Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Template!

When it comes to utilizing new blogger widgets and improvements, I often shy away because I worry that I'll screw things up! Well...that almost happened last night!

Fortunately, I didn't "save" the errors I made while transferring links from my old template to this new one. Whew! That was close!

It may take a while to get all of the links on my new webpage. Hope you like this new look for Talk Wisdom!


P.S. I am looking for additional links in the following categories:

1. Christian blogs
2. Christian news sites
3. News/politics blogs
4. News/politics websites
5. Truth/discernment sites
6. Apologetics sites
7. Bible prophecy sites
8. Classic biblical scholar sites
9. Conservative websites

If you have links that you think would fit well into any of those categories and you would like to share them, please include the links in the comment section!

Thanks and God bless!


GMpilot said...

New bottle, old wine.

It's easier on the eyes, though.

Susan Smith said...

Great day Christine... My first thought was, “What has that woman in California done now?”

The look is different. There is a lot of blue. I will get use to it. We all know a rut is nothing but a grave with no ends. I was in a very comfortable rut with Talk Wisdom and you have given your readers a big change in the appearance.

Sometimes the Lord changes things drastically in our lives in order to get our attention, and sometimes the changes are not pleasant or comfortable. Some changes appear to be disasters and they can seem to break our hearts at time; however, we know God works in all things for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (ROM 8:28).

Hum...the Bible says there will be one last shaking (HEB 12:26). Oh yes, that refers to the heavens and the earth in order to remove things that can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

May nothing ever shake your committment and your surrender to Jesus the Messiah. He is Lord.

My prayer for you this day is for God to continue to use your witness mightily for His glory and for His purpose. You have an awesome responsibility as you speak to the world on a daily basis Christine.

Only God in heaven knows exactly who may be actually hearing your words on any given day! Much love to the West coast from the East... (ss)

mike rucker said...

looks really nice - much more professional.

don't get too excited; i'm only here for a minute, to share something funny.

i was in kroger grocery store, using their free wi-fi while my daughter was at the mall for a bit.

i had written a post where i referenced your blog and, wanting to check the link, i clicked 'open in new window'.

here's what came up:

Error Page

Due to the nature of the content, the website you are trying to view is unreachable through this network.

For more information please call 800-410-0460.

i laughed out loud there in the break area. this is the only site i've ever tried to access that gave me that error - and, yes, i've gone to other Christian sites, so don't claim 'the world hates me just like Jesus said it would.'

seems your reputation is spreading, christine, even past your faithful...

congratulations, i suppose.

mike rucker
fairburn, georgia, usa

Anonymous said...

I like the new look! Keep up the great writing.

Carlotta Morrow said...

Christine, being a Chargers nut that I am, I LOVE your blue!

Now, just throw in a little gold...


Stephen Bennett said...

Hi Christine -

Change is nice. The blue is good, yet the copy is just a bit hard to read, especially the light blue.

If you want, do a google search to pull up some hexachrome screen colors. You can actually adjust the colors to be just a bit darker, which makes them easier to read.

Also, the font itself is a little hard to read. Some of the letters are "sticking" together (called kerning.)

Sorry, it's the graphic artist in me. However, the most important thing is the CONTENT which you shouldn't change a bit!!

Really, great job. Hope you are cooler than we are here in the north. It is HOT here!

Have a great weekend,


Carlotta Morrow said...

Christine, I found another great apologetics website that you could use if you don't have it listed somewhere already.

Remember our dialogue with the gay guy on Pastor Mile's blog? A poster named jc listed an apologetic site appropriately named "Always Be Ready". It's really a great site and I've added it also to my new list of apologetics on my blog with the likes of CARM, CRI and others.

I've also added that new blog roll that can show snippets of listed blogs. Pretty cool!

Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think!

Christinewjc said...

GM -

Yep...same GM, old whine! Ha!


Susan -

Thanks for your sweet comment. Yes. I'll admit that there is a lot of blue! I need to utilize the fonts and color change options to further customize the blog. Tried to do that this morning and it's not working properly!

Sorry that the drastic change shook you up a bit! ;-)

One big reason why I switched over was because a lot of the new tools and page elements were not available on the old blogger template. In fact the "Christian Blog List" format was just released on June 5th!

You are correct about the big responsibility that I (as well as each Christian blogger) have in presenting the Gospel and Bible accurately! Sometimes that scares me! But then, I know that the Lord will guide me back to his uncompromising, timeless, eternal Word and that is the plumbline I must stick to on this blog.

God bless you this day Susan! Love always,


Mike - Thanks for stopping by again. I know that you had planned to leave and never return to this blog. Perhaps the Lord had other plans for you?


Anyway - thanks for the heads up about the "warning" you got on your computer while attempting to access my blog. Have no idea what that's all about or why you would get such a message.

Was it something I wrote? By any chance did you call that phone number to find out why it was being blocked? Who was the server?

Hmmm...very interesting.

Months ago I found out that Technorati has a habit of censoring some of my posts, like this one. In the past, they have also censored pro-life posts.

Now, I find that some servers are blocking access here?

Must be something about truth that bothers people who do not follow Christ...


Neil - Thanks! Glad you like the new "blue" look! I do need to tone down and contrast with other colors (like Steve suggested). But the darn thing isn't working!

Thanks for the writing encouragement!


Carlotta - Yes! Go Chargers! I will take your advice and add some gold in there!


Steve - You are correct. I DO need to tone down the blue a bit! Thanks for your advice. Tried to make changes today but my computer kept freezing up on me! Hate that! Will try again later.

I agree that the lighter blue (default setting when using quote tool) is hard to read. I will darken that too.

Ha ha! That's SO FUNNY that you are having hot weather. We are enjoying mid-seventies here! Remember how extremely hot it was during your last visit to CA? I told you that it was very unusual weather - even for CA!

Hope it cools down over there today!

Thanks for your words of encouragement regarding the topics I write about! Really appreciate that feedback!

Enjoy your Sunday with your beautiful family!



Hi again Carlotta,

I will check out that link today! You did an absolutely fantastic job sharing the TRUTH with the man who thinks being in a gay relationship is O.K. with God. I need to go back and see if he is still responding at Miles' blog.

Keep up your GREAT work of sharing the truth of the Bible - in love - with people like Tom who recognized and appreciated your sincerity...even though he appears to have succombed to the "agree to disagree" conclusion.

Several conversations that I have had with gay Christians here have ended up the same way. But at least most ongoing conversation are civil! Homosexuality is ALWAYS a divisive and controversial topic.

God bless you on this Sunday - The Lord's day!


Carlotta Morrow said...

Thanks Christine! That dialogue with Tom was definitely an eye opener for me. I kept waiting for him to explode in some ungodly rant, but he kept his cool and stayed on topic and presented himself very well. I'm just praying that some seeds were planted through it all!

Hope your Lord's days was great today!

Duane said...

I agree with Mike; looks much more professional. Top shelf. I toned down my site recently too and I think it is many times better. The cool blues, greens and grays are nice on the eye in web pages I think.


Mathew Hamilton said...

Here's blog link for you: for some well-thought out arguments, I would recommend linking to CultureWatch for Bill Muehlenberg's Christian social commentary on the hot topics of the day. Somewhat Australian centric, but still very worthy of a browse, IMHO.

And the change in your blog is very appealing - your previous template look too claustrophobic!


Matt W. said...

Hey Christine,
life has been so crazy I almost never get the chance to come and visit here anymore, in fact, I struggle to post twice a week on my own blog now. Anyway, love the new look. Keep up the good work.
Matt W.