Monday, June 02, 2008

Planting a Seed of Truth

Guest blogger, Susan Smith, has been kind enough to allow me to share her wonderful newsletter with readers here at Talk Wisdom.

Dear reader, have you ever experienced an "interruption" in your daily routine that turned out to be a divine encounter? I have!

Susan shares such an encounter that recently happened to her. It wasn't an accident or coincidence. She took the opportunity to plant a seed of truth for two young women, sent by God, to Susan's door.

When you read it, you will be encouraged and blessed!



Susan's Newsletter:

The temperature was seventy degrees last Saturday (Shabbat) morning as I sat on my back porch with a cup of tea and my Bible. No reading was accomplished and the time was not important. Giving God one hundred per cent of my attention on Shabbat blesses my life more and more. From the back porch the bird feeders and birdbath are visible. At the beginning of Shabbat (Friday evening) it has become a routine to fill every feeder with seed and tear two slices of bread in half. The bread slices are placed in the top of the chain link fence that surrounds the backyard of the house God has provided.

Never before have I fed birds. Only God knew my needs when I returned from Israel a year ago. He speaks to us constantly. Most of what my ears hear from God comes from His written Word; however, during my five years in Jerusalem, I learned more and more that God is speaking to His people in many different ways. The ways God communicates with mankind are infinite.

Do you remember when God’s Word came to Elijah when he was hiding in the cave? Elijah was afraid of the woman, Jezebel. Jezebel had threatened to kill Elijah after her husband had told her Elijah slaughtered the prophets of Baal with the sword. Now when Elijah was in the cave, the word of the Lord asked him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” (1KI 19:9). Have you ever felt as though you are in a dark cave hiding from some danger? The Lord told Elijah to go out and stand on the mountain in his presence, because “the Lord is about to pass by” (1KI 19:11). So what happened next?

A mighty wind tore the mountains apart. After the wind there was an earthquake, and then there came a fire. Finally after the Lord passed by there was a gentle whisper and Elijah heard it so he covered his face with his coat and stood at the mouth of the cave. Do you get the picture? The Lord told Elijah to go out and stand on the mountain in his presence, but it seems Elijah was afraid. He stayed in the cave during the stormy wind, the earthquake and the fire. Can you relate? I can.

So often we have storms in our lives and we are afraid to stand still in God’s presence and listen. God tells us in his written Word to “Be still and know that I am God” (PSA 46:10) “I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” What are we to do? We are to be still and know. We do not have to DO anything. We are human beings. We are not human doings! When we are “in” Christ, then we have it all. We must be still and know God is God. We move and breathe and have our being in God (ACT 17:28). Are you listening?

God is not served by human hands as if he needed anything, because the Lord gives everyone life and breath and everything else...he has even determined the times set for us and the exact places where we should live (ACT 17:25-26). STOP... My dear readers, nothing happens by accident. This newsletter will continue at a later date; however, the Lord just “passed by” in the form of two beautiful young girls. One is in the seventh grade and the other is a sophomore in high school. Let me explain:

As I was typing the scripture reference in the paragraph above, my doorbell rang. Two beautiful young girls were standing on my front porch. They each held a Bible and the older one also held two booklets. I invited them in and asked if they would like a cup of tea. They declined and said they would not stay but a minute. I welcomed them to stay longer, but they said they knew I was busy. The younger girl sat on the couch across the coffee table, and the older girl knelt beside my chair and began talking fast with many words. She seemed to be in a hurry.

She read a scripture from Revelation chapter 21:4 about how God will wipe away our tears and there will be no more death or mourning. My reply was, “Praise the Lord, He is Lord of lords and King of kings. God has exalted His Name above every name, and at the name of Jesus every knee will bow.” My voice then said, “Just as you are on your knees right now beside by chair.” Oh my friends, only God can set up such circumstances and give us the words that come out of our mouths! There seemed to be no “thinking” on my part at all. The words coming out of my mouth were not planned or premeditated. It was as though my brain had been bypassed once again.

This beautiful teenager then began to tell me how so many are afraid today, etc. I prayed silently for God to give me words as she talked, and then I interrupted her. She stopped talking, and there was eye contact with both girls. I told them I would listen to them and hoped they would let me talk for the same length of time when they finished. They both nodded and agreed. The older girl on her knees then told me about two issues of their publication she held in her hand. She said the booklets would direct me to the Bible.

It was very easy to explain how I did not need their books to direct me to the living Word of God and how I read the Bible every day. I told them I had returned last year after five years in Israel as a Christian volunteer. The older girl told me her dad had been to Saudi Arabia on business with the Arabs. Then I explained about the young people I worked with in Israel from the UK, South Africa and Australia. The two girls were listening. They were told when I left the US to travel to Israel in 2002, I thought their generation was lost, but I was wrong. I told them there are young people all over the world who are “sold out” for Jesus. They are “on fire” for the Lord.

My visitors were quiet, and then the younger girl on the couch mentioned how her friends dressed at school. The two girls were both dressed nicely in skirts and blouses. They had told me they were in seventh grade and tenth grade. My words told them I understood how they were under a lot of pressure in this culture today including the sin of homosexuality. Then the words just kept flowing. I told them I was an active lesbian for more than twenty years and Jesus delivered me. I told them I was a drunk for more than thirty years and Jesus delivered me. Then I said, “I had a baby out of wedlock and gave the child up for adoption.” I explained I have a friend who had an abortion and some young girls have been tormented by demonic spirits coming against their minds after they have had abortions. I said, “Jesus Christ has transformed my life!”

They were told about my testimony being recorded for Straight Talk Radio during a visit back from Israel and I asked if they would like a copy of the CD. They said, “Yes.” So I walked in another room and found one for them. When I returned to the living room, I handed the CD to the older girl. Then I asked if I could pray for them as I sat down and the older girl said, “I don’t think so.” She was standing by my chair. I slide to my knees out of the chair at her feet and looked up at her face. I said in almost a begging voice, “I would love to pray for the Lord to bless your lives. Christians pray for one another.”

She then asked, “What religion are you?” I told her I am a Bible-believing Christian and then I said, “No denomination has a lock on truth. Jesus is the truth.” Young people all over the world today are looking for truth! Denominationalism will not satisfy the X-generation. Organized religion is not the answer they so desperately need. They need Jesus the Messiah. Jesus is the truth. Christ is the answer every heart on earth, both young and old, is seeking today.

Oh my friends, these two innocent young hearts had been prepared by God to listen and receive. So what happened? The doorbell rang again. I looked up and a nice looking middle-aged man was standing outside the glass storm door with a black briefcase in his hand. I said, “Who is that?” The sophomore told me he was her dad. I was pleased, opened the door, introduced myself and invited him in. He declined and asked the girls if they had offered “Mary” the literature. I said, “Who is Mary? Mary was the mother of Jesus.” He said he was sorry and then called me “Susan” as he seemed a bit flustered. I said I would like to pray for him and the girls. He said “no thank you,” and then he said they had to leave. I told them to come back any time.

They left and I watched as they gathered with a half dozen or more men and women in the street outside. As they walked down the street, they seemed to be talking a lot. The older girl had walked out with the CD in her left hand. I noticed as she walked away with the group that she did not appear to show it to anyone. Then I watched as she placed the CD in her shoulder bag that was hanging on her right shoulder. May the Lord’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. My prayer is for the gospel of truth to touch those girls and transform their hearts and lives.

My friends, accidents do not happen. God does indeed determine the exact places where we should live, and it is no accident I am living here in this house that is owned by a friend’s sister. God’s timing is always perfect! The Lord provides, and God gives us everything we need in order to do his will every single day of our lives. His will and purpose is all that matters in heaven and on earth. Do you believe? Call to God and he will answer you...he will tell you great and mighty things you do not know (JER 33:3). He speaks to us in storms, earthquakes and through fire in our lives. He also speaks in a still small voice. Are you listening? Are you ready to come out of your cave and stand on the mountain? God speaks in marvelous and miraculous ways to direct our words, deeds and actions. Can you hear the Holy Spirit? ~ Susan Smith


Susan Smith said...

Dear Christine—

I appreciate the title you gave the newsletter, “Planting a Seed of Truth.”

We are born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God” (1PE 1:23). Praise His Name!

Hope you are having a wonderful day on the West coast. Much love from the East where the Son rises every morning. His mercies are fresh every day. (ss)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Susan -

I enjoyed this the first time around in your newsletter, and enjoyed it again here. :)


Stacy Harp said...

Great post and Susan, I am thankful you obeyed the leading of the Lord and didn't shut the door on those two girls. :)

You are a gem.

Susan Smith said...

Dear Susan—

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter each week. The Lord has made you a special blessing in my life since we talked by phone in February 2007.

What a joy to know you visit Talk Wisdom. God bless you from South Carolina. (ss)

Susan Smith said...

Dear Stacy—

I remember the kind and encouraging words you sent when I participated in Stephen Bennett’s outreach at the World Pride event in Jerusalem back in August 2006.

What a blessing your words were to my soul... If I could journey through Christine’s blog and kiss your cheek and give you a big hug; I would do so! Have a wonderful day. (ss)

Christinewjc said...


I checked my blog stats and your newsletter has had 154 hits!

Maybe it's time for a Susan Smith blog? ;-)

Thanks again for allowing me to post it here. It has encouraged and blessed many people!

Like Stacy wrote, "you are a gem!"

Susan Smith said...

Dear Christine—

Thanks for your encouraging and uplifting comment.

If any of the 154 are interested and would like to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, they can do so by typing, “subscribe” in the subject line of an email message to

I have also enabled my email address on my profile if my name is clicked on here at this comment.

You are the one who shines so brightly every day at Talk Wisdom. It is a privilege to be a guest blogger at your site. Much love to my special “sister” on the West coast from a very warm South Carolina. (ss)

Stacy L Harp said...

Hey Susan,

Any time you'd like to be a guest blogger on my site you are also welcome. :)


P.S. thanks for the love :)

Susan Smith said...

Dear Stacy—

I am sort of embarrassed regarding your “invitation” to be a guest blogger at your site and perhaps you were joking, since there was a smile. You see, Christine has been reading my weekly newsletter when she has the time for probably two or more years. She and I met via the Internet on a mutual friend’s blog back in 2005.

Once in a while the Lord leads Christine to post what is in the newsletter at Talk Wisdom. She is always very gracious and lets me know. I have nothing to do with it.

My newsletter is free to anyone who cares to subscribe. I began writing on a weekly basis when I moved to Israel in 2002. Freely I have received deliverance by the grace of God from a number of abominable sins in my life including homosexuality, drunkenness and self-mutilation and freely I give as I follow Jesus on a daily basis. God bless you, Stacy. (ss)