Saturday, July 11, 2009

While Obama Visits 'Continent Of His Birth'...

Here in America the blogs are abuzz and sizzling with Obama ineligibility questions. This week, it was discovered that Obama has been caught claiming to have been born in two different hospitals in Hawaii!

RepubX: Snopes and Kapio'lani Medical Caught in Infinite Loop

The Obama File - Go read the last several days of posts!

Next, we now have a reporter on MSNBC in a video stating that Obama is Kenyan!

RepubX: MSNBC Reporter - Barack Obama is Kenyan

Citizen Wells: Obama Kenyan - MSNBC Verifies, Ghana Visit Confirms, July 10, 2009 - Obama Note Eligible, Obama Not Natural Born Citizen

Even Canadian bloggers know the truth!

The Canadian Sentinel: Africa 'Continent of Obama's Birth' - Ghana Paper

So, why did Obama skip visiting Kenya?

It's not only because of the birth certificate issue. There is more to it than that...much more!

WorldNetDaily reports:

Skipping over Kenya
Does itinerary continue cover-up of president's political links?

USA Africa Online: Obama Kenyan Born image

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Add-on 7/12/09:

No Quarter USA: Whats Wrong With This Picture? Obama's Mysterious Special Friends

Don't miss reading the above article and comments. Might want to have a barf bag handy...

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