Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Morning Encouragement & Laughter

The following devotional greatly encouraged me this morning. With all of the turmoil going on today, we ALL could use more faith-filled strength to endure the times - such as they are.

Monday, October 6

What Is That in Your Hand?

So the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand?"
Exodus 4:2

Recommended Reading
Exodus 14:15-18

Moses didn't have much—a handful of sheep on the slopes of a blistered mountain. He also had eighty years of memories, some of them sad and regretful. He had some clothes, a family, a wise father-in-law, a tent in the desert. That's about it.

Oh yes, he had a staff.

He'd probably found a broken branch from some sturdy tree, maybe six or seven feet long and reasonably straight. He'd seasoned and smoothed it to become his walking cane; plus it was useful in herding sheep and warding off predators. But it was quite ordinary—just a rod.

On rugged Mount Horeb that day, as Moses argued with the Lord about his inadequacies for the mission being assigned him, God asked a simple question: "What is that in your hand?" It was a broken branch, a piece of dead wood, a rod. But the Lord wanted it, and the Lord touched it, and the Lord used it to baffle the magicians of Egypt, to turn the Nile to blood, to part the waters of the Red Sea, create streams in the desert, and to deliver His people again and again.

What's that in your hand?

Little is much if God is in it.
Barbara Fairchild

Luke 7:1 - 8:39

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Speaking of encouragement, I also think that sometimes we just need a good laugh! Started my day with a good one! Check out Doug Powers' new column over at WorldNetDaily:

Let Sleeping Voters Lie

So funny!!

HT: WorldNetDaily

The Powers That Be

P.S. When you visit Doug's blog, check out the photo that appears under this quip:

Breaking News: Archaeologists unearth mummified remains of Pleistocene-era taxpayer believed to be victim of world's earliest known government bailout plan

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1 comment:

MurrayA said...

Christine,Let me share a thought from an evangelist in my young days:
Moses spent 40 years trying to be somebody;
He spent the next forty years learning to be a nobody. By this time he must have thought that his useful life was over.
But no, he spent the remaining forty years proving that God only uses a nobody anyway.
There are far too many in this world, and I would venture to say in the Christian church, who are trying to be somebodies, and make a name for themselves.