Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama is Sickeningly Extreme on Abortion

Anyone who has been paying attention to Barack Obama's views and record on the subject of abortion, knows that he lied profusely about his positions in the third and final debate.

How extreme is Obama on abortion?


Read and weep:

Obama's Abortion Extremism


I became nauseous reading that article.

HT (I think) to Duane for alerting me to this article.


Duane said...

Yeah that was me. I didn't know you got the email though?

And if you check your blog list feed, you'll see that Bill did a commentary on the piece over at Culture Watch too. Comments on that post make interesting reading too, albeit from a largely Australian audience.


Anonymous said...

By making the public pay for abortion and by making universal health care available to everyone may make specialty drugs not profitable to make.

"These new controls -- based on a view of medical care as a commodity to be purchased at the lowest price, with little allowance for innovation -- could push drug development over a tipping point."

How Obama Would Stifle Drug Innovation
If you want cutting-edge health care, don't make it a cost-controlled commodity.

I was listening to Nightly News and they said that health care is what keeps employers from being profitable against other countries and taking from the rich companies to give to the poor would make many companies unprofitable in the marketplace and the bottom line controls the market.

Duane said...

Sorry for my ignorance on this - but I just noticed an odd grouping of words that I am sure I have seen elsewhere, though until right now the link between them was never apparent to me. Is it the general consensus that abortion falls under the system of "health care"?

Christinewjc said...

Hi Duane,

Yes. I received your email. Sometimes I don't read them right away, but I try to take priority on emails that I receive from friends and bloggers.

To answer your question:

Is it the general consensus that abortion falls under the system of "health care"?

That is precisely the spin that is placed on the issue of child murder in the womb by the rabid, liberal left pro-abortion supporters. Terrible sad...isn't it?

Christinewjc said...

You are correct, Sosthenes. It's all related and the government controlled health care that Obama wants to implement would be disasterous for not only the quality of health care in this country, but also the time that people would have to wait for treatment. People in Canada regularly come to the U.S. because they have to wait so long for surgeries in their country.

Obama's terrible ideas would also negatively affect business creation - which would negatively affect job creation - which would negatively affect our economy. Taxing people's wages even higher in this economic mess would make things worse.

For hundreds of reasons, Obama is wrong for our country. He is the most, socialistic, immoral policies driven and inexperienced candidate that has ever run for high office. I just pray that MOST Americans wake up to that fact before election day and vote for McCain.