Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama's Bad Habit: Playing the Race Card

Since I have recently returned to blogging after a brief vacation, the need to catch up on the news (via the blogs I often visit) has become necessary. This morning, I read Race Has No Part in the Obama Eligibility Issue. It seems to me that any time Obama and his cohorts are being challenged, the "race card" comes out (again and again!!) in order to defer attention from the complaint (or challenge at hand) and distract would-be inquisitive minds from the REAL story.

It is interesting to note that Attorney Mario Apuzzo has been motivated to write:

Race simply has no place in the Obama eligibility issue. The eligibility question is a constitutional one and nothing more. Those who want to bring race into the issue simply want to win without a legitimate and fair battle. That is not right and should not be tolerated in our Constitutional Republic that was founded and built on the rule of law and due process.

Especially because:

Many who supported Obama's run for the Presidency said that Obama would be a unifying force for American race relations. Frankly, from everything that I have seen so far, I think quite the opposite has occurred in our country.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Lots of good comments and links at the blog. I especially liked these two:

mtngoat61 said...
Professor Gates and Obama play the race card and get caught at it: Publius GoatGoat's Ledge
July 25, 2009 12:27 PM

Teo Bear said...
Mario, You're right on the money. The Obots continually use the race card to stifle free speech and an open debate of the Constitutional issues America is facing.Please look at Why are the Birthers the ones being labeled Racists?
July 25, 2009 12:34 PM

It is well known that Google owners supported Obama for president. Therefore, it is exceedingly egregious that they would pull a stunt like this:

Note from the moderator and contributors: A notice has been received from Google and Blogspot that this blog may be deleted in 20 days based on complaints (probably phony spamming and TOS violation charges filed by the Obots or concerns being passed down from the top itself). If this blog is taken down or deleted in the next few weeks, please move to the parallel/mirror blog which has copies of the posts posted here. It is located at:

Please make a note of that URL. However, do not post any new comments there at that site until such time as we have to abandoned this blog due to this obvious attempted harassment and censorship by Google and BlogSpot staff disguised and hiding behind the guise of it being anonymous unnamed "robots" having flagged and locked this blog. Note: Google's CEO is a member of the Obama technology team and a major funds contributor to Obama. Google has changed their "robot" algorithms to protect Obama and are censoring and "sand boxing" conservative websites such as See this post at for more details:

They must be highly worried about this pending lawsuit against Obama! It is proof that Obama is in trouble!!

The post was updated on July 26th and it appears that their "threat" against Apuzzo's blog has been rescinded.

Update 26 Jul 2009: The threat and warning message in the owner and moderator's screens that this blog is being reviewed as a spam blog and if found to be so would be deleted in 20 days was addressed by Atty Apuzzo, the blog owner, and the warning message has now been removed.
Posted by Puzo1 at 10:46 AM

Be sure to read Kerchner v Obama & Congress DOC 34 Plaintiffs Brief Opposing Defendants Motion to Dismiss

I just finished reading it and it appears to be a solid case against Obama. This one lawsuit has a great chance of being heard in court!

Hat tip:

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As always, keep up with the latest on Obama via The Obama File: Latest News

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Gateway Pundit writes:

Honestly, does Barack Obama have any close friends who are not race-baiting, anti-white, America-haters?
Obama's pal Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. has a long-long history of bashing whitey.

I'm wondering the same thing...

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