Sunday, October 26, 2008

Very Disturbing Video to Pass Around

Months ago, I had posted a similar video about the connections between Barack Hussein Obama and the radical agitator and would-be Marxist/Socialist dictator - Raila Odinga.

Faultline informs us:

This video, originally with over 300,000 views was removed from YouTube.
I do not have the details on why it was removed, but it's back and you need to
see it.

In this one video you'll find the connections to everything that Faultline U.S.A.'s title suggests: Obama, Odinga, Socialism, Marxism, Islam, WOT

Pass it around.

Update 10/29/08 @ 7:50 p.m. PT:

Looks like the YouTube Censorship has taken away this video once again! Is anyone at all surprised??

HT: Faultline U.S.A.


Carlotta said...


I just don't get why Obama calls himself a Christian when everything he supports is against our beliefs! Why does he call himself an American for that matter?

This man (Odinga) was a Muslim, a socialist/Marxist type and Obama supports him!

I only made it through half of the video. Just couldn't stomach the rest.

Christinewjc said...

Can't blame you at all for not wanting to continue watching it, Carlotta.

Can you believe that I got a comment from someone whose screen name was "Raila Hussein Dukakis" (yeah...right!) who stated:

"Why are you in the tank for Mwai Kibaki? A Luo brother can't catch a break from your crowd."

He also lied about Sarah Palin in the comment so I didn't post it.

Can you believe that guy? Must have been a spoof...I can't believe that someone with that dopey screen name would admit to supporting a radical opposition leader like Odinga who ordered his followers to kill hundreds of Christians (just for support of Kibaki) and displace half a million people from their homes IN THE ONCE STABLE KENYA - in one sentence - is doing so with any semblance of a sane mind!