Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exposing The Truth About Kwanzaa

Last Sunday, I received a lovely and very encouraging email from a fellow sister in Christ named Carlotta Morrow. She graciously accepted my invitation to be a guest blogger today, and gave me permission to post the relevant portions of our email conversations here at Talk Wisdom:

Hi Christine!

I'm a member of the Rock Church and I was reading the postings on Miles blog and saw your responses. I just want to commend you for such excellent responses!

I dug a little deeper and saw that you have a MA in Apologetics from Biola, which is EXACTLY the degree and school that I want to complete myself! Your websites and blogs are excellent and what wonderful work you do to defend the faith!!!

I have my own website and blog as well. is my web ministry that I'm working to expand.

Well, just want to give praise to a sister in the Lord who is quite deserving of it.

Great work and keep it up!

Your sis' in Christ,
Carlotta Morrow

Ahh!! Thank you so much Carlotta! You really made my day!

My email response:

Hi Carlotta,

Thank you for your very kind email! I certainly appreciated all that encouragement!

I visited your website and see that you are heavily involved in debunking the false, made-up religion called "Kwanzaa". Good work!

Several years ago, my daughter's friend thought it would be quite funny to give me a Kwanzaa nutcracker character as a gift for Christmas. She knew that I collected nutcrackers. I didn't really know what to say. I just laughed. She is a Christian too, so I knew that it was just meant as a joke. However, I found myself always leaving it in the decorations box and not putting it out at Christmastime. This year, I finally threw it in the trash!

My husband is the one who got me started with creating a website and discussion board. I started the "Angels Helper" website shortly after the horrific 9/11/01 terrorist attack on our nation. Then, I added the discussion board. When I discovered blogging in March of 2005, I found my niche! I spend most of my internet time blogging now.

After about a year or two, I found that I was getting dozens of spammers at my discussion board every day and it was taking too much time deleting them, banning them and blocking them. So, I closed the board to new members. Now, when someone wants to join, they can send me an email and I will open the registration for them.

Well, that's a brief history of my websites.

Thanks again for your very kind words about my comments at Pastor Miles blog!

In Christ,

Carlotta's reply:

Christine, I'm so glad you threw away that nutcracker! Now after seeing my site, you shouldn't feel too guilty about doing that. Lol!

Yes, you can see my love for apologetics because that's exactly what I do with this Kwanzaa mess. My web ministry has been primarily about equipping the "black church" and its members to depend upon Jesus Christ ONLY and completely and also to inform ALL people about the spiritual deceptiveness of Kwanzaa. Blacks are sometimes made to feel guilty unless they have sold their lives to the religion of "afrocentricism" that they aren't black! Many aren't even aware that they compromise many biblical principles in trying to "be black, think black and act black." Many are practicioners of reverse racism (Barak Obama's church is a very good example of this, although I don't think HE is racist.) Back in 2000, I actually had my life threatened by a multi-degreed educator and member of Barak's church, because she didn't like my "attacks" against Kwanzaa!

I don't like any emphasis on color, but the Lord led me into this ministry because of my family involvement with black racist leaders. I left the black church because of it's emphasis on color (black church here in SD) and I'm so glad I've found a church like the Rock where the color of one's skin isn't even an issue.

I'm glad you found your niche and you do it quite well. Just keep up the great work and thank you so much for your words of encouragement as well!

A Sister' in Christ,

My response:

Hi Carlotta,

Thanks so much for your reply! I chuckled when you wrote that it was a good thing to throw out the Kwanzaa nutcracker!

I can certainly believe the threats that you have gotten. Christian apologetics isn't a walk in the park. Detractors often use very unsavory tactics against us.

I have been active in fighting against the homosexual "christian" movement, emerging church movement, and seeker-sensitive movements on my blog. I am also against, (and very vocal about) the gay agenda in public schools. I am pro-life, conservative and an Orthodox, Bible-based Christian. I have been verbally attacked by various groups and individuals on my blog as well as on other blogs that I visit. But I don't let it bother me. Jesus told us that we aren't to be surprised when people hate us. The reason is because, as the Bible informs us, they love the darkness. Why? Because their deeds are evil. When the Light of Jesus Christ, the Bible and the gospel expose their sin, they don't like fact, they hate the Light (Jesus). They hate us because they hated Jesus first.

I was wondering. Would you mind if I shared some of our email conversations on my blog? I will create a link to your website so that my readers can see all of the hard work that you have put into your ministry to expose the false religion of Kwanzaa.

Carlotta's reply:

Yep, it sure sounds like we're in the same club Christine -- the "we hate you" club! But like you said and what the Bible reminds us is that we are hated because they've hated Jesus first! The indignity of our God coming to earth in the flesh of a baby human, walking the earth while His very own creation ignored Him, mocked Him, and eventually killed Him! Our persecution stands as a mere tickling compared to what our Lord had gone through!

And yes, feel free to share our email snippets on your blog. I'm honored for you to consider me a "guest blogger!"

Well, take care and do keep in touch. I'll be checking on your blog too on a regular basis because you have some great stuff on it!!!

Take care and God bless you Christine!


There is plenty of really good information to read about Kwanzaa at Carlotta's website. Just by viewing a few of her posts, I can already see how knowledgeable she is about the subject.

While posting a comment at her guest book, I had the chance to read a few pages there. The responses are quite varied. There are some who showed their anger at her for exposing the truth about the origins, and false "religion" of Kwanzaa. However, there are many others who expressed much appreciation for having the opportunity to find out the truth regarding this so-called holiday. Carlotta's excellent research and biblical discernment reveals the false information being spread about the origin of, and the "celebration" of Kwanzaa.

It is my prayer that God continues to bless her, her family and her excellent, biblically based ministry work.

HT: Carlotta's website featuring: The Truth About Kwanzaa.

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Paulo said...

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all the best
Paulo (

Christinewjc said...

Hello Paulo,

Even though your comment does not have anything to do with this blog post, I went ahead and approved it. From what I learned during a brief visit at your blog, it appears that you are interested in Intelligent Design theory.

Not sure what you are referring to when you mentioned exchanging banners.

I am pressed for time this morning, so I didn't use the page translation during my brief visit to your blog. Next time I am online, I will use it and read more of the content there.

Thanks for stopping by!


Matt W. said...

Thank you for this Christine, I have been trying to expose the truth of Kwanzaa for a while now (though I haven't tackled it on my blog yet). I have Christian family members who just don't believe the things I tell them about it. It will be great to have a new resourse to learn more so that I can educate others.

Also, I support comment moderation, as you could guess I'm sure, since I moderate on my blog. Good idea.

Matt W.

Christinewjc said...


I think that it is truly sad when people get duped into believing a matter what shape or form it is in.

Carlotta mentions on her website that Kwanzaa was started in 1966. While I was growing up, there was no such thing as Kwanzaa greeting cards in the stores. Now, 42 years later, the idea and false religion of Kwanzaa is "celebrated" everywhere...even on a postage stamp!

I have not spoken up against this false religion on Talk Wisdom before. Why? I really thought that I would be labeled a racist. One must be very careful with such sensitive subjects nowadays. I also thought that I would be accused of religious bigotry. But hey! I'm already accused of that when I post about the various heresies, cults and false religions out there anyway.

I decided to put up the comment moderation for several reasons. Won't bore you with the probably already know.

So, what do your relatives believe about Kwanzaa? If they are Christian, then why do they think that Kwanzaa has any merit?

Matt W. said...

Basically those I have talked to just believe the lie, that it is a real holiday to celebrate black culture... or some such nonsense. I think it comes down to people not wanting to believe that there could be, dare I say, evil motives behind things that are presented as innocent, or even good, which is what we have with Kwanzaa today. It really is part of "The Marketing of Evil," which book, by the way, I'm probably going to finish reading tonight, and try to get as many family and friends as I can to read it as well, they won't be able to deny it after reading that book.
Matt W.

Christinewjc said...

Isn't that book amazingly excellent??!!! It is changing hearts and minds towards the good and away from the evil that is "packaged" in a way to trap people in the bondage of their sin.

I cried when I read the abortion chapter.

Every person needs to read that book!! When they do, it has a transformation effect that rescues people from the lies that they have foolishly believed because of the push of secular humanistic indoctrination towards sin and evil; and away from God.

Matt W. said...

I had serious tears welling up in my eyes during that chapter on Abortion, especially when reading why some of the Abortion Dr's have become Pro-Life. I read most of the stuff about that **@&^$%%#^$ Kinsey with clenched teeth. But as strongly as I reacted to those things, I did have some inkling as to the sheer horror in those area's of life. What really shocked me was the part about some of stuff that happens in youth groups under the guise of being relevant. Unbelieveable. I think that all Christians need to read this book, but more than that, it is CRITICAL that all parents, and even Grand-Parents read this book ASAP!