Sunday, January 20, 2008

Journey With Jesus

Today's message shared at Dr. David Jeremiah's Shadow Mountain Church via T.V. was one of the best I have ever heard!

The title of the message is "The Power to Change Your Life." You can click on that title and go to the LightSource website which provides a video of the entire message.

Dr. Jeremiah is doing a series about the life of Jesus Christ:

What better way to know someone than to follow the steps he has taken. In Journey with Jesus, Dr. Jeremiah leads us through the life of Jesus as told in the Bible. Through our study of the Scriptures, we will get to know Jesus Christ better. And the more we get to know Him, the more we will love Him.

Past sermons in this ongoing series are also available for viewing at the website link above.


I wanted to share an email that I received from Pastor Shawn Mitchell (Chaplain for the San Diego Chargers) simply because I found it unique and inspiring. He shares some interesting details about the players of both teams. These are facts that the media is unlikely to share and that most people probably would never have known had occurred at the end of last week's game between the Colts and the Chargers:

Dear Chris,

Greetings! Whether you’re into sports or not, have you noticed all the excitement throughout the city over the SD Chargers tremendous playoff victory against the Indianapolis Colts last weekend?! Outside of a citywide revival stirred by the moving of the Holy Spirit, I’ve found that nothing unites a city more than the success of its sports team.

It probably won’t make the local or national news, but prior to taking the field for the game, about 30 players gathered together in the locker room for prayer. As they gathered hands and with heads bowed in prayer, we stood on a mighty verse:

Victory Verse of the Week
“Commit whatever you do to the Lord, and He will crown your efforts with success.” Prov. 16:3

The Lord heard those prayers prior to their great win. It doesn’t always work out that way… but if only He would allow a repeat against the New England Patriots!

Other Unpublished Highlights:

Tony Dungy - Spoke with Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy before the game, and told him how much our New Venture’s Men’s Group is enjoying going through his “Quiet Strength” Men’s Bible Study Series. He was greatly encouraged.

Antonio Gates - Star Player Antonio Gates remarked to me on his way to the locker room at halftime, that after a week of “daily treatment & much praying,” he was “pushing on” and continuing to play on a dislocated toe. His smile through his grimaced look reminded me of how often our Lord carries us through, during our time of greatest need. What a God!

Jesus Christ - At game’s end, many Colts and Bolts players met together and took a knee at the 50 yard line to gather hands and give thanks for playing the game, and most important - for having the privilege of knowing our Savior Jesus Christ! He makes winners of us all.

Thank You! Thank you for your prayers. No matter how the Chargers do this weekend against the undefeated Patriots, without a doubt – He has moved, and is moving in mighty ways throughout the SD Chargers Organization. It is a privilege representing Him and serving as an extension of our New Venture Christian Fellowship family. Because of your prayers… we’re making a difference for Him.

Pastor Shawn

No doubt...real men love Jesus!

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