Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phillies or Rays?

So...who are you rooting for in the World Series? For me, I usually enjoy choosing the underdog team. The Tampa Bay Rays, nick-named The Minimum Wage Rays in an article written by author Jay D. Homnick of The American Spectator, have earned their spot in the series through hard work, guts, determination and a never-give-up attitude.

As the article points out, the money given in salary to the Ray team players was probably one third the amount that the Phillie players earn.

Hmmm...sounds a lot like a certain presidential candidate. No, not "That One," the other candidate!

John McCain wisely stayed clear of publicly taking sides in this one. At least that's what I heard.

According to some news clips from Barack Obama's last two campaign stops, he is living up to the title given to him earlier in the campaign - both ways Barack!


Apparently, he publicly gave his "love" and "support" to both teams. Reminds me of something... Oh yes! It's kinda like voting "present!" te he

As for me? This is a tough one. I REALLY want to cheer on the Rays. Like I said - I love the underdog. However, my husband and I have been invited to a wedding in early November. Guess who will be there? The parents of Phillie pitcher, Cole Hamels! It might make it difficult to meet and talk with them...if the Phillies don't win. Then again, when they ask me who I happened to be cheering for during the series I could just answer, "present!" But they may not get the joke. ;-)

In case you haven't clicked over to the link to read the article (which I enjoyed quite a bit!) I won't include any excerpts to spoil the fun.

However, I learned something new from the comment posted there:

Tim O'Neill 10.21.08 @ 9:48PM
Great for baseball & America. In recent years, the Marlins, Angels and Diamondbacks have all won the World Series as the least payroll team. In an era when major TV markets merge with teams to buy any player that looks hot, it's great to see small market teams win on guts and talent. It's also providential that the Devil Rays had the worst record last year, and dropped Satan as a sponsor. Go Rays!

Didn't even notice that the team had dropped the "Devil" name until I read that comment!

Looks like it turned out to be a good decision!

The American Spectator


spud tooley said...

i was just watching the world series, and was appalled at the inflection and great enthusiasm Jeanne Zelasko used in saying 'SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN', and then the glum monotone she used to say 'senator barack obama', after the opening piece.

the republican slant of the media is almost palpable. we have absolutely no objective source of information anymore in america.


GMpilot said...

If you 'REALLY' want to cheer on the Rays, there's nothing stopping you, even the possibility that you might meet Cole Hamels. If you like the Rays, you like the Rays. What other reason do you need? If you meet Hamel's parents, tell them how you feel: "I really think your son's pitching is great, but..." After all, they're not the ones playing ball, and there's even a chance they've heard such things before.
It's only a game, Christine.

Or do you want to justify your cowardice on such a small point?

Tim O'Neill: "In an era when major TV markets merge with teams to buy any player that looks hot, it's great to see small market teams win on guts and talent." Guts and talent: no mention of Gee-Oh-Dee in there. Perhaps it's because he knows that the Master of the Universe is too busy making stars explode in the Pleiades to care about a few games in one country on a small planet in the outlying areas of the galaxy. Y'think?

Yo, so Tampa dropped the "Devil" from the team's name and now they've reached the Series. Probably saved a chunk of change, too: a shorter name means less money spent on all those team logo items (not to mention making collectors' items out of the older stuff). Now, if they should win the Series, will that prove they've shaken off the drag of the devil? What about Philly, and the 'curse of Billy Penn' that some fans claim has plagued the city's teams for nearly 25 years? Why don't you give equal credence to that?
I guess now you'll blame Al Capone and Dutch Schultz for the fact that Chicago has never won the pennant!

Games used to be held in honor of the rulers of the land and the gods of the universe; but people don't usually think of that much now, except when a Famous Person throws out the ball, or the gods rain out the game.

So who am I rooting for? Phillies, of course...if only because I'm from there!

See you in two weeks.

Sosthenes said...

That is interesting, Mike.
When the News starts broadcasting the results of polls, I think they are no longer reporting the news but trying to tell me who the winner will be without sampling my vote. It is really sad but the news should be "news" and provide information from both sides without approving or advocating one side or the other but when they interview past presidents from only one party, it is leading the listener instead of having viewpoints from the other side.

I was at work yesterday and a Democrat were telling me that I can't listen to Fox News because it is like listening to a biased voice like MSNBC or something. If you take away FOX News, who is the Republican voice in the media? I rest my case.

Sosthenes said...

Go Phillies!

Christinewjc said...

Oh...BOO HOO Mike!

GM - It is not likely that we will meet Cole, only his parents. I will take your advice under consideration.

Don't worry, I'm not the shy type when it comes to sharing my views...right? ;-)

However, though much experience and advice, I often know what, when, where and how to share certain aspects of my life. So many people I know aren't into blogging and do not even know about this blog! I didn't know about blogging until 2005.

Well...I guess you and Sosthenes are happy that the Phillies won last night! Yes. Cole pitched a great game. Gotta give credit where it is due.

Didn't know about that trivia regarding the 'curse of Billy Penn.' Interesting.

Well, my time on the blog is short today. It's our 25th wedding anniversary! Yay! We made it!

spud tooley said...

It's our 25th wedding anniversary! Yay! We made it!

congratulations to you and your husband. i went to my parents 50th anniversary last weekend.

hope you have a good celebration together.

sorry you probably won't make it to fifty, like my parents did, what with all that prophecy stuff being fulfilled and everything...



Sosthenes said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

Sosthenes said...

Spud, this is an example of Democratic suppression of the truth. This is an example of why stations aren't going to risk cutting off election coverage. If stations want ratings, they have to cover the election. If stations can't cover the elections, viewers will go somewhere else. This is why stations will be biased and why parties will have control over the truth and essentially what you are allowed to know, hear and see:

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign, according to the Sentinel.

spud tooley said...

seems i remember from high school physics that every action has an equal and opposite REaction.

your link, sosthenes, is the REaction.

perhaps you need to look more closely at what the action was that predicated it to determine the real problem we should be addressing right now.


Sosthenes said...


It is called intimidating the free press. If you ask a question too hard, you can be promoted from an Orlando TV station to Fox News or you can be out of a job because the station can't make any money.

"Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet notes the Obama campaign is planning to charge reporters $935 for a package that includes access to a heated file tent, power, cable TV, Internet, and food. The cheapest place a reporter could stand on a riser with a view is $880. Members of the media will also be charged $300 for an unlimited long distance phone line and $275 for high-speed wired Internet."

The press should be free but it isn't.


Sosthenes said...

"perhaps you need to look more closely at what the action was that predicated it to determine the real problem we should be addressing right now."-Mike


If someone can't respond in a rational tone and dispell some of these alleged myths (if the reporter was wrong) then the person can't handle life.


Sosthenes said...

“Journalists from three major newspapers that endorsed John McCain have reportedly been booted from Barack Obama's campaign plane for the final leg of the presidential race.”