Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama & Friends: A History of Radicalism

This evening's special presentation on Hannity's America was absolutely outstanding! Sean's show clearly displayed Obama's ties to many radicals - including the unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers, the ACORN group, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, anti-Israel/pro-Hamas supporters and many more.

Obama & Friends: A History of Radicalism: Hannity's America investigates Obama's college years, time as a community organizer and numerous controversial relationships.

If you missed it, the show airs again at 9:00 p.m. PT (12:00 a.m. ET).

If you go to the link above and scroll down, you will see many video clips of Sean's continuing coverage of Obama - and all the various reasons why he is bad for our nation and should NEVER hold the office of the presidency!

Fox News Channel, Talk Radio, and the blogosphere are the only sources for people to find out the terrible truth about the REAL Obama - not this masked person being presented out there in the MSM fairy tale land.

Don't you just wish that the MSM would do it's job and report the truth about Obama? How such a person could EVER be in the running for president is beyond comprehension!!

HT: Fox News

GateWay Pundit has more; plus, a video of another hate-spewing radical associated with Obama:

Another Close Obama Associate Is Caught On Tape Spewing Racist Filth Against Jews & Whitey (Video)

Update at 8:28 a.m. PT:

Sarah Palin was correct when she stated that Obama "pals around" with a former domestic terrorist named William Ayers. Need more proof? Here it is:

Ayers and Obama WORKED TOGETHER Back in 1997!


Anonymous said...

I am 30yrs old and I had never heard of William Ayers until now, if he is so "dangerous" and so "anti-American" Why is he a professor at an American University?
ACORN: had not heard of that until NOW because there is no such organization in my state
Rev. Wright, while I must admit that he is an azz,I can feel him to a certain degree
Pro Hamas?????
I was leaning toward voting for McCain because I was a Hillary supporter, but his VP just does not do it for me
and anything that I get from FOX news I disregard

MurrayA said...

I saw the programme, and I can only say that at last the truth is coming out. This should have happened months ago.
There is only ONE place where Obama should be, and it's not in the White House. It's the place we euphemistically call here in OZ "Her Majesty's Guest House" - yes, the slammer, the jug, jail - call it what you will. And I'm serious. That's where he belongs.
As to Anonymous, Obama's cronies are dangerous - just look at what ACORN is doing right now, with Obama's blessing! How do you know what mischief Bill Ayers is up to right now? Just a smell of the type of corruption sticking to Obama disqualifies him from the nation's top job.
We had a man here 4 years ago, leader of the Labor Party, Mark Latham, who had all manner of dubious associations, as well as being a flawed character. Just as well the people rejected him in 2004.
I fear you have been mesmerised by the smooth rhetoric of a man with not only no substance - just talk - and who is also a flawed character.

Christinewjc said...


There are probably several reasons why you haven't heard about Ayers and the ACORN group before. One guess is that you do not listen to conservative talk radio. Try tuning in to Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. I'm sure you will learn a lot more about Obama's radicals list (which grows bigger by the day). The MSM news sites are all Obamabots. They won't tell you any of the negatives associated with Obama because they are in the tank for him and want him to win in November.

Personally, I do not believe that Obama was vetted properly - to begin with. Sean Hannity exposed the rantings of Jeremiah Wright a full year before the MSM was forced to report it.

About Ayers. From what I have read, he and Dorn got off on a technicality. Therefore, they were not convicted of their crimes.

The typical secular university in this nation tilts to the far left. They probably agreed with what Ayers wanted to do in the 70's! Therefore, such despicable acts (in the eyes of normal America-loving patriots...that is) were most likely totally ignored when considering him for a position as a college professor.

Nice...isn't it? /sarc off

Christinewjc said...

Update at 8:28 a.m. PT:

Sarah Palin was correct when she stated that Obama "pals around" with a former domestic terrorist named William Ayers. Need more proof? Here it is:

Ayers and Obama WORKED TOGETHER Back in 1997!

Christinewjc said...

Murray A,

Thanks so much for your input here. It is so telling that people from England and Australia have contacted me either via our blogs, or by email, demonstrating that they thoroughly know what is at stake in this election.

It totally amazes me that individuals from countries around the world can clearly see the terrible danger of an Obama presidency; yet, the clueless Obamabots here in America continue to drink in the lethal Kool-Aid and/or choose to ignore the dangers that are being exposed about Obama.

The ignorance of so many Americans not seeing the hype and crystal clear indoctrination of Mr. Obamination is absolutely astounding!

God help us!

Anonymous said...

We have to spread this information to "everyone we know! How did this man make it to this point with a backround like this? Dear Lord, we need to pray this information floods the media! I thank God for people like Hannity that uncovers stuff like this. Please watch and share this show with evertone you know. Blessings!

Christinewjc said...

Well Anonymous - perhaps I have you to thank for spreading the word about this blog. Today, TalkWisdom has had over 400 hits!

10/06/2008 405 10.6%
10/05/2008 160 4.2%
10/04/2008 161 4.2%
10/03/2008 188 4.9%
10/02/2008 189 5.0%
10/01/2008 176 4.6%
09/30/2008 163 4.3%

You can see what the usual average has been over the last week!

Perhaps people are tracking this very important story via the blogs!

Thank God! We asked for His help and we are getting it!

Thank you, too, Anonymous! Keep spreading this news all the way up to election day!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that this discussion about Obama is starting to open up. What Obama did in the past and who helped him get where he is today is very crucial in trying to understand who he is. I'm alarmed at how dismissive some people have been about Hannity's program. They should be just as alarmed that it is missing from other media outlets. This has been such an ugly campaign on both sides. I hope this topic doesn't get swept under the rug and dismissed.

Christinewjc said...

Anonymous -

You've GOT to read my latest blogpost and view the video!

Obama Supported Odinga - Why?

Right after I posted it, I found out that U.S. author Jerome Corsi was taken away by Kenyan authorities right before he was to hold a news conference revealing his findings about Obama's connections with Odinga!

This man is being held against his will, for no legitimate reason!! No arrest has been given - only the fact that they wanted to prevent him from reporting his findings there!


I have been thinking about this for a long time. I have been wanting to say the following for a long time. The knowledge of Jerome Corsi's illegal detention and prevention of free speech while investigating Obama in Kenya has taken the danger of Obama over the top. I am now, proud to stand up boldly and state the obvious:


Please continue to share Obama's radicalism with everyone you know!!