Monday, October 27, 2008

Terrorist Costume = Obama Mask?

OK - this is my last post for the night. One of my new friends over at Digg sent me a shout about this one. It's just too funny!

The liberal nutroot Obamabots started foaming at the mouth over an incident at Amazon. Apparently, when someone put in "terrorist costume" at Amazon, an Obama mask shows up!

You HAVE to read some of the comments about this at Digg. Ha ha ha haaaa! I needed a laugh tonight!

I clicked on the Amazon link, but an Obama mask didn't show up. Instead, there is now a McCain mask for sale under that title! The Obamaborg must have complained (what ELSE IS NEW?) and Amazon did a switcheroo on the mask that pops up under the search.

This is hilarious!

I do recall that history has shown that the most masks sold of one of the presidential contenders is usually the winner of the election that year! We shall see if that phenomenon actually holds up after this election. Could be an interesting bit for trivia buffs...

Good Night!


Woman Me said...

Obama and his Obamabots are disgusting. What a way to try to ruin Halloween by being such a party of party poopers, but that's all we ever get from these Obama terrorist people. I 'm going to wear The Stars And Stripes this Halloween to teach Obama and all his nasty friends a big lesson they'll never forget.

GMpilot said...

From (ANI)

Mon, 06 Oct 2008:

New York, Oct 3 (ANI): Sarah Palin has become such a huge name that costume stores are getting deluged with requests for Halloween masks of the Republican vice presidential nominee.

However, owners of costume stores say that they are facing a problem in fulfilling the customer's demand, because of Plain's (sic) relatively late announcement as a vice-presidential candidate.

"The Sarah Palin is going to be huge," the New York Daily News quoted James Gleason, 26, a manager at Halloween Adventures downtown, as saying.
Gleason, who say that five to 10 customers a day ask for her costume, has put in a rush order for rubber Palin masks from Rubie's Costume Co. in Queens, but he's still waiting for them.

And since there is no real Palin mask for the Halloween display, the store decided to try to cash in on Barack Obama's 'lipstick on a pig' comment on the campaign trail last month.

The store took its standard pig mask, put bright lipstick on it, slapped on an 8.99 dollars price tag and hung it next to masks of Obama and John McCain in the store's Fourth Ave. display window. is selling paper Palin masks for 99 cents and Ricky's NYC in Tribeca is offering Palin-like glasses with an 'Amy Winehouse' wig.

Ricky's also offers a "Miss Alaska" costume, complete with a beauty queen sash and Sarah Barracuda's signature glasses, on its Web site for 22.99 dollars, but it hasn't yet arrived in New York stores.

Costume department manager Tiffany Poucher said Ricky's has been getting several requests a day for a Palin costume.

"They also want hunting rifles for her," she said. (ANI)

So, now we know who’s hot, and who’s not. I think Palin is much scarier...and that's the whole purpose of Hallowe'en masks, right?
See you later!

spud tooley said...

this link summarizes your part in this election circus, chrisitine...


Christinewjc said...

Woman Me,

I like your patriot costume idea!

I agree that some Obamabots are involved in terrorist-like activities.

What's really bad is the fact that not only do we have the ObamaBorg mentality moonbats to deal with, there are also Hollywood lunatics! Just watched a segment on Fox News about the hanging of Gov. Palin - in effigy - outside a Hollywood home. Fox is getting thousands of angry emails about it.

When Obama was hung in effigy (actually, it wasn't really a likeness of him - just his name written on a white sheet ghost - or something) by some college students, those students were punished. What about these people who threatened V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin - in such a hateful and disgusting way?

I can't believe how nasty this election has turned out to be. I also heard that the McCain bus was almost rammed by Obamabots who swerved their car in front of it!

The plot by two skinheads against the murder of 88 black people - plus their intent to murder Obama -was thankfully thwarted by the FBI. THAT was truly AWFUL! I don't want Obama to win the presidency, but I surely don't want him harmed or killed.

President Bush has had several threats against his life over the past 8 years. Really terrible things have been done in protests up in the loonie-ville of San Fransicko. Zombietime is famous for documenting such vulgar and vile demonstrations through photos and commentary. When you have a chance, go take a look.

The faked assault against a 20-something year old (who originally claimed a "B" was carved on her face) was found out to be a lie. Later, I discovered that she was a Ron Paul supporter!

People are going crazy in this election time. It is far worse than anything I have ever seen in my lifetime.

I didn't think that things could get nastier than the 2000 and 2004 elections - but I was wrong. This election is going to result in tragedy. If Obama DOESN'T WIN - there will be riots in the streets.

Christinewjc said...


Scared by a woman V.P. candidate? Ha! For some reason, your comment reminded me of that book title, "Crazies to the left of me, wimps to the right."


Christinewjc said...


When I share something here that is not a known fact (yet), I usually write "TalkWisdom reports, you decide" in the description.

Much of what I have written has been corroborated by other bloggers, websites, and news sources that don't bow to the altar of the ObamaBorgmessiah.

There are PLENTY of FACTS that link Obama to radical, Marxist, socialist, Domestic and Islamic extremists/terror supporters. You don't need my little blog to find out all of these things about Obama.

The truth about Obama is getting out there now. And more and more people are switching their votes to McCain because of it.

Just because you, Mike, want to keep your Obamabot Kool-Aid drinking blinders on and refuse to see the truth about Obama doesn't mean that other people are going to remain that gullible.