Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just Words? Just Speeches? Just Pictures?

One of the biggest stories being discussed in Nairobi, Kenya, is being ignored by the MSM in the United States.


Because they want to keep Obama's secrets from reaching the public before election day.

On his radio show, Sean Hannity often plays a tape of Obama proclaiming in his usual pompous way, "Just words...just speeches?"

Some words and situations are important to report to the public - especially when the words and situations have to do with a presidential candidate.

Imagine if Obama was treated here in the U.S. - by those who disagree with his policies - in the same way that Jerome Corsi was recently treated in Kenya?

DISPATCH FROM NAIROBI Sendoff to Corsi: 'See you in hell''Obama Nation' author departs Kenya after detention, foiled news conference.

Words are important. But sometimes, a picture (or two) speaks volumes more. Here's a picture to look at, think about, and remember before you pull the lever on election day:


Kenyan Kin

Caption at FreeRepublic:

A preview of Obamanation police state tactics



Photo credit: Arasina at Free Republic

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