Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Deception Towards Hell

I love it when Christian bloggers comment at my blog. It helps remind me to see what they are writing about at their own blogs. I especially enjoy visiting new Christian blogs and adding them to my blog roll.

Recently, Ken of The Bumbling Genius blogspot wrote a comment here at Talk Wisdom. I went over to that blog and found his latest post entitled, Hell, The Ultimate Offense.


(1) There is only one way by which we may receive the eternal mercy of God, the first step being that we realize our dire need of it. By down playing that need we do save from offense, but we do so at the expense of a far greater one; for nothing can be more offensive than an eternity in Hell.

(1)While we do not have the choice of pointing out that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, it is not my intention to suggest that Christians behave in a manner consistent with the caricature of Christians that exists today. This image was perfected in the pit of Hell, and there will never be anything that the church will be able to do, barring abandoning the cross and sin altogether- as many churches have done-to win the approval of a ardently anti-Christian culture.

My comment there:

Great post! And SO TRUE! The current "I don't want to offend anyone by talking about sin" modus operandi is (unfortunately) on it's way to becoming the express train of modern Christian thought. People may think that such a worldview is an "enlightened " way to "do church." But the reality is that it is just another one of Satan's ploys to keep people out of Christ's Kingdom.

The truth is, such a mentality is just another deception and ticket to hell.

That quote at the end of your post says it all!!

Years ago, I ran across commentary that stated, "beware the crossless gospel." Such a terrible error (and heresy) is becoming more and more prevalent in many churches today.

The Bible tells us the truth about each and every matter. God's Word tells us that the cross is offensive to those who are perishing.

2Cr 2:14 (NLT) But thanks be to God, who made us his captives and leads us along in Christ's triumphal procession. Now wherever we go he uses us to tell others about the Lord and to spread the Good News like a sweet perfume.

2Cr 2:15 Our lives are a fragrance presented by Christ to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those being saved and by those perishing.

2Cr 2:16 To those who are perishing we are a fearful smell of death and doom. But to those who are being saved we are a life-giving perfume. And who is adequate for such a task as this?

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MurrayA said...

The line that there is no Hell, or if there is that it's empty is but the old lie from the beginning of human history, "You shall not surely die!" (Gen.3:4).
There's nothing new about this. It's no "new insight" or "jagged edge" that needs to be filed down on the Christian edifice.
Keep up the good work!

Christinewjc said...

Hi MurrayA,

Yep! When deceived about something in this life, someone once said, "you're falling for the old lie." I should do a search to see where that phrase originated. But like you said - we know of what, and of whom it speaks!

Thanks for the comment. Solomon was so right - "there is nothing new under the sun."

Dan said...

I am very honored for the mention, thank you.

Christinewjc said...

You are most welcome Dan!

I love the title of your blog. It reminds me of the ole' Peter Falk character - Columbo. He may have appeared to be a "bumbling" detective, but in reality he was very wise, smart, and clever. Most importantly, he always brought out the truth!

Your blog does all of that and more!

God bless,