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Liberals Own "Good Think/Bad Think" Propaganda

While reading the comment section over at Citizen Wells, I noticed that the blog author was encouraging people to go over to Atlas Shrugs blog and watch the movie "1984."

I thought to myself...hmmm...I can either spend the next two hours watching that movie or go out into the sunshine (it's very hot here today!) and take a dip into the pool. My better judgment told me to opt for the pool and sunshine. But my curiosity led me to watch the movie. I can still swim after dinner!

I had already been familiar with some of the plot and message of the movie, but it has been decades since I read the book. My mind needed a refresher course.

FYI, this post will contain some "spoilers," so if you would rather watch the movie first and then come back to read the rest of this post, I will understand.

The drab, dark, and ugly existence portrayed by the "workers" in the movie is truly a very sad thing to witness. With "big brother" looking in on every corner of their lives, the people appeared to be sullen-faced zombies. The only time that they got to express their emotions was during the propaganda meetings - where they were allowed to only express loyal emotions towards what was being told to them. They all chanted the same phrase and raised their crossed arms above their heads in solidarity with their "dear leader" and his various messages of propaganda.

I could not help but recall seeing a similar reaction during the 2008 election cycle. All of the ObamaBorg Bots were enthralled with Obama's campaign speeches. Did they know that this man was a teleprompter reading fraud? The true loyalists of the "hope," "change," and "yes we can" mantra were spellbound. It is too bad that they didn't recognize it for what it truly was - a load of propaganda designed to dupe them into voting for the biggest most inexperienced Marxist liar that has ever run for office. At the time, they fell for his rhetoric - not knowing that they were being hopelessly and continually lied to by Obama and his cohorts. This is becoming more and more obvious as time goes by.

The current realization of Obama's lies and propaganda (magnified by the all-adoring media) are all to similar to the lies and propaganda that was constantly being inflicted upon the people of "Oceania" in the movie.

Back to the film.

In this discussion, I am going to fast forward to a part where the lead character, Winston, was being tortured. His torturer (played by Richard Burton) placed him on a stretching machine and held up four fingers. He asked Winston, "how many fingers do I have up?" Winston answered, "four." Burton (forget his character name at the moment) told him that was the wrong answer and told his assistant to painfully torture Winston with the body stretcher. This went on for quite some time. Finally, Winston just begged to know what the "right" answer was. He said he would say "three" or "five" (when in reality, four fingers were up) just to avoid being tortured. Burton told the assistant to stretch him once again, just for saying that "lie."

What Burton, a member of the "thought police" wanted Winston to answer was "five." When Winston finally said "five," he wasn't stretched. This was all for the purpose of breaking the man's free will.

At this point, I found myself getting sleepy. I had done some heavy work around the house prior to watching the film, so I decided to take a break (with only 20 minutes left in the film) and cuddle up with my puggle dog on the couch for a brief nap. Just fifteen minutes usually refreshes me and then I'm up and ready to do the next task.

As I was waking, I thought about the parallels between the plot of "1984" and what is going on in today's government, media, and culture.

I thought about how the current members of the new "thought police" verbally bashed and endlessly tortured Miss California - Carrie Prejean - because she didn't give the "right" answer that would have pleased and satisfied the gay judge at the Miss U.S.A. pageant. It wasn't enough to keep her from winning the Miss U.S.A. crown, however. Just because today's "thought police" determined that she didn't deserve to be Miss U.S.A. (due to that "bad think" answer) the "thought police" collective decided that even more torture was needed to be inflicted upon this young woman. The gay activist director of the Miss California organization saw to it that she also lost her Miss California crown.

I thought of Sarah Palin. She is a Conservative Christian, happily married to Todd with five beautiful children. She is a member of the Republican party. Her vision for our nation, love for our country , love for our people, and love for our military - the defenders of our nation and Constitution - was evident in all of her speeches during the campaign. Ordinary people were drawn to her! Here was a person who was in politics for the right reasons! Her down to earth morals, values, and ethics appealed greatly to millions of women and men all across the United States of America.

However, the "bad think" liberals, (including the Media of Mass Deception, the ObamaBorg supporters, Hollywood, the feminists, the gays, the pro-abortion Trig haters - because as a Down Syndrome baby - he wasn't earmarked for abortion), and (add your own group here) all the other haters of the Palin family found it a great sport to criticize, ridicule, debase, defame, verbally abuse, continually attack, and falsely accuse the Governor of ethics violations through frivolous lawsuits. The reason for this? It was an attempt to utterly destroy this woman, her career, her future political aspirations and her happy family. The only kind of torture that was missing in their mentally deranged arsenal was the utilization of physical torture - like the one that was depicted in "1984" movie. If they could have legally gotten away with putting her on a stretching machine - I doubt that they would have hesitated to do Sarah harm in that respect as well. Heck - many even went so far as to threaten to kill her and rape female members of her family!

This also represents the mentality of the "good think...bad think" creeps who were behind all of the Bush derangement syndrome attacks that the liberals in the media spewed against our former president for eight years.
I think it's so despicable!!

America, and AMERICANS deserve better!!!

The so-called "hate crimes" legislation that the homosexuals (plus a dozen more sexually deviant lifestyle persons) want to inflict upon our nation is another example of "doublespeak" and "good think...bad think" derangement syndrome which would ultimately be used (incorrectly) to shut up those who disagree with their lifestyles.

All of the people who have been gathering at the TEA Party Protests instinctively know what the so-called "progressive" movement is all about. The progressives are, in reality, a retro group of Marxists who think they are right (oops...I mean "correct") in their views. They label anyone who disagrees with them (such as Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, Libertarians -add your group) as "wrong" in their thinking. Therefore, the opposition group must be criticized endlessly and silenced permanently through "thought crimes" legislation.

We live in a culture where every evil you could imagine is being portrayed as "good" and Good is being disgustingly portrayed as "evil."

God is not mocked!

One day, those who reject Him, His Son Jesus Christ, and His Laws will face Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of Kings in eternity. They will stand before Him with their own sins upon their souls and have no recourse to be forgiven for their sins and return back to God. Such a decision must be made in this lifetime. The Bible informs us that after a person dies - it is too late.

I hope that you will take the time to view the movie, "1984." I am going back to the film now to view the final 20 minutes. Perhaps I will have more to add later. Please share your thoughts as well.


Just finished preparing dinner. My family and I enjoyed baked salmon with peanut satay/ barbecue sauce, brown rice pilaf, steamed broccoli (only needs salt and pepper!) and tossed salad. It was yummy. If anyone is interested in the recipe for the salmon sauce - let me know.

I just finished watching the final 20 minutes of the movie. Very frightening - yet also presents a very powerful message at the very end.

Here's the most poignant quote from the movie:

The question is a philosophical, anthropological, and psychological one. It is: can human nature be changed in such a way that man can forget his longing for freedom, for dignity, for integrity, for love - that is to say, can man forget that he is human??

The final scene gives us the answer. It's a resounding NO!!

Update 7/13/09:

It figures. Gateway Pundit Reports: The NYT (a.k.a The Nasty Yellowbellied Traitor) newspaper didn't waste any time in providing another hit piece against Sarah Palin; proving itself as an example of what I have already written regarding groups like this "bad think" and despicable member of the rabid liberal leftist Media of Mass Deception propaganda!

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