Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama Birth Certificate a Photoshopped Fake!

It's amazing what a little investigating can do. This election is far too important for the radical left to get away with overt deception.

When I previously posted concern about Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate, some naysayers came to this blog posting nasty comments to pooh-pooh my suspicion about the secrecy surrounding it.

Then, that rabidly evil and despicable blog called the Daily Kos, magically came up with a copy of Hussein's birth certificate. The Obama campaign promptly placed it on their "Fight the Smears" website.

Well guess what? It is fake! It was photoshopped at Photobucket.

Israeli Insider

Go to that link and see for yourself! Besides the very convincing article, there is a comparison between a genuine birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii, and the fake one that Kos and the Obama campaign are attempting to pass off as real.


The failure of the Obama campaign to do so, and its willingness instead to put up an invalid, uncertified image -- what now appears to be a crude forgery -- raises the dramatic question of why the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate might have to hide.

Until now, it has been thought that there might be some embarrassing information on the real certificate: was the candidate's name something other than Barack Hussein Obama II, as it is claimed? Was no father listed because of the uncertainty over Obama's paternity? Was his father's race listed as Arab, or Muslim, rather than African? These revelations might be embarrassing, and further undermine his credibility, but he could disavow and downplay their significance. Would revealing such embarrassment outweigh the far greater risks involved in perpetuating a palpable forgery, or passing off an uncertified official document as being certified?

There is one possibility, however, which alone might justify the risk that Obama and his campaign seems to be taking in putting forward the uncertified document image: Obama was not in fact born in Hawaii and may not be an American citizen at all, or at least not a "natural born citizen" as the Constitution defines the requirement for the nation's chief executive. Real original birth certificates, circa 1961, have all kinds of verifiable information that would confirm Obama's origins, or throw them into doubt should they be lacking.

How many more reasons do we need to add to the list of negatives as to why Obama isn't fit to be president?

HT: Israeli Insider


Christinewjc said...

In a related matter...

I originally posted this comment from another blog in the comment section of my post, "Where's MSM Fairness in Vetting Candidates?"

Here's a copy:

Well now...

How is THIS for a whopper of a rumor?

an observer Says:
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 7:00 am
Larry’s story will get recognized and reported by the media as scheduled.
Per the Republican leadership, after August.
Or, maybe per the following assessment:

Al Gore is attempting to throw around his considerable weight, in and around the Barack Obama Presidential campaign–and so far, the Obama people are buying into Gore’s perfidy. Sources close to the Obama campaign confirm that Fat Albert has been designated as the “heavy-weight” to handle the thorny relations with both Democratic National Chairman Howard “Scream” Dean, and Senator Hillary Clinton. The sources confirm that a virtual state of war exists between the Obama campaign and Howard Dean, over the DNC chairman’s savaging of the party’s finances, and his jealous attempts to hold onto power, in the face of Obama campaign demands that the main DNC functions be relocated to Obama headquarters in Chicago. There are also reports that a true “falling out among thieves” is unfolding between Dean and his patron, George Soros.

Al Gore’s patrons have no intention of having Obama actually win the Presidency. They have simply used him to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the Democratic Presidential nomination, and once that has been accomplished, they intend to throw Obama overboard, through any one of the many scandals they have set to unleash, through such British media operatives as Rupert Murdoch. The very same “Beaverbrook” press apparatus that built Obama up, to unseat Hillary Clinton, is prepared to bring him down. The problem for London remains, however, that Hillary Clinton is not altogether out of the race, as her legions of loyal supporters have shown, by their efforts to force an open convention in Denver. Were Obama to be brought down, Hillary Clinton would remain the only legitimate alternative–in the eyes of the vast majority of Democratic and independent voters. It is no secret, in Democratic Party inner sanctums, that Al Gore is positioning himself to step into the vacuum, if Obama is forced out before the late August convention in Denver. Gore is the “ace in the hole,” to assure that Hillary Clinton, with her 18 million backers, is blocked from the nomination.

While some of Senator Obama’s leading campaign operatives understand that they are now in a battle with Howard “Scream” Dean, there is no indication, as of yet, that they understand the threat posed by Al Gore.

Can you possibly imagine the carnage if this were to actually happen???

I REALLY hope that it's just a made-up rumor...

But knowing the rabid, radical leftist Dems - I should not be surprised if this were part of the secret goings-on in the Dem party.


Our election process - at the hands of Soros and the Dems - has literally been turned into a circus of craziness!!

Makes me sick!!

I hope this is just a silly, unsubstantiated rumor!

Al Goracle is gonna fly in like Mighty Mouse and claim:

"Here I am to save the day!??"

Ha ha ha haaa!

Know what? It's GOT TO BE A HOAX! It couldn't POSSIBLY get THAT CRAZY...could it??

Christinewjc said...

Bill Clinton's half-hearted endorsement of Obama.

I'm no fan of either of the Clintons, but after the horrible way that Hillary was treated in the primary campaign, can ya blame him? Geeshh!!!

Hillary is still holding onto her delegates...right?

Something is brewing...

Christinewjc said...

One more example of the MSM ignoring a big negative story about Obama!

Faked certificate suggests that Obama may not be natural born U.S. citizen.

Good thing the blogs are on it!