Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin Career Change!

I recently discovered a blog called Voting Female Speaks: Sarah Palin Career Change; Sets Sights on National Level Politics; Will not seek new term as Governor of Alaska and the coverage, comments, links and commentary are the best!

Loved this:

Sarah Palin
will be coming
to the Lower Forty-Eight
To Take Down Obama

You should hear Democrat Lanny Davis spewing negative rhetoric about Palin's decision. He just claimed that she is running away from the "ethics charges" which is BULL****!!! All 15 of the ethics lawsuits have been dismissed!! What a fool Davis is. Here - "Voting Female" says it best:

Sarah Palin announced today that she will seek her fortunes as a Republican Shaker and Mover in the Lower Forty Eight and will not seek a new term as Governor of Alaska.

Ok all you Obama Socialists, you can be afraid now… she is on her way and SHE MEANS BUSINESS!

Obama has shown he is nothing but a Clueless Wealth Spreader, a Job Loss Promoter, an Economy Destroyer, and A Government Grower.

Palin is handing over control of the Alaska Governership to the Alaska Lt. Governor at the end of this month. And, no doubt Sarah’s decision to go with her national level goals for We the People will be blogged and questioned… I know exactly why she has chosen to do this and do this now… and it is not going to be good for Socialists trying to ruin this country. hahahahahahahahaha

Sarah’s Popularity Remains Sky High
Welcome Sarah to the Lower 48!

There is another political hack being interviewed on Fox News who is trying to spin this as "political suicide." What an idiot!! Palin explained EXACTLY why she resigned when she did. It is for EVERYTHING POSITIVE FOR HER STATE AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. Something that America-bashing bogus POTUS ObamaFRAUD would never do. He's in it for himself. Sarah Palin is in politics for WE THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA!

Whatever Sarah Palin decides to do with her future, she will be a very effective spokesperson (whether for her own run for president or helping a CONSERVATIVE NOMINEE) going around doing speeches in America!!


Hat Tip:

Voting Female Speaks


votingfemale said...

Hi Dear!

Thank you for your nice words about my blog and commenters.

Hope to get to know you in the future and you are cordially invited to comment anytime on my blog. The commenters are a very savy and friendly group.


Matt W. said...

Hey Christine,
I heard this earlier, and when I heard them say that she was not seeking a second term, I was kinda excited, figuring that this guaranteed that she would be running for President, and as you know, I am a huge fan of Sarah Palin, and as I told you before, I voted for her and not John McCain. I even joked about using my thumb to cover McCain's name so that I could "trick" myself that I really was voting for Palin.

Anyway, when I heard her say that she was going to be handing over the Gubernatorial powers to the Lt. Gov. it really gave me pause. Frankly, I'm still processing that. I'm also trying to be clear, is she fully resigning, or will she remain the Governor, but has handed off the duties?

I'm not sure that I like that last part. I don't know that it's a problem, I just don't know what exactly to think about it. I'll tell you, at first blush, I want to say that she was elected by the people of Alaska to be the Governor for the full 4 years, she has no duty to run for a second term, but does she have a duty to serve her entire term? Like I said, I'm still processing, and would like your thoughts on this matter.

At this point though, this doesn't change where I was anyway, that is, it's too early to say who I will support for the GOP nod in 2012, and if Palin throws her hat in the ring, she will a very serious contender for my vote, but I'm not making a commitment at such an early date.


Gary Baker said...

I think Matt makes an excellent point on the question of does she have the duty to serve the full term. My thoughts are a hope that she has considered this decision prayerfully and decided in accordance with the spirit. I do know that if this is a precursor to running for higher office, I have a lot more respect for someone that steps down from the current office to pursue rather than short-change the people of the state while campaigning on their dime. If I had my way, politicians would have to resign other office to campaign, but I'm sure that will never be passed.

As for Palin as candidate, like Matt I wouldn't commit to anyone at this stage, but everything substantive I've heard about her is positive. To me, she was the one encouraging aspect of the last presidential election. In fact, I think if she and John McCain had switched places on the ticket, I think the Republicans would have taken it. She does have an uphill battle though if that really is her plan. A lot of senior Republicans hate her as much as the democrats (which might also be one of her best selling points). Regardless of what happens with Sarah, I just hope there is a candidate that I can be excited about voting for next time around. At the rate Obama and the current congress is destroying the economy and the concept of democracy, I don't think we have too long to reverse course.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Voting Female!

I am humbled and honored about your invite to your blog! You have a huge following there and I can certainly see why - excellent topics and discussions!

I am preparing a new blog post about Sarah Palin's announcement - with some opinions and speculation about her future plans.

Personally, I think that it was very savvy of her to keep all the talking head pundits guessing about what she will do next!

I have watched and heard the announcement several times tonight. It has led me to pick up on some clues that (I think) Conservative Christian women might be more likely to notice. Plus, as a former college basketball player myself, I can totally relate to her basketball TEAM analogy!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

You were the first blogger that I thought of when this announcement was made today. I recalled how much you liked Palin as the V.P. choice in the 2008 election. Of course, you were absolutely right to be skeptical of McCain. Even though he would have been 100% better than Obama as president, his campaign managers and cronies awful treatment of Palin disgusted me. What's worse - McCain didn't bother to stand up for her. That was truly disappointing to me.

As far as concern over her resigning her governorship goes, at first I was quite shocked to hear that. But then, when I learned of her REASONS for doing so - it made perfect sense. My next blog post will explain even further.

I am wondering (out loud) if Palin might run for the presidency (if that is her goal) as an Independent rather than under the Republican ticket? Could not blame her for that! She has gotten little support from the Republican "elites" and has even suffered ridicule from many of them! We shall see what will happen. I realize that the "third party" contenders are usually labeled as a lost cause. However, due to ObamaFRAUD and his ongoing destruction of our economy and nation, it might be the right time for a Conservative Independent party!!

What do you think about that?

Christinewjc said...

Excellent points, Gary - truly excellent points! I think that you hit the nail on the head. She did prayerfully consider this move and time will tell whether or not it was the right move that will pay off for her future in the end. I will touch on the spiritual aspects of her decision in my next post.

If she does have plans to run for president, what do you think about her running as a Conservative Independent?

GMpilot said...

Wonders never cease! I'm in agreement with Mr. Baker that politicians should quit their jobs if they wish to seek a higher office. I also agree with him that such a rule will never be passed.

In any case, let me see if I have this straight...

On the one hand, we have a Republican governor who deserts his office for the best part of a week, leaving the country without passing on executive power as he is required to do; misleading his staff and the public to his whereabouts in order to see "the other woman" in his life; and he does not resign.
On the other hand, we have a Republican governor who has done none of these things (indeed, she retained her gubernatorial duties even while campaigning nationwide), and AFAIK has been guilty only of being a loose cannon and committing numerous faux pas in front of news cameras...and she resigns.

Who knew?

Matt W. said...

Clearly we would disagree in our opinions of Sarah Palin, but that aside, I do think Sanford should resign. I won't go into my reasons here as I've done an entire post about it on my own blog, and anyone who wishes to can read it there, but yeah, that bum should take a hike!

GMpilot said...

...but yeah, that bum should take a hike!"

Heh, heh...he did, Matt: that's why he's in this mess!