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The Grand Chess Board

It appears to me that when Obama doesn't have his teleprompter, the comments that he utters during unscripted moments often reveal a lot.

For instance. Listen to this brief video clip of Obama and the game announcers. You will hear Obama "joke" that "we are out of money."

Video Link

No kidding!!

But what is really appalling is the fact that he appears gleeful about it!! Isn't that an awfully strange way for a so-called "president" to act while hundreds of thousands are losing jobs and struggling in this economic recession?

Think about this. Would former President Bush ever have said such a thing? I doubt it.

Obama doesn't appear to have a soul. I mean, he seems almost totally mechanical to me. When he read the teleprompters during his campaign speeches, it was all just scripted for him. None of it was coming from the heart. This is further evidenced by the fact that he has reneged on hundreds of promises he made to We The People while on the campaign trail. People are shaking their heads and wondering, "who is this guy that was elected?"

He doesn't appear to be the same person in office as the one that had campaigned for two years across this nation.

One thing is certain. He's a bold-faced LIAR!!

Since this cold-hearted puppet is being used by his radical Marxist powerful and wealthy puppeteers, Obama is going to attempt to pass two pieces of unnecessary legislation that will bankrupt this country!

For Obama to sit there and joke about this shows evidence that not only does he not care about America or Americans; he is either a stooge puppet for "the powers that be" behind the scenes (see link and article copy coming up) or he is the Hitler dictator of modern times. Maybe it's a little of both?

RepubX has a post up that I think explains what is happening, why it's happening and how and why they are getting away with it.

Can You Hear Me Now?

This article is so good - one that is not to be missed (nor dismissed) that I feel inclined to copy and past the entire post here.


Can you hear me now?
by DefendUSx July 14, 2009 00:08

"Can you hear me now??" .. It's what millions of "birthers" have been saying for months, and for some, over a year now. I guess the voice of the Constitution just got a little louder, but still can't quite be heard, yet.

The "hijacking" of the US Government has been long since planned by Marxists like George Soros, and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The fact of this very serious matter is, Obama knows more about the old Russian Constitution then he does the US Constitution. Let me explain.

Obama is recruited at Columbia University by Marxist CIA Officer and Professor

When attending Columbia University as an Indonesian foreign student, Obama was one of eight students recruited by Brzezinski to study "Sovietology". By this time, Brzezinski had worked his way up the ladder in the CIA to become one of its' top officers.

"Brzezinski, a CIA expert on the Soviet Union, teaches international relations and is the head of the Institute for Communist Affairs at Columbia."

Brzezinski wrote a book called "The Grand Chess Board", which is a blueprint for world domination by a one world government, led by he and his Marxist cronies, of course. Using the USA's innovation and wealth, Brzezinski talks about taking over Eurasia and more. Here are some quotes from The Grand Chess Board:

"Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some five hundred years ago, Eurasia has been the center of world power."

"The formulation of a comprehensive and integrated Eurasian geostrategy is therefore the purpose of this book."

"A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world's three most advanced and economically productive regions. A mere glance at the map also suggests that control over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa's subordination"

"It follows that America's primary interest is to help ensure that no single power comes to control this geopolitical space and that the global community has unhindered financial and economic access to it."

"In the long run, global politics are bound to become increasingly uncongenial to the concentration of hegemonic power in the hands of a single state"

As you can see, Brzezinski is obsessed with getting control of the Middle East (Eurasia) because of all its' resources.

Why Obama was the near perfect choice to implement the final phase of the world agenda

Like Obama said "I am going to change the world" at several speeches during the campaign. He said this because he has been trained to subdue the US by handing her over to the UN, slowly but surely. Everything he does, he has been prepared for in advance by his "handlers", namely, the CIA faction that is partnered with the Tri-lateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations. Each group are partnered towards a common agenda .. a one world order under their management.

Obama was an obvious choice because of a few things and here they are:

*Obama's Grandparents and Mother were already recruited by this CIA faction since Obama's Grandpa worked for David Rockefeller and his "Standard Oil Company" that helped power German Submarines (David was the old guy in the Wheel Chair that appeared in front of Obama on national television recently over Memorial Day.).

*Lolo Soetoro, Obama's stepfather, was a Rockefeller henchman set up in Indonesia under Rocekfeller's Oil front called "Mobil Oil". Obama was purposely schooled in Islam to understand their culture. Nearly Obama's whole life has been "scripted" by his families CIA connections and recruiters. From the movie Total Recall - "Your whole life is just a dream Quade".

*Obama was Black (he has Arab ancestory too, but looks Black) [Christine adds: I have read that Obama is 50% white, 33% Arab and 7% Black African] and had a Muslim name - which his "handlers" had him change to for engaging the Muslim Community. He originally went by "Barry Soetoro" for years, and then changed the name early on when running for political offices. A strategy to lure Muslim countries into the Western World Order paradigm led by these factions/partnerships for a one world order.

Why the records are sealed

Do you now see why Obama has his records sealed and many do not dare confront him on these sensitive issues? The truth is, Obama doesn't even have a lot of the records Americans are requesting. Obama did not teach "Constutional Law" as a Professor at Chicago University. A blatent lie sold to the impressionable. There are no records of him teaching at Chicago as a Professor of Law, and no staff or students remember him. You'll get an "Obot" claiming to remember him, but that is a lame attempt to give credibility to that topic.

No one remembers Obama's birth in Hawaii - the hospital's have no records - zero. His Mother and Grandmother's death - no bodies, and no one remembers Obama's Mom at any hospitals in HI being treated for Cancer. The hospitals have no record of her stay - zero records. Obama's Mother didn't even have Death Certificate until just a couple of months before the election, because someone noticed there was none, and low-and-behold, within a few days she magically had one appear in a database that previously had nothing.

Real-Estate transactions have been found under a known Alias of Stanley A. Dunham as recently has 2008 potentially lending to the family real-estate fraud and transactions using the old Muslim Hiawatha scamming system that is commonly used by many Marxists in the US pretending to be or calling themselves "Philanthropists" - typical "Getting rich off the Poor" predatory lending schemes.

Timothy Geithner and Barry Soetoro - two Puppets in a Pod

Obama's Mother worked for the current Treasury Secretarie's Father - Paul Geithner in Indoensia for the Ford Foundation.

The Obama/Geithner connection:

Peter F. Geithner, Treasury Secretary Geithner's father, worked for the Ford Foundation.

Peter was director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation, a New World Order (NWO) operation. Peter Geithner oversaw the "microfinance" programs developed in Indonesia by Ann Dunham-Soetoro, Barack Obama’s mother.

Did you know that when Son of Stanley was going to school in Los Angeles, he went with a Pakistani friend to visit his mother in Indonesia, who was working for Peter Geithner at that time. After this, he spent a couple weeks in Pakistan, before he abruptly transferred to Columbia in New York where Peter Geithner was headquartered.

A little more about Peter Geithner and his ties to known NWO operations:

Peter F. Geithner is an advisor to the Asia Center at Harvard University and a consultant to the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, Rockefeller Foundation, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, and other organizations. He serves on the boards of the National Committee on United States-China Relations, the China Center for Economic Research (Peking University), the Center for the Advanced Study of India (University of Pennsylvania), Clemente (Holdings) Asia, Inc., and the Institute of Current World Affairs.

Do you now see why Timothy Geithner was chosen to be Treasury Secretary? Not because Obama chose him, but because the Federal Reserve and their partners in crime (including that CIA Faction) put him there. Both Timothy and Obama are Puppets because of their family histories and associations with these "Globalists" seeking a one world order in which 20% (they and their partners) would own the other 80%. Timothy, before being posted to Treasury Secretary, was President of the Federal Reserve branch in New York.

The Federal Reserve - the NWO heartbeat "across world nations"

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned conglomerate owned by the banking families of old. A central bank that networks with other central banks in other countries set up by these families and their partners to control monetary policies of said country.

Timothy has been instructed by the board of Central Banks (International Bank of Settlements) to destroy the US dollar by spending it into inflation oblivion, thus paving the way for the grand excuse in forming the North American Union by 2010 by way of a second and final economic blowout.

Obama is there to form a dictatorship using Marxist principals as to take the US out of the equation for disrupting New World Order objectives. /quote


Note these comments:

Zbig and Henry have been at the forefront of planning WW3 since the 1960s. And in bringing the US down to third world status which is what NAFTA, GATT, The WTO, APEC, and the Trilat. goals were and are all about. The entire Western World has been inculcated with Cultural Marxism since that time. Which is why the PC aspect of Marxism has become entrenched in the West to the point of Orwellian Hate Crime and Thought Crime legislation being passed without much resistance.



I agree with Elizabeth:

Excellent article! We can only pray that Judge Carter is for real, the truth comes out, and it brings Obama down. That certainly would put a huge wrinkle in their plans...maybe enough to derail it.

You know, after 9/11, the country was united and stood together. It has been almost 8 years and some of these same people have become complacent. I do think that Obama disastrous decisions and the country's sad state of affairs is in the process of waking a sleeping giant. Millions of people are taking notice...hopefully it's not too late.


Hat tip:



Just in case you need more proof that ObamaFRAUD is inflicting Communist/Dictatorship government upon the United States of America, read the following from "The Obama File":

Questions Raised Over Influence Of Obama Czars

Obama might have slipped Monday, when he introduced Gil Kerlikowske as his "drug czar" while speaking to an urban policy group in Washington.

Kerlikowske's real title is director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. The administration generally rejects the term "czar" as a media-generated buzzword.

But as the so-called "czars" keep piling up, it's raising serious questions about how powerful these White House insiders are and seems to make the term "czar" all the more appropriate.

By some accounts, there are close to three dozen czars in the Obama administration, managing everything from closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility to ending the genocide in Darfur.

With Steve Rattner leaving as head of the administration's auto task force, just days after General Motors emerged from bankruptcy, America will get a new auto czar -- former steelworkers union official Ron Bloom.

The White House routinely fends off claims that Obama has named too many czars.

But what is a czar?

Continue reading here . . .

I believe Obama's czars are political officers. In the old Soviet Union they were called commissars.

Their function is to advance Obama's agenda across the traditional, hierarchical departments of the Executive Branch.

They take their orders directly from Obama and they report directly to him. No one knows anything about their budgets or their staffing.


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Euripides said...

This is also a problem with having a "celebrity" president. The media loves Obama to the point of absurdity. I think, however, that Obama's true nature is leaking out to the general public and we're starting to see such slip ups as this "we're out of money" comment finally get through to the public.