Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Did Jesus Come Into the World?

Dear Readers -

As many of you already know, I started attending the 13 week study called, "The Truth Project" last Monday evening. The very first class was awesome!

I will be blogging about it over the course of the 13 week training. Then, I will conduct the course in my home so that others can reap the benefits!

Briefly, the first session opened up with two very relevant questions.

1. What is truth?
2. Why did Jesus come into the world?

The sessions are intended to take us on a worldview tour. I'm so excited about this!!!

I can see that it is already a tour of extraordinary worth!! It will present truth claims in logical order. When one turns and gazes upon the face of God - there is no doubt that we are deeply affected!

It was so interesting to hear the various answers given to that second question.

Jesus came to save us.

In John it tells us Jesus was born to fulfil the prophecies.

Jesus came to redeem us.

We desperately needed redemption.

Jesus came to save the world.

Now, these are all good answers - but they weren't the exact correct answer to complete the Scripture verse that our study leader was referring to in John 18:33-38.

The answer is that Jesus came to testify to the truth.

Truth was on trial.

How many times did our Lord say, "I tell you the truth" in Scripture?

How many times did he say, "Truly, truly..." to emphasize a point?

Twenty-Five times!

What is so obvious about the combined evils of our day is the fact that they ALL resist the call to discover the Truth which can only be found in God's Word.

Such truth brings forth our need for acknowledgment of, and repentance for, sin.

It is THEN, and only then where we are cleansed of our sin in order to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior into our hearts.

There are many, many deceptions floating around in the world that keep unredeemed men in bondage. Thus, such bondage keeps them from experiencing Jesus' goal for us sinners - that being -

To set the (us) captives free!

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