Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus Plus This n' That

I am so glad that the Iowa Caucus is today. Want to know why? Because after today, maybe Fox News will stop talking about it so much! Sheesh!!

When I was busy putting away all the Christmas decorations yesterday I got to the point where I couldn't stand listening to the Fox News commentators go on and on about the Iowa Caucus! So, I put on some contemporary Christian music. It was like a breath of fresh my ears! heh heh

I will leave the proverbial "continuing coverage" to the experts over at Real Clear Politics.

When I visited the front page there, I couldn't help but notice Congress' dismal approval rating...25%! How ironic is it that the Democratic majority (and Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker) previously pledged that things in Washington would be better once they were in power. Now, their approval rating is worse than President Bush's! In fact, I read that Congress' approval rating dipped as low as 9% at one point in some polls! Perhaps it was when that terrible General Petraeus ad came out. And, wasn't that at the height of their criticism against the war in Iraq?

Now that the surge is working, the media (and Congress) don't want to bring the subject up anymore. So, good news is no news to them? Typical...'s treasonist ad got the "pinheads of the year" award from Bill O'Reilly. Now that the outrage over it has calmed down, the do nothing Congress' approval rating has "soared" from that dismal low of 9% all the way up to 25%! Wheee! See what shutting up and doing nothing does for ratings? So pathetic...

On to another subject. With the deep cold over in the northeast portion of our nation, have you noticed that the frenzy over "global warming" has cooled?

I still can't believe that Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize for his propaganda film.

My daughter told me that her professor showed the documentary in her Biology class. The instructor had to "fast forward" several portions of the film because of the inaccuracies and lies placed in the movie which were obviously designed to influence political opinion. Ha!

I suppose that Gore's fake science ranks right up there with at least two former prize recipients. First, there was Jimmy Carter (the WORST president we ever had) and then there was Yasser Arafat (the fake peace-maker who often claimed in English that he wanted peace with Israel, yet, in Arabic yelled Jihad against the Jewish State!)

I was listening to an encore broadcast of the Michael Savage radio show the other day. In one segment, he mentioned that a man over in England resented the fact that the schools there were planning on showing "An Inconvenient Truth" to children in science classrooms. Apparently, the man sued and won a judgment that forced the schools to include a disclaimer before showing the movie, explaining that not all scientists agree with Gore's propagation of political doctrine disguised as "science" in the film!

See what positive results can be achieved when just one person is willing to stand and fight against propagandist lies?

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Christinewjc said...

I've got mail!

People are in a frenzy like never before during this 2008 election time.

I'm getting so many emails from other's just astounding!

Here is an example of one I received today. If you want to read the articles, you must copy and paste the link in your browser.


Huckabee report card:

Romney report card:

Of course, McCain is a supranationalist who loves the UN, Giuliani is pro-abortion and Fred is a CFR member.

The good news is that there are 3 rock-solid GOP candidates who have integrity, and 2 have served in Congress:
Congressman Ron Paul
Congressman Duncan Hunter
Former Un Ambassador (under Reagan) Alan Keyes

Let's not repeat bad history: Let's reject Barabas this time and free the good guys!

This person chooses Ron Paul as his favorite? Ugh!

I DO like Duncan Hunter quite a bit, but I am afraid that he just doesn't have the support necessary to be in the running.

Alan Keyes' appearance in the final GOP debate was much too shrill for my tastes...

And...what's with the "Let's reject Barabas this time and free the good guys!"

Oh boy...

My sincere apologies to the Lord Jesus for even posting such tripe!!

The "author" (purposely remaining nameless here) labels Ron Paul as "a good guy?" Give me a freakin' break!

Ugh...that does it...I officially proclaim that I hate politics...

Matt W. said...

I don't blame you for hating politics, and yet, you can't get away from it. Well, a person could get away from it by ignoring it and just letting come what may without trying to make things better, but from what I've read in your blog so far, I don't think you're that kind of person.

As far as the candidates, Giuliani is unacceptable for a lot of reasons other than just his Pro-Baby Murder stances. Romney and McCain I would lable as potentially accepable, though I still really don't think McCain has a shot, and I'm willing to take a hard look at either of them if they get the nod. Huckabee and Thompson are certainly not perfect (but hey, no one is) but both would be acceptable choices to me. Duncan Hunter is probably the best choice, but you are correct, he doesn't have a shot.

As far as Ron Paul, I get the feeling you don't care much for him. Ok, sarcasm is difficult to write. Anyway, he's not a bad guy. He's gone off the deep end, but he's not a bad guy. I have seen you say before that his supporters are all college kids from liberal schools where they have been indoctrinated, but that's only true of some of his supporters, and they only go along with him because he has about the strongest anti-war message of any of the candidates (on either side) and these people are single issue voters. The fact is that on taxes and other domestic policies he is among the most Conservative of all of the Candidates. However, his stances on foreign policy, and especially blaming the US policies for the 9/11 attacks shows that he's not an option. I also saw a video clip of him talking with some 9/11 conspiracy theorists where they are spouting their ussual nonsense, and he repsonds that all these claims need to be investigated so that we can find out what really happened. It was at that point that I realized just how far off the deep end the man has gone. Had he calmly told the young man that these claims have been looked into and debunked (which they have been, exauhstively, the History Channel did a marvelous program on this subject and left no doubt in any reasonable persons mind, if there was any there to begin with, that what we already knew happened on 9/11 is what really happened) I would have applauded him for handling the situation correctly.

Ron Paul probably is a good guy, in that he is a Patriot, he really thinks that what he wants to do with regards to Iraq and other foreign policy would be what is best for the USA. Contrast this with the Democrats who have nothing better than a socialist vision for the US, or Obama, the worst of the worst, who really is a globalist and wants to hand over US Sovereignty to the UN.

Sorry about the rambling, but I'll close with this;
Ron Paul: Proof that the fine line between genius and insanity can be hard for even the most reasonable people to make out.

God Bless,
Matt W.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

Dont ever worry about "rambling" here at my blog. You certainly shared many important points!

Since I don't care much for Paul's political bent, it seems to me that he just might have some Democratic supporters. The liberal Democrats are the most vocal of the anti-war crowd.

The 9/11 conspiracy theorists are totally ridiculous. Don't they see how insane they look? Do they really want to be lumped in with that loon Rosie O'Donnell? Rosie has made too many stupid statements to list them all. However, I will never forget the belly laugh I got when she stated (on the View), "it was the first time ever in history that fire melted steel." ROTFLMAO!!!

I never thought that people could be so gullible as to believe such conspiracy theory nonsense. After 9/11 happened, it was clear who the perpetrators were. To blame our government is absolute lunacy!!

I think that McCain learned his lesson when the "amnesty" bill fell through in Congress. Hopefully, he will get serious about continuing Duncan Hunter's border fence!

However, I just heard some terrible news yesterday. I heard that during the Christmas break, Kay Bailey Hutchison inserted a piece of legislation into the war fund bill that would prohibit funds to build the fence! I was astounded (and so angry) when I heard this! What is happening to the Republican party!

You wrote:
"Ron Paul: Proof that the fine line between genius and insanity can be hard for even the most reasonable people to make out."

So true! To bad his supporters can't see that fact!

We need to pray really hard about this election. The wrong person in office could, literally, kill our nation.

Anonymous said...


I'm curious - here in Australia pretty much everyone has accepted global warming as a consequence of human activity-- even our right-leaning former prime minister John Howard did eventually. What makes you doubt the science?

There are plenty of evangelical Christians who do accept it, btw. Jim Wallis wrote:
In February 2006, a full page ad appeared in the New York Times heralding a new “Evangelical Climate Initiative” that was signed by 86 evangelical leaders, including 39 Presidents of Christian colleges. The statement was released over the objections of two dozen of the most prominent religious right figures in America (all the usual suspects) who said evangelicals should stick to abortion and gay marriage. The Times ad was headlined “Our commitment to Jesus Christ compels us to solve the global warming crisis,” and the statement said, in part, “Love of God, love of neighbor, and the demands of stewardship are more than enough reason for evangelical Christians to respond to the climate change problem with moral passion and concrete action.”

Matt W. said...

Christine, I think I have to weigh in on this last comment.

Umm Yasmin said... "I'm curious - here in Australia pretty much everyone has accepted global warming as a consequence of human activity-- even our right-leaning former prime minister John Howard did eventually. What makes you doubt the science?"

We don't doubt the science, we reject the outright propaganda and the outrageous lies, many of which have been exposed, although ignored by the media, which are masquerading as science.

Would you not question why, if something is indeed so obviously true, people would need to lie to get people to believe them?

Do you honestly believe that climate models which can't predict if it will rain tomorrow, or where a hurricane will go in 36 hours, can accurately predict what the climate will be like in 50 years?

Is claiming that you are right and shouting down anyone who opposes you actually science? If you have actual answers to the questions being raised by the skeptics, would you not be better served by answering those questions in a reasonable tone rather than the shrill rhetoric of comparing the questioner to Holocaust deniers, or people who claim the world is flat?

The debate about Global Warming is far from over, it has just been repressed by those who's politcal and ideological desires are best served by furthering this unproven theory.

Until it is proven without the lies and without the propaganda, I will remain highly skeptical.