terrorism we can see, smell and fear, but there is a new kind of terror invading The United States in the form of Sharia law and finance. Condoning it is civilization suicide. Middle East Muslims are coming to America in record numbers and building hate infidel mosques, buying our corporations, suing us for our traditions, but they and the whole subject of Islam is white noise leaving uninformed Americans about who and what is really peaceful.

Where is our investigative press?

Any criticism of Islam or their intentions, even though Islamic leaders state their intentions daily around the globe, brings-forth a volley of 'racist' from the left-wing Democrat crowd. Lies and deception behind a master plan - the ingredients for 'The Manchurian Candidate' or the placement of an anti-American President in our nation's White House? Is it mere coincidence that an anti-capitalist run for President at the same time Islamic sharia finance and law is trying to make advancing strides into the United States ?

Is it mere coincidence this same candidate wants to dis-arm our nuclear capability at a time when terrorist Muslim nations are expanding their nuclear weapons capability?

Is it mere coincidence this candidate wants to reduce our military at a time of global jihad from Muslim nations? Change for America ?

What change? To become another 'nation of Islam'?



Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, World Net Daily, and the New Media - Bloggers, have been on top of the suspicion regarding Obama. Why are there SO FEW investigative reporters FROM THE MSM out there? Chris Matthews gushes like a girly man over Obama and appears to not even be fazed about the awful people Obama has associated himself with!


HT'S: Just Ron - A Tale of a man in Christ Jesus

An Obama - The Abomination of an Obama Nation

Original post location:

The Jihad Candidate

Asks the question:

...How do we find out the truth in time?

Update: As if all of that were not enough - add Chicago corruption to the mix!

Obama's Former Ally Rezko Convicted

Commenter at Digg:

This country would have to be crazy to elect another president with questionable associations. The MSM will not investigate BHO's associations so most people, who simply do not pay attention, but go for the star power and are swept along with the euphoria of his "messiah" candidacy, will simply cast an uniformed vote because of how he "looks" and "speaks"! Anyone who comes out of the Chicago "machine" should be looked at with a very wary eye. This state is as corrupt as they come and just shows the rest of the world what a liberal run gov't will look like. Just look at the states that have democrat governors and democrat controlled legislatures. They are all a mess!
- elleigh 2


Susan Smith said...

Wow! May God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Repentance and rest will save you; quietness and trust will make you strong. (ISA 30:15).

I am thankful we have freedom this day in the USA to speak the truth. Jesus is the truth (JOH 14:6). Much love to the West coast from the East where the Son rises every morning. (ss)

Mark said...

It blows my mind how very ignorant a large portion of the Dem party is. I would attribute this willing ignornace to the fact for some 30 plus years - the Truth has been made subjective in many areas of life, including our Universites, rendering it meaningless. The MSM today - is that generation, all grown up now, with but a few exceptions.

I plan to pass this on, thanks!

Sosthenes said...

Mohammad was a politician so when he was in a position of weakness, he would put forward his favorable side but when Mohammad was in a position of power, he would show his real side. Islam is doing the same today as they show the favorable side to the west because they are not in power but given control in other countries, they execute Christians and put Christians in jail because that is their real side. That is the real face of Islam. There are other reasons beyond what I have said so everything isn't as simple as I have portrayed them.

Sosthenes said...

There is a Wall Street Journal article called "The Obama We Don't Know".

Among the points is that he is the most liberal in that he doesn't break ranks with the left wing and that he hasn't had the judgment to break with Trinity (church) before these pastors came to light. He has been in the legislature for about three years and most Americans don't know him well enough to trust or elect him.

In Massachusetts, you get fined for not paying for health care but if you would have to pay for it unvoluntarily, Obama would have to raise taxes beyond the Clinton era and this is problematic because my healthcare already won't pay for $195 medicines a month that my doctor routinely tries to prescribe. We're going into an era where people are already running out of gas on the highway because they don't have the money to fill up their tank and they are running on "E". Gas may be $6 or $7 dollars a galllon and they are news articles entitled "Are my kids going to be poor and stupid?" And to pay for the Democrat's fiscal policies they are going to tax the rich and essentially shut down this country by making everyone feel pain and bankrupting us so we are on our knees again.

Susan Smith said...

“Will the one who planted the ear not hear? Will the one who formed the eye not see? Will the one who disciplines nations not correct them?” (PSA 94:9-10)

God bless every reader of Talk Wisdom and Shabbat Shalom from a very warm South Carolina. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan -

Many people often wonder how many freedoms might be taken away by the liberal left (the "Fairness Doctrine" comes to mind - a ruse to shut down conservative talk radio) if [GOD FORBID!!] Obama won the general election. Far worse would be that plus the majority in both houses of Congress.

We need to speak the truth NOW...more than ever before and expose Obama for how dangerous he really would be for our country.


Hi Mark -

I am amazed at how many Republicans have fallen hook, line and sinker for Obamessiah!

Take a look at this scary blog!

The "instructors" at colleges and universities (except Christian ones) are all gaga over Obama. He is the "messiah" of their liberal left lunatic utopian dreams!

Previously, I read and posted a comment that someone made regarding the fact that Obama's rallies are like "church for the pagans." Since many have never truly known Jesus nor set foot in a real Christian church, they get the excitement of worship by giving it to a highly skilled orator.

Unfortunately, students who know nothing about our TRUE MESSIAH - JESUS CHRIST, are being terribly deceived by this Obamination! That particular group may never change their minds nor do the research to find out the truth about Obama. Hopefully, plenty more informed people will see the truth before election day and turn away from this man who acts like The False Prophet!


Hi Sosthenes - Thanks for the info. I was not able to access the Journal article at their website. People have to be subscribers. However, I did find this one online:

What We've Learned...

Some excerpts:

"We've learned Mr. Obama was so good at his message that we still don't know much about the man. It was March before the press excavated his longtime pastor, and only last week when it dug up Father Pfleger. Their ugly black-vs.-white preaching, deeply at odds with the candidate's transracial message, has left some voters wondering if Mr. Obama shares these views. It's left others suspicious he allied himself to these powerbrokers for Chicago political gain, but has now cynically thrown them over. Mr. Obama created these question marks for himself, and they're not going away before November. Mr. McCain need only watch.

We've learned that the Obama campaign's main message still has no clothes. The senator has had nearly a year-and-a-half to explain how his new brand of politics and bipartisanship would work; the optimists among us are still waiting. Quizzed on how he'd reach across the aisle, Mr. Obama likes to mention that he might, maybe, perhaps, possibly, if caught on a good day, negotiate on "merit pay" for teachers. That ought to soothe a fractured American soul.

We've learned Mr. Obama's weak spot is, as expected, national security. His backpedaling on which dictators he'd engage is one example. His attacks on Mr. McCain for being inflexible on diplomacy, even as he inflexibly calls for troop withdrawals – no matter how great the Iraq success – is becoming another.

There is still one thing we don't know: whether Mr. Obama can take a hit. For all the primary bitterness, Mrs. Clinton worried (at least a little) that she'd offend Obama voters and so kept the gloves on. The Republicans will show no such restraint. Explosive as this primary has been, the summer will bring the real fireworks."

Fireworks? YES!! BRING 'EM ON!!!

Christinewjc said...

To Anonymous,

Your comment has been rejected because of your potty-mouthed tinged writing. If you would like to re-submit it without that (plus, it would also be nice for you to eliminate the hate speech towards me) then I will consider publishing it here.

I know PLENTY about Islam. I have read and studied up on it. Therefore, your accusation that "I know nothing about it" is without basis in fact.

I have been through the 'Christianity compared to Islam' argument before. When the question is asked, "Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?" My answer is NO! Here is WHY. The following is a copy of an earlier blogpost:

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

I'm sure that many of my regular readers here have heard about the current controversy surrounding Hal Lindsey and his decision to leave the TBN Network which has hosted his show for 12 years. You can visit this page and read the article as well as the numerous links that will give you a good idea what the controversy is all about.

The bottom line is this. Hal Lindsey does not believe that Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews. I agree.

However, I also realize that some Christians do differ on this issue. In fact, President Bush once stated (incorrectly, IMO) that Islam worships the same god as Christians and Jews. I disagree and I will share many reasons (and posts) that will tell you why.

First, a summary:

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is co-equal with the Father. Jesus lived a sinless human life and offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all by dying on a cross. He arose from the dead after three days to demonstrate His power over sin and death. He ascended to Heaven in glory and will return again, to earth, to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. (Matthew 1:22-23; Isaiah 9:6; John 1:1-5; John 14:10-30; Hebrews 4:14, 15; 1 Corinthians 15:3,4; Romans 1:3,4; Acts 1:9-11; 1 Timothy 6:14,15; Titus 2:13.)

The Koran denies that Jesus is the Son of God although it describes the virgin birth in a passage similar to Luke 1:26-38 (Surah 3:45-47) (Note: Surah is in the Koran).

The Koran (Quran) calls Jesus "a prophet," equal to Abraham, Jonah and others, but places Him in rank far below Muhammed. Surah 4:171 says that "Jesus...was only a messenger of Allah...Far is it removed from His transcendent majesty that He should have a son."

Muhammed totally ignored the claims that Jesus made about Himself. Jesus said, for example:

"I and the Father are one" (John 10:30).

"Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father" (John 14:9).

"Before Abraham was born, I am" (John 8:58).

The Bible also states that God Himself called Jesus His Son (see Matthew 17:5).

Demons trembled as they recognized the Son of God (see Matthew 8:29).

Doubting Thomas acknowledge Him as "my Lord and my God" (John 20:28).

John identified Christ as the author of Creation (John 1:1-5); so did Paul (Col. 1:15-17) who also said, "In Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form" (Col. 2:9).

The only way to deal with this kind of evidence is to do what Muhammed did - simply ignore or deny it. Islam denies Jesus Christ's Deity so they do not worship the same 'god' in their god of Allah.

Next, a response to someone who thinks Allah and Yahweh are one in the same.

In response to an individual who was attempting to equate Allah with Yahweh, I wrote the following response and included some comments from others who agree with my stance:

What Muslims believe:

"Christ, the son of Mary [note: not as the "son of God"], was no more than A Messenger; many were Messengers that passed away before him [here, equating Jesus with mere messengers, or perhaps prophets, but certainly not the Son of God]. Sura 5:75, Abdullah Yusef Ali, 10th ed. reprint, 2001.

"The similitude of Jesus Before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust . . . ". Sura 3:59. A subsequent "created" man, like Adam. Not God.

What Christians believe:

However, "And the angel [being Gabriel, the same angel that allegedly dictated the "Holy Koran" to Muhammed] answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God" (Luke 1:35, KJV).

The Scriptures refer to Christ as "the seed of the WOMAN," knowing that no woman has any seed. The seed has to come from the male; Christ, as the Word Incarnate (John 1:14), in an INCORRUPTIBLE SEED (1 Pet. 1:23) not like unto "corruptible MAN" (Rom. 1:23). Not like Adam, a created man who was not the Son of God.

Thus, it comes down to a choice between these two disparate positions.

Either God showed up in the flesh, or he did not.

At this point in history, that makes you either believe God's inspired Scriptures testifying of himself in the flesh, or Allah's declaration that he did not visit in the flesh nor will he return once again.

The Quran indicates there WAS AND IS NO SON OF GOD in the flesh at any time. Muhammed thus cuts off the Isaac line through David to Jesus by God acting through Mary, and substitutes the illegitimate Ishmael to substitute himself for Jesus Christ as the New Testament "Comforter".

Jesus would then have be the son of Joseph (a corruptible man, dead and buried without resurrection), and therefore could not be the Son of God.

What does that make Muhammed?

I realize that some readers will regard this as harsh. I am just sharing the truth of the matter.

We are warned about such non-scripture by Paul when God cursed Muhammed (and any angel with whom he was consorting) for preaching "another gospel" (Gal. 1:8-9).

Below, are more differences that I have gathered through other's postings. (I will include first names or screen names only)

1. Mohammed sought earthly power and riches, including women from conquest.

Jesus taught us that the Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world, and he gave up His life, via a gruesome Roman execution, so that we all might live again in the Kingdom of heaven, with all the angels and saints. And, a final human act of murder and self-destruction (i.e. suicide/homicide bombers) will not gain one access to that Kingdom of Heaven, much less 72 dark-haired perpetual virgins. No, allah and God are quite different beings, with different requirements for believing in them. (contributed by John)

2. No Muslim believes that Jesus Christ in the Trinity is one with God and God. Therefore they do not worship the same God.

Allah does not reflect John 1:1 at all. Hence the reason one can not preach the teachings of Christ around Mecca. (contributed by Merle)

3. It is TOTALLY ILLOGICAL to say the god of Islam and God of the Jews and Christians are one and the same.

Islamic scripture KORAN and Hadith is rife with Allah's disdain and hate of the the Jews and Christians.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for God to hate the people (Jews and Christians) He created. Therefore, Allah of Islam and God are not the same. (contributed by Paul)

4. To base aguments on the superficial use of the word 'God' misses the mark entirely. Even cults use the word 'God'. It is true that Judeo-Christian and Islamic beliefs have Abraham in common. From there though, Islam takes every Judeo-Christian belief and turns it upside down. (contributed by Terry)

5. Perhaps I can fill you in on some key points as to why I have trouble (with anyone who hold the opinion) that Allah is the same God of the Bible - God of Christians and Jews. First we need to be careful to resist our natural urge to claim common ground for the sake of unity and peace. Instead we need to look at historical facts and religious aims to see whether such commonality is possible. And we need to proceed LOGICALLY. The question we are asking is: Who is Allah? Here we are asking who Allah, the God of Islam is. We are asking who is the Allah god Muslims worship to?

The Koran points out that Allah is the same as the God of Jews and Christians ("the People of Book") And Muslims claim their faith as "the faith of Abraham" in one Creator God. So the question is settled? Well, not so fast!

As well meaning religious people, we like to see unity and peace. And we like to establish commonality with our neighbors. However to answer this key question, we need to be more objective. So let's clear up our mind and approach this question from the standpoint of a new Muslim convert who is being introduced to Islam. What is the most important statement of Islam? It is the Shahada: That there is no deity but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. This all important pledge states that Allah is the only God there is and Mohammed is his prophet. If you say this before two witnesses, you become a Muslim. This all important claim of Islam DEFINES Allah.

Note that there are two parts to Shahada - "Allah is [the] only God that exist[s]" and "Mohammed is Allah's prophet". In other words, Shahada states "There is only Allah" but who is this god, Allah? "Allah is Mohammed's God" because Mohammed is his spokesman (prophet).

So the fundamental axiom of Islam DEFINES who Allah is. Allah is the God Mohammed worshipped! And this is a point that ALL MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, AND JEWS CAN AGREE ON.

Allah is the god Mohammed worshipped. This is how we should clarify who Allah is. This statement: "Allah is the God Mohammed worshipped daily" is a statement we all agree on.

Now we examine cold and hard historical facts.

Was Mohammed ever a Jew?


Was Mohammed ever a Christian?


In fact, historians would agree that Mohammed was an Arab pagan who worshipped at Kaaba temple of Mecca. And he worshipped the supreme deity of Arab paganism - Allah of Mecca. We know that there is connection between the God of Christians and God of Jews BECAUSE JESUS HAS BEEN A JEW AND SO WERE ALL EARLY CHRISTIANS. We can safely say that Christianity is a branch, if you will, out of Judaism because all early Christians were Jews and Christians accept the Jewish Old Testament VERBATUM.

By the same key criteria, we cannot say that Islam is a growth out of Judaism nor Christianity. Mohammed had never been a Jew nor a Christian and Muslims do not accept the Bible verbatum. Instead Islam AIMS TO REPLACE THE BIBLE WITH THE KORAN. Because they believe that the Bible is full of errors while the Koran is the perfect book from the Heaven.

So let us summarize the above point why Allah is not the same as the God of Christians and Jews.

a. "Allah is the God Mohammed worshipped." If you want to talk Islam, you have to start from the Shahada. If you are unwilling to see the meaning of Shahada, we are talking at cross purpose. Shahada says that Allah is the God Mohammed worshipped and he is the only God there is. All other deities are idols to be denied and oppressed. (This is a point that all Muslims, Christians, and Jews can agree on. )

b. Mohammed was an Arab pagan who worshipped at Kaaba temple of Mecca. (This also is a point that all can agree on. ) He was and never had been a Christian nor a Jew.

c. Therefore, Allah is NOT the God of Christians and Jews. (contributed by Jay)

I am very politically aware of what is going on in the world today. In fact, here in America, as long as your god is just a word, the world has no problem with you. However, mention the name of Jesus Christ and they do have a problem. Why is that? Why is Jesus so offensive to those who do not believe in him?

Perhaps you already agree that we Muslims and Christians do not worship or serve the same God.

Christians believe in the Trinity (I John 5:7). God the father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30).

"If you have seen me you have seen the father" (John 14:9).

In non-theological words, Jesus is God revealed to us in the flesh.

Muslims do not believe in the same god, that is the God of the New Testament Bible. Let's just call it like it is. People must not try to trivialize our differences for the sake of peace.

When I was debating an individual about this topic, at the very beginning I had stated, "Since you are using a book (Quran) that I view as an improper addition to the Bible, anything I might say to rebut your allegations will probably not be accepted by you.

I do not say that the Quran is an improper addition to the Bible with a mean-spirited goal, it is just the truth as I see it being a born-again Christian. The Bible gives us a double warning in Revelation 22:18,19 not to add nor subtract from what is written. Therefore, any book written after Revelation would be adding (and, in some cases subtracting from, according to what is written in them) to God's Word which we are told not to do according to these verses."

With that said, I will share a few points regarding his dismay when I called Ishmael illegitimate.

I am currently in the middle of a Bible study on the book of Genesis. Here is a partial recap of chapter 16:

Here we find Sarai and Abram frustrated by the passing years without a son. So they devise their own strategy for "fulfilling" God's promise--and reap the consequences. Read Genesis 16.1.

It has been ten years since Abram and Sarai entered Canaan. What action does Sarai how suggest (16:1-2)?

Suggested Abram sleep with her maidservant to build a family through her.

2. What do you think this indicates about their trust in God?

They doubted that His promise would be fulfilled without them stepping in and "helping it along" the way. Sarai influenced Abram to commit adultery.(Another point to recognize is the name changes of both Sarai and Abram to Sarah and Abraham before Isaac was born but even more significantly this occurred after Ishmael was born.)

A name change in Scripture is quite significant in that it indicates a great change in the path of the person. We see this in the New Testament when Saul was renamed Paul after his encounter with Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus and thus his conversion from not only just Judaism, but from being a persecutor of Christians to becoming one of the greatest apostles for Christ!)

3. How can our impatience with God's timetable lead us into unbelief and even disobedience?

It led to the sin of adultery in order to get the child they so desperately wanted. In fact, God did come through later with the conception and birth of Isaac.

7. Ishmael means "the God who hears." What does that reveal about the outcome in 16:15-16?

The Lord heard the child and Hagar's misery. Even though He told her the good news that He would increase her descendants so that they would be too numerous to count, He also told her the bad news; that Ishmael would be as described in Gen 16:12- "And he will be a wild man; his hand [will be] against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren."

This is indicative of the hostility we have seen between Arabs and Jews throughout the centuries. We also see it in the radical fringe of Arab/Muslim terrorism going on around the world. This is not to say that ALL Arabs/Muslims are terrorists because of course they all are not, but to point out that the hostility predicted in this Biblical account has come to fruition down through the generations and can be seen today as a result of this prophetic description of Ishmael in Genesis 16:12.


Lastly, in Chapter 17 we see that God's one and only covenant is revealed through Isaac. I have already included the Bible verses in previous posts.

Lastly, at my Bible study this past Tuesday, we ran across the following verse that reveals an astonishing truth about which son God Himself recognized as Abraham's "only son."

In Genesis Chapter 22 verse 2 we read:

"Then God said, "Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about."

Of course, we know that God provided a substitute for Isaac at the last moment by providing a ram caught in in a thicket by its horns (verse 13). This was a foreshadowing of the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of mankind at the cross.

But notice also that God said that Isaac was Abraham's only son. Thus, we recognize Isaac's line in succession to Jesus Christ, not Ishmael's line of descendants.

In response to your charge that I can't know whether or not Barack Obama is a true Christian - the answer is that I cannot know for certain. However, Jesus told us that "by their fruits ye shall know them;" meaning, what a person reveals about his faith (or lack, thereof) can be seen by the "fruit" they display.

Obama has made MANY conflicting statements that do not match up with what the Bible teaches about Christ. For example. He stated that Jesus is just "one way" to God. Genuine Christians do not believe that. We believe what Jesus said - "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me."

Religious pluralism may be appealing in politics. But it doesn't make the grade when it comes to true faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus told us that God the Father's Word is Truth. What was he referring to? The Old Testament as well as the New Testament - both of which were written by men through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus died and rose from the dead.

Muhammed is a dead prophet.

I will trust in Jesus; not a dead prophet.