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Question: Has the Apostle Paul's Caesarean prison cell been discovered?

Excerpts from article:

The actual site of Paul’s Caesarean incarceration has remained a mystery for almost two thousand years. Whether or not the mystery has been solved depends on the degree of credence one is prepared to accord speculation over the results of some recent diggings in the city King Herod built.

Recent archeological excavations have brought Caesarea back almost full circle to its Hasmonean-Roman roots. What the archeologists appear to have unearthed is a portion of Herod’s government headquarters building containing within it a cell that from all appearances was used as a prisoner holding pen. They found its walls scrawled with two millennia-old graffiti invoking the name of Paul and clearly indicating that its author/authors regarded the cell as the place in which the Apostle spent all or part of his prison sentence.

What can be conjectured from this evidence – if evidence it is – remains uncertain. As one observer noted, “we can be confident that Paul was imprisoned somewhere in this vicinity. It’s even possible that the memory of the cell in which he was confined might be preserved among the people of Caesarea.” To declare the cell the actual venue of the Apostle’s confinement, however, was something he was not prepared to do without further intensive investigation..


By now, most people have probably heard about Joy Behar's hopelessly ignorant rant regarding her view about Catholic saints. If not, go over to Hot Air and see for yourself!

Although the Catholic definition of saints is different from the biblical, Christian view, the fact that a gossiping ignoramous like Behar says such things and, what's worse - gets away with it unchallenged, is reason enough for people to check their brains at the door for even watching it!

Behar's ignorance is astounding!!

When women like Rosie O'Donnell (whose utterings take the Oscar for ignorance) and Joy Behar (who may, in fact, be the one who really needs psychotic evaluation and medication) are placed on a nationwide morning T.V. show, viewers must constantly be utilizing their own, sensible idiot monitors while viewing such a show that has a high level of stupid utterances, extreme folly and profound level of idiocy that The Spew continually vomits out!

One commenter at Hot Air wrote:

The reason that I can’t stand The View isn’t the terrible opinions being expressed, but the inability of those who know better to suppress them.

Of course, the one Christian woman (Elizabeth Hasselbeck who happens to have blonde hair) on the show doesn't get the chance to counter the others stupid comments.

Another commenter at Hot Air wrote:

It’s more like Goldilocks and the three bores.
Ha!! Good one!


There's more to share about the "moral values" that self-proclaimed "Christian" - Barack Obama - apparently doesn't have.

Black pro-life leader rips Obama
'He doesn't care that abortion is the No. 1 killer of African-Americans'


"Senator Obama doesn't care that abortion has obliterated the rights of more than 15 million black children since 1973," Gardner said in a statement. "He doesn't care that abortion is the No. 1 killer of African-Americans surpassing deaths caused by accidents, heart disease, stroke, crimes, HIV-AIDS and all other deaths – combined!

"He won't make one of his powerful speeches decrying the injustice of abortion providers as they plant killing centers firmly in black communities – making it easier to kill black children. Instead, he actually applauds their efforts! These children are denied their most basic human right, which is the right to life, a right which our ancestors so proudly worked for, marched for and many of them died for."

Obama's record of supporting abortion in both the Illinois state Senate and the U.S. Senate is undisputed.

Obama is so extreme on the issue of abortion, he could not even support the Born Alive legislation that would allow that if an infant was born alive due to a botched abortion attempt, the doctors and nurses would have the right to keep the baby alive instead of letting it die in the surgery room!!

This worldview of Obama represents the mind and morals of a Christian man? NO WAY!!!

Wrote Stanek: "In 2001 and 2002, Obama was the lone senator speaking against Born Alive on the Senate floor. In 2003, Obama killed the bill altogether by burying it alive in a committee he chaired. …

Concluded Gardner: "Unfortunately, Barack Obama supports the ruthless culture of death – one that includes killing the smallest Americans – too small to flee or fight back."

Woman loses right to wear cross

Woman loses right to wear cross
Court decides in favor of British Airways in discrimination suit

A Christian British Airways employee who sued the company after it required her to cover up a cross necklace while on the job has lost her discrimination suit, but she vows to return to work tomorrow wearing the cross.

The 56-year-old Eweida is quoted by BBC as saying: "I'm very disappointed. I'm speechless really because I went to the tribunal to seek justice. But the judge has given way for BA to have a victory on imposing their will on all their staff."

Eweida lost her initial suit against the company but won an injunction on appeal in the Reading Employment Tribunal. However, in yesterday's ruling in the case, Eweida v. British Airways, the court ruled the airline can continue to prohibit Eweida from visibly wearing her cross. The court concluded that other types of religious symbols, such as turbans, bangles and other religious markings, are unable to be concealed and are therefore acceptable.

"No Christian should be forced to hide her faith in the workplace, particularly when a double-standard exists targeting only Christians for discriminatory treatment," said Bull. "This case should be of particular interest to the American customers of British Airways who understand and value religious liberty."

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Update at 9:26 a.m. PT

I have Fox News on in the other room. Just heard a familiar, yet very annoying voice giving a speech.'s John Kerry endorsing Barack Obama!


Second Update:

Great post and conversation going on over at Neil's blog. His post What is Truth? has brought about some thoughts regarding meaning in life and, as commenter Bubba puts it, "rational contemplation requires indepedence from the material world."

I recommend going over there and reading the entire post and comments. However, I was intrigued by Bubba's additional points:

If human rationality is real — and I believe it is, and you cannot rationally argue that it isn’t — then complexity cannot account for it: only independence from the material world can.

It’s not that I deny complexity in the physical universe: it’s that I deny complexity is a magical wand that can somehow make wholly physical processes somehow rational or truly free.

Likewise, rational contemplation requires indepedence from the material world: otherwise, the thoughts emanating from our brains may be more complex than the bile from our livers, but they remain no more meaningful.

I’m glad to see that atheists can find meaning in love and reason, but they do so despite the logical consequences of their atheism and their materialistic naturalism.


Neil said...

Very cool about the archeology! Always nice to see that. It won't make much of a difference in the public discourse, though. Lots of liberal scholars conceded that Paul existed, wrote his letters (at least most of them), wrote them early, etc. They just dismiss him for other reasons (the ironically false charges of chauvinism for example - if they knew their history they'd realize his statements about women were radically feministic for the time - "Husbands, love your wives as Christ love the church")

Matt W. said...

I never tend to worry about Historically or Archeologically proving Scripture, but it is pretty cool when it happens, and agree with Neil's comment above.

Being that I'm at work (officially on break, not slacking off) I can't view the Joy Behar video, but I'll try to remember when I'm at home (who knows, O'Reilly may well show it) but nothing she says could really surprise me any more.

Very good segment on Obama. We need a lot more clear thinking people to get the word out about him.

About the woman with the Cross, I wish her the best. If the airline were outright banning any and all religious displays I would have to sigh and (with a good measure of disgust) say that they had the right to do so, but to pick on one particular faith, while not surprising, is still disgusting.

Also, not surprised that John Kerry endorsed Barack Obama. I don't think he cares for the Clintons, in fact, I kind of think he would have been running again had it not been for Hillary entering the race, and he probably decided he couldn't beat the Clinton machine, but he's certainly not going to support it. Besides, he may be after a VP bid with Obama. Also, not surprised he didn't endorse Edwards. He is on record as saying that he felt Edwards probably cost him the '04 election.

As far as Neils blog (only commenting on this because I did on everything else) don't really have time to read it right now, but hopefully will at some time down the road.

Matt W.