Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin Gets Rave Reviews

Watched the much anticipated V.P. debate last night and I thought that Gov. Sarah Palin did a wonderful job! She came across as articulate, intelligent, well informed on the issues, and most of all FRIENDLY - like "one of us" (excluding, of course, the rabid liberals who hate all conservatives).

Joe Biden? Well, he was the typical Washington D.C. liberal whose horrible gaffes (in previous situations) always seem to get a pass from the MSM. He appeared pompous, arrogant, and as the article from Newsmax (below) points out - like a teacher lecturing to students.

Sarah Palin addressed the audience with her answers. Biden looked at the moderator when answering questions. Gov. Palin certainly came across as a personable, country first servant to the public who genuinely identifies with most of us here in America. She has always been so refreshing!

Biden gave me the impression that he thinks he's "above it all." What's more, Biden has clearly been Obamatized. This clearly came out in the debate last night. Sarah Palin did an excellent job of pointing out where Biden originally agreed with John McCain on several issues (i.e. in support of the Iraq war, the fact that Biden once quipped that "he would be proud to run with John McCain); but now has morphed into Obamabot belief. Biden and Obama are both pompous politicians who think that a huge government bureaucracy AND TAXING THE PEOPLE TO DEATH are the answers to our problems in America.

No thanks!

The current economic crisis shows us just how bad an idea THAT is! We don't need any more liberal politicians like Barney Frank getting their hands on more of our money so that they can abuse government programs like Frank did with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That pathetic person (Frank) won't even own up to his blunders in this mess. He should be FIRED from his job, impeached, or voted out. Whatever is necessary to get him out of Congress!!

I heard that O'Reilly really gave Frank quite a hammering on his show last night. Would have liked to have seen that! It's about time that corrupt politicians get scolded for their inept misuse of taxpayer money!

Back to the debate.

Below is one of my favorite articles about last nights debate:

Palin Gets Rave Reviews for Debate
On Thursday night, Sarah Palin showed that she has the "right stuff" to be one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Under fire for rambling answers in recent television interviews, Palin went into last night's debate the underdog against the sharp-tongued Joe Biden.

But Palin, in style and substance, demonstrated she can hold her own on the national stage.

Pollster Frank Luntz's focus group on Fox News watched the St. Louis debate. The group was evenly divided between Kerry and Bush supporters from the 2004 election. After the debate Luntz asked if she won, and his group almost unanimously said she had.

The New York Post cover Friday shared a similar sentiment , roaring: "PIT BULL SARAH SHOWS HER BITE."

The Post began "Sarah Palin used folksy language, winks, smiles and sharp elbows to try to put seasoned rival Joe Biden on the defensive in last night's vice-presidential debate."

The Post's star columnist, Andrea Peyser, offered effusive praise.

"I walked in last night expecting a train wreck from our gal of the moment. Instead, I saw fireworks," Peyser wrote. "Sarah rules," she continued, adding, "In her first, and last, vice-presidential debate, Sarah Palin was strong. Articulate. Folksy. And warm."

During the verbal fisticuffs, Palin made clear she is not one of the good old boys.

"It's so obvious that I'm a Washington outsider and I'm someone who's just not used to the way you guys operate," Palin said.

Palin employed a similar "outsider" strategy to defeat the incumbent Republican governor in Alaska.

Even the liberal New York Times had to admit, albeit grudgingly, that Palin scored points in the first and last vice presidential debate.

The Times began its coverage this way: "Gov. Sarah Palin made it through the vice-presidential debate on Thursday without doing any obvious damage to the Republican presidential ticket. By surviving her encounter with Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. and quelling some of the talk about her basic qualifications for high office, she may even have done Senator John McCain a bit of good, freeing him to focus on the other troubles shadowing his campaign."

Across the blogosphere, positive reviews for her debate performance were pouring in for the first woman on a national Republican ticket.

Michael Goodwin, writing in the New York Daily News, declared Palin had a "slim" victory over Biden.

"She sometimes sputtered nonsense, seemed like a Thanksgiving turkey stuffed with facts and was no match for his knowledge and experience on foreign affairs," Goodwin wrote. "But Sarah Palin demonstrated a remarkable political skill Thursday night: She looked into the camera and talked to people as one of them, while Joe Biden talked mostly to the moderator as a teacher to a student.

"On her ability to connect with the audience, and because the expectations for her were so pitifully low, Palin was the victor."

And Steve Huntley in the Chicago Sun-Times wrote, "Appearing assertive and confident in her national debate premiere, Palin battled Sen. Joseph Biden on a broad range of issues - the Wall Street meltdown, taxes and spending, Iraq, foreign relations, which candidate best represents change - and more than held her own."

Not every one so pleased about Palin's performance, especially among the pro-Obama cheerleaders in the major media.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC said Palin seemed like she was appearing at a spelling bee and CBS was quick to post an instant survey claiming "independents" believed Biden had won the debate.

© 2008 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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You get to grade Biden's debate performance over at NewsBusters:

Grade Biden's Debate Performance

Noting the sour grapes that emanate from the proverbial Obamabot - Chris Matthews - after Gov. Palin's obvious debate win, perhaps he has something else running DOWN his leg today after reading all the positive reviews on her great debate performance! Ha!

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Update: Also see Big Dog's Weblog: Palin Shines in V.P. Debate

Loved this quip over there:

Sarah Palin shocked many of the wingnuts and they are really unable to form a rational argument to show she lost. They continue to say she and McCain represent 4 more years of Bush and fail to make any other reasonable argument about why they should not be elected. McCain will not be 4 more years of Bush but Obama will be 4 years of worse than Carter.

Biden tried to say that Obama was the true candidate of change but he must have meant the acronym CHANGE (Come Help A Nobody Get Elected).


Tamela's Place said...

I thought Sarah Palin held her own and did a wonderful job relating to the American people.

I am hoping and praying that when election time roles around the American people will step up. And all the Obama Drama and the worship of him by the liberal media will be silenced. I pray for total defeat of his campaign.

spud tooley said...

my thoughts are here, if you want to read them.

mike rucker

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe my eyes that CNN posted an article that Pailin spoke at a tenth grade level while Biden spoke at an eigth grade level. Now, who is qualified?

You may also want to check out the news articles on the Washington Post as they reported there was a lot of lieing going on from Biden. The articles appear on google but if you register for free, you can view them.

MurrayA said...

Keep praying, folks! I am overjoyed that Sarah did so well in the debate with Biden, but one speech (at the Convention) and one debate do not a victory make.
I am regularly praying with some American ex-pat friends here in Melbourne, and we will pray her through until victory next month. But it will be close!
It is clear now that the ticket is upside down, and McCain is the lead in Palin's saddlebag. I do hope that she can be her own person in the remaining month of the campaign, and not be so surrounded by minders and advisers.
I note also that Sean Hannity is at last doing the necessary hatchet job on Obama's shady connections and background. See Fox News on this Sunday night.
Meanwhile, I will continue to watch and pray that God will in wrath remember mercy, and spare America from a truly wicked man - Obama - from being at the helm of a nation where there is still a sizeable remnant according to God's gracious election, and steering it to perdition, which I sincerely believe he would.

jeleasure said...

Hey Christine,
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jeleasure said...

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GMpilot said...

Gov. Palin knew her lies--sorry, lines--and didn't bump into the furniture. That hardly constitutes a "win", though.

Remember the old commercial whose tagline went, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"? That's what we've got here. Her convention speech was just the energizer the GOP needed, but her subsequent mouthings to the press were, shall we say, less than spectacular. As recently as a week ago, some pundits, conservative ones, were hinting she should drop out of the ticket.

Now they're enthusiastic about her again...but I don't think it'll make a real difference. She's not Dan Quayle in a skirt, but she's no Great Communicator either. Like almost every other politician, she's a mistress of the sound bite, the pithy remark, but there's no substance to her remarks.

In a month, we'll know whether you'll be praising her and her running mate for the next four years, or damning Biden and his running mate for the next four years. Considering how high your passions are, either one makes it a win-win situation, hm?

And if Obama does win...why would you fret? Everything's going according to the Plan, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Did you take the test? What would your score be? Just curious..

I think I only agreed with Obama 6% of the time and some and there is room for error on my part with a few of the questions.


MurrayA said...

I took the test, just as a matter of interest, although I am not of course a U.S. citizen, but my score was 92% disagreement with the Obama position. On only 8% (4 questions) did I agree.
The reason I did the test was that Obama's position is identical to that of most in the Labor Party here in OZ. The Labor Party is the socialist party, and its left wing is the far-left, looney-tunes element, but very influential.
Obama's position on abortion - I am referring to botched abortions - is horrifying! I can only say that he should thank the good Lord that his own parents did not hold the same views that he does!

Christinewjc said...

A quick hi to everyone! Thanks so much for your comments. I plan to reply tomorrow.

Jim - thanks for that link to the test. It's a hit! I will take it tomorrow.

BTW, when I posted my new blog subject about "Obama & Friends: A History of Radicalism" I orginally started the first paragraph with a hyper-link to the Hannity's America page. When I published it, I got the same results that your "Journalism for Growth" link in my Christian Blog link list show:

Journalism for Growth

Mine appeared exactly the same way:


Then, I changed the wording so that the link wasn't in the first words of the post. Maybe that is the same error going on at your blog? You might want to look through your posts and see if you did that.

Anyway, we will keep trying to solve that mystery!

Goodnight everyone!

GMpilot said...

We may never know, Sosthenes.
I have seldom seen such a loaded list of "have you stopped beating your wife?"-type questions.
Having read the author's background, it's plain to see that his viewpoint is stacked against Obama.

BTW, there's plenty of room for error on your part.
Hearing what "some say" isn't enough. What Obama's platform actually says is what matters, and this questionaire doesn't specify that. Many of the questions involved financial matters that are of no concern whatever to me--I don't make over $1 million per year, and I don't gamble for money, so unless I have a rich relative I don't know about, a 35% tax rate means nothing.

I did have a brother-in-law who was living in poverty, but he'd made it clear to the family that he didn't want their help. (Yes, I knew about Obama's stepbrother in Kenya. I also knew that he thinks of himself as Kenyan, not American, and wishes to stay in Kenya...but you're not going to hear that from the author of this 'test'!)

Incredible as it may seem, I found myself agreeing with Bush on some topics over the past few years...but I hope I'm safely dead before someone else like him occupies the Oval Office.

Christinewjc said...


Thanks for that link. When a sitting senator (and potential V.P. candidate) can't even speak proper English in a debate, one must wonder how in the world they ever reached such a high position in politics!

Oh wait...I know why. Liberals who mangle sentence structure get away with such utterings; but when President Bush makes such errors he gets verbally attacked by them.

Classic Biden:

But Biden had his own challenging moments, such as this 32-word gem, rated grade 15.6: "The middle class under John McCain's tax proposal, 100 million families, middle-class families, households to be precise, they got not a single change; they got not a single break in taxes."

Those Americans filled with proper wisdom and knowledge about the Obamination campaign might mockingly wish to state:

they got not why Biden is a V.P. candidate! Ha!!

Christinewjc said...

Took the test. I disagreed with Obama 98% of the time!! No surprise...huh?!

Christinewjc said...

So...GM - care to elaborate on the "lies" you claim that Palin made?

No condemnation for Biden's 14 errors during the debate?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the test, GMpilot the only thing I could offer is about 30 pages from a supposedly non-partisan website: