Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Masking Their Ungodliness

I was reading an article over at Americans for Truth about "Bishop" Vicky Imogene Robinson. Yes. His first and last names given by his parents were girls names!

The story about his difficult birth and sad upbringing is very tragic. This man needed gender identity counseling, not advancement to a position of bishop in the Episcopal church!


"I bring this up – with the caveat that I have not read anything except the above on Robinson’s upbringing — to remind readers of a cold reality: parents can do a number on their kids, and stories of dysfunctional upbringings in the lives of homosexuals are about as hard to find as corn in Iowa. This is a pitiable yet crucial part of the debate on homosexual development that the media downplays in favor of sexy “gay gene” stories or gay-victim pieces focusing on society’s “homophobia.”

Whether it’s a boy who grew up perceiving rejection from his emotionally distant father, or who had no father; a girl who experienced abuse or rape; or early sexualization or molestation in the young life of one who subsequently becomes a “gay” adult – there is ample evidence that confusion, abuse, alienation and/or neglect have an important role in the formation of “gay” identity.

How awful is it that C-SPAN chose to give this very confused, dysfunctional man the opportunity to "preach" on T.V. this past Christmas Eve!

Here is another excerpt from Americans for Truth that is truly alarming to read:

So now comes along Vicky Gene Robinson, who attributes his work, and no doubt his choice to embrace sinful sexual behavior, to the work of the Holy Spirit.

This is not from [the] Holy Spirit, but the outworking of fallen humanity.

I can only imagine how difficult this man’s life has been, but that can never justify his joining the dark side (abusing his pastoral authority to teach sin as a social good to others). In his defining, media-hyped crusade, Robinson personifies the most evil aspect of the “gay” movement: the crusade to re-write Christianity itself to accommodate their besetting sin.

This man, given the opportunity, was allowed to parade his sin right in front of a T.V. audience on one of the most holy days on the Christian calendar!

Read what MacArthur states in the chapter, "The Evil of False Teaching" from his book, "The Truth War" -

"Apostates face an interesting dilemma. They frequently become so lost to honor, so lacking in decency, so indifferent to disgrace that they often don't care who sees their sin, especially in their own inner circle. They wear it arrogantly like a badge of honor. In Jude's words, they become like "raging waves of the sea, foaming up their own shame."

The good news is that God will not be mocked. God alone is truly sovereign. His eternal purposes are not the least bit threatened by the efforts of false teachers. His truth will triumph in the end.

The tragic consequence for the false teachers and all who follow them is sure and certain condemnation. As Jude says, they already have a long-standing appointment to that end.

There is a really good discussion going on about a heresy group called "Soulforce" over at Pastor D.L. Foster's GCM Watch.

That discussion reminded me of the next two chapters in MacArthur's "The Truth War" book. He must have had a group like Soulforce in mind when he wrote about apostates and the evil of their false teachings, as well as their deliberate assault on Divine Authority:

At the heart of their apostasy is rebellion against Christ’s lordship. They may call Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” but they do not do what He says (Luke 6:46). In the words of Paul to Titus, “They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work” (Titus 1:16). Their apostasy eventually poisons all their doctrine. They twist and pervert and reinvent teachings of Christ. They adjust the gospel to suit their own tastes. When you get to the core of where they are, they simply want to be kings of their own domain.

Wow! Is that a perfect description of the intent behind their ungodliness and the lies that the gay christian movement and groups like Soulforce spread?

MacArthur then discusses the issue of character:

Apostate false teachers are not humble. They are not broken. They are not submissive. They are not meek. They are blatant, proud sovereigns of their own religious empires. And while they like to use Christ’s name for their advantage, they do not really know, obey, or love the truth - written or Incarnate.

Some people reading here may think that the following statement written by Pastor D.L. about the group called Soulforce (which is a group of gay "christians" going around to colleges and churches to change minds about the subject of homosexual behavior) may be considered as too harsh:

They are snakes and vipers and their father is satan.

Ouch! But in reality, it's not too harsh. IT IS 100% CORRECT! As Pastor D.L. had stated:

"Even when their error is shown to be 100% error they yet refuse to repent and have no intention of leading people to God."

You see, that's the bottom line when discussing this topic. The spiritual destiny of all souls involved in such heresy and apostasy are at stake!

What a terrible thing to realize! Groups like Soulforce are 100% in error, refuse to repent and have no intention of leading people to God!

Who does that sound like?


He had no intention of worshiping God, was cast out of heaven and took 1/3 of the former angels turned demons with him!

Some people claim (even Christians!) that those who identify as being gay "christians" are not all that bad. Just leave them alone. They're not in danger of hell for all eternity.

I often hear, "God will judge and take care of it." Yes. He will judge. And if they continue to refuse to repent of their sin, their eternal destiny will be away from God forever! This is a good thing?

The gay christian movement is a very serious, grievous, heretical abomination that leads to church denomination apostasy and separation from God!

You tell me. Are Christians supposed to stay silent about this fact??

I peeked ahead to the next chapter. MacArthur says it better than I can:

"The false teachers' absolute rejection of Christ's Authority was the root and the real motive for their apostasy in the first place. They resented the Lordship of Christ and disowned Him as their true Master because they had rebellious hearts and wanted the authority for themselves. (bold mine)

Again...who does that sound like??

Opposing false teachers, of any type, is a difficult, yet a very necessary duty given to us as Christians believers. We are to oppose them and contend earnestly for the faith here and now...just like the true believers of old did when the heresies of Sabellianism and The Arians were raging against the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the case of The Arians, the battle raged, was subdued for a time, then re-surfaced again. It took over 12 years to reach it's demise. Even still, some of the same heretical beliefs that were apparent in The Arians are now found in the New Age teachings today.

Christian brothers and sisters...be prepared for criticism. No one enters into the Truth war without being slandered, criticized and unfairly labeled as a hater. Urging people to repent, turn to the true gospel of Jesus Christ and thus escape the depths of hell is a spiritual battle like no other!

Some people, on the opposite side of Biblical Truth are unknowingly, and ignorantly, led away from that truth. Others, like V. Gene Robinson, Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo etc. are deliberately leading those who are seeking away from the truth.

There are many apostates who will never turn back to the Lord.


Because they will continue to refuse to repent and turn to the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ which has been forever delivered unto the saints.

Such apostates mask their ungodliness because they proclaim a message that transforms the idea of grace into license for sin. They try to give spiritual-sounding justification for their ungodliness.

MacArthur even goes so far as to call it, their creed.

Look at what the Emerging church movement is suggesting to evangelicals these days. They want us all to back away from confronting Western culture over moral evils like abortion and homosexuality!

This was one of the "themes" in the book I recently read called "UnChristian."

For example. Tony Campolo once explained to a reporter why he wrote his book Speaking My Mind :

"My purpose [Note: there's that familiar Emerging church movement word!] in writing the book was to communicate loud and clear that I felt that evangelical Christianity had been hijacked. [Note: Isn't that what Barack Obama recently said too? Hmmm.....] When did it become anti-feminist? When did evangelical Christianity become anti-gay? When did it become supportive of capital punishment? Pro-war? When did it become so negative towards other religious groups?"

Ahhh!! That man's skewing of the truth to fit his liberal worldview makes me absolutely CRINGE!

Would Mr. Campolo ever turn away from his heresy and back to the true gospel of Jesus Christ? I do not know.

But I do know this.

Jude shares with us how to try and rescue people from heresy and apostasy. There are ways to do it very compassionately. For others, we need to save them with fear. We need to WARN THEM OF THE DANGER THEY ARE IN! When people are comfortable with their touchy-feely-religious-sounding-biblically-ignorant dogma, they will fight tooth and nail in order to stay in their rebellion. It's just a fact of this life.

There will be times when believers will need to leave an unrepentant person, "shake the dust from their sandels" and move on to the next person. Not all will accept the truth.

Luk 9:5 And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.

In Jude 1:23, we read that we are to try and "pull [them] out of the fire." Do you know what that means? It means that they are already under condemnation (as we all are before being born again in Jesus Christ). The analogy of "pulling them out of the fire" doesn't sound delicate to me. Does it to you? It has a sense of urgency about it. It has a sense of effort and force to help them escape from the heresy and apostasy that is bringing them down in condemnation.

It helps to remember that people we attempt to pull back will fight, sometimes viciously against us.


Because they probably don't realize the depth of their dire situation.

Think of a child who has not ever been burned by fire before. The flickering flames are enticing...leading them to want to touch it. When a parent sees what is happening, he or she yanks that child away from the danger...just in the nick of time. That child's arm may hurt. He/she may cry because of it. But ultimately, that moment of pain kept him/her away from the serious pain...and possible death...of being engulfed in that fire!

Take a look at Jude 1:23 in the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge page at the Blue Letter Bible website.

Jud 1:22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:

Jud 1:23 And others save with fear, pulling [them] out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

2Cr 7:12 Wherefore, though I wrote unto you, [I did it] not for his cause that had done the wrong, nor for his cause that suffered wrong, but that our care for you in the sight of God might appear unto you.

1Ti 4:16 Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.


Neil said...

How awful that his parents named him that! Talk about child abuse.

"This man needed gender identity counseling, not advancement to a position of bishop in the Episcopal church!"

Amen to that.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Neil,

Yes. If you went over to read the entire article, the man, unfortunately, went through a lot of abuse by his parents. We can (and should) feel pity and empathy towards him, as a person, because of his painful upbringing.

However, this doesn't mean that we should not defend the true gospel against his ideas of heresy. We can show him mercy because he is, obviously, deceived himself. But how far does that go if he is not confronted with the truth?

Since he appears committed in his error and deception, we must warn others who listen to his preaching of these awful lies, heretical ideas and widespread deceptions! We are allowed to despise, protest and counter the defilement and affects of the evil he is spreading!

The advancement of Robinson to the position of bishop has caused great harm to that denomination. I recently read some alarming statistics on this.

Today there are about half as many Episcopalians in America as there were less than fifty years ago. In 1965, there were 3.4 million Episcopalians; now, there are 2.3 million. It is so off course that it is headed towards losing its entire constituency and may have to declare bankruptcy before the end of the decade.

Source: Episcopal News Service, "From Columbus: Text of Presiding Bishop elect's June 21 homily, " June 21, 2006.

Serious stuff!

The apostasy being spread through the liberal gay "christian" heresy in that denomination is forcing people to go elsewhere for the truth.

Jude describes three different types of people affected by apostasy.
1. Confused
2. Convinced
3. Committed

Which group do you think that Robinson is in? If he ranks as a committed deceiver, then how many others are being deceived through him and his false teachings? What should we do about this? Sit here and just let it happen? Would God be pleased?