Friday, July 17, 2009

The Problem in D.C. is Professional Politicians

It seems that whenever Sarah Palin's name comes up amongst a group of political pundits (e.g. Hannity's show last night), those who appear to be Republican often state that they "like her as a person," but disagree that she is presidential material.

After the current disaster of ObamaFRAUD over the past 179 odd days, even some liberal radio show hosts now admit that he's a liar!

Who could possibly do worse than this Jimmy Carter #2 on steroids??

Palin should be considered a genius compared to the absolute and total brainless activity that is occurring in Obama's head.

The mess that this bogus POTUS has made for our nation is unforgivable!! People are even saying that opinions about former President Bush have risen starkly!! Why? Because now that our country is heading towards Marxist totalitarian rule, they understand that upholding the U.S. Constitution which promotes liberty, freedom, love for country, patriotism, and respect for our military mean more than anything else to us!! Now that we are in jeopardy of losing our freedoms - that we have (unfortunately) mostly taken for granted - we now see how good we had it when Bush was president.

The media tried to absolutely destroy President Bush when he was in office. If it wasn't for the hardcore liberal leftist lunatic Media of Mass Deception, I'm sure that President Bush's poll ratings would have been much higher. It's a good thing that poll ratings didn't matter to him. He did WHAT WAS RIGHT for WE THE PEOPLE most of the time, rather than worrying about his image like ObamaCLOWN does.

With Obama destroying our Constitutional Republic right before our very eyes - the Lamestream media still speaks well of him and supports his terrible agenda and policies. Millions of Americans never trusted the media during the Bush presidency because they saw the blatant lies and mistreatment hurled at our president and his administration. Millions more have now been added to the list of those who think that the media LIES CONSTANTLY and bows at the feet of this bogus POTUS idol. They omit stories that do not bode favorably for their Obamessiah. How long will they continue to cover for him?

Well, I didn't really want to get off on that tangent today. My main purpose for blogging this morning is to share an article that I ran across over at the Washington Times website.

Exclusive: Palin to stump for Conservative Democrats

What is interesting to me about the article is that as usual, the blatant bias cannot be missed. The reason for this is obvious. The article writer dislikes Palin. However, I also think that the author resents the fact that Palin would consider doing stump speeches for Conservative Democrats. Are there any more like Zell Miller out there?

It is evident that Sarah Palin is disliked by some RINO Republicans and many Democrats. I wonder how likely it would be that either would want her anywhere near their campaigns? Personally, I think that she would do well with new Conservatives coming into government positions - the "fresh blood" in either party will not have already been lured into the lobbyist pleasing toilet that many current members of Congress swirl around in continually. The professional politicians aren't going to budge from their politicking and role-playing. After all, keeping their job is more important than doing the work of WE THE PEOPLE. They need to be FLUSHED OUT!

Why is she hated (in some cases) by those on both sides of the aisle?

This tweet may give us a clue:

Gov. Palin's last tweet: Problem w/Professional Politicians: They're more concerned w/holding a title in perpetuity than just accomplishing goals they promised voters.

That's it!! That is why!! The politicians are MUCH more interested in keeping their positions in government rather than doing the work GIVEN BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE who elected them in the first place! In fact, such a goal consumes all of their time. This has turned Washington D.C. into a cesspool of corruption, deceit, power-grabbing, and silly hate-mongering. The likes of PeLIARsi, ReiDUNCE, FranKOOK, and SchumeROID are actively writing and passing horrible bills into law. With constituents SCREAMING AT THEM TO STOP SPENDING MONEY AND STOP RAISING OUR TAXES - they ignore our protests and do it anyway!

What's wrong with this picture?


The calls to Congress against the StimuWASTE bill were running 1,000 to 1!!

Back to the article.

A big deal is being made about the frivolous "ethics complaints" that Gov. Palin faced. Of course, the Lamestream Media did not report any of the important details about who filed them and, more importantly, why they filed them.

One commentator at the Times website includes more detail:

Gary P
Some context on the two you mention. Randy Ruedrich is one of the corrupt politicians Sarah Palin took down. He HATES her! As you know, when Palin was term limited out as Mayor of Wasilla, she ran for Lt Governor, but lost. Being a rising star with many great accomplishments, and strong ethics, Governor Frank Murkowski appointed her Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The AOGCC is the regulatory body that oversees oil and natural gas production in Alaska, a powerful position. Once Plain settled in she realized her agency was filled by members of the "good old boy" network. There was widespread corruption. Some have called Murkoski's administration the most corrupt in Alaska history. At any rate, Murkowski was protecting these corrupt Republicans who included Party Chair Randy Ruedrich and former Attorney General Gregg Renkes. Both men were involved in financial deals with companies they were supposed to be regulating, and additionally, Ruedrich was found to be doing party business on agency time. What did Palin do, she reigned. Most called that "political suicide." (Funny, they think that now, as well.) In the end, as a PRIVATE CITIZEN, Sarah Palin took down the entire leadership of the party, all of them were forced to resign, some went to jail, and Randy Ruedrich received the largest fine, for this sort of thing, in Alaska history! I'm sure Randy ain't her biggest fan! As for Andree McLeod, certifiable. She is a serial "ethics complaint" filer. Total loon. The story goes she is angry because Sarah won't abuse her authority and give her a job! You can learn more about her here, as well as get the latest analysis on the who Sarah Palin story:

I only got to page three of the comment section this morning, but the above commentary and the following one were the best of the bunch:

Good for Sarah! Common Sense says she is doing the right thing and I am with her all the way. I am sick of both the Repubs & Dems and don't trust any of those clowns. It's time to throw the bums out and only hire conservatives that cut the size & scope of Govt.. I am changing my registration to Independent and supporting only those who are truly Conservative. I hope that more people wake up like Sarah has and do the same.


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John said...

"Gov. Palin's last tweet: Problem w/Professional Politicians: They're more concerned w/holding a title in perpetuity than just accomplishing goals they promised voters."

What about the goals she promised the people that voted for her? Does she accomplish them by quiting?

The reason so many Republicans and Democrats dislike her is that she's inconsistent and obviously can't be trusted to follow through when the going gets tough.