Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Hypocrisy of Obama

After reading an article about Barack Obama in Christianity Today, I'm not sure what bothered me more. Obama's hypocrisy or the comments made by some of the commenters after the article!

I can't decide whether Obama is just a plain ole' hypocrite. Or, more precisely, a lying hypocrite.

The following is from the article regarding Obama's position on abortion:

He did, however, say that he supports restricting third-trimester abortions. But it's hard to know if he's serious, since he requires an exception for the health of the mother, a notorious loophole that would effectively negate the type of ban signed by President Bush in 2003.

What I already know about this man still makes me wonder if Obama really is a Christian. According to his voting record in Congress, Obama lied to that man conducting the interview.

From a previous post:

Even worse, is the fact that Obama, as a politician, supports unfettered abortion (even the horrific method of partial-birth abortion and the fact that he was the only senator to debate against the Born Alive Infants bill that gave the right to keep a baby who is born alive and birthed as a result of a botched abortion medical care) doesn't sound like a Christian value to me.

Now that he has come out supporting drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, I have another big reason added to the long list of reasons why I must oppose him as a candidate for president!

Didn't the guy learn anything from Hillary's flip-flopping on that very same issue? It was a disaster for her!

In the back of my mind I always knew that once Obama started saying more about his own ideas and policies, he would expose himself as a disasterous choice for the presidency.


Christopher said...

Obama supports the "Freedom of Choice Act", which would repeal any pro-life efforts to impede abortion past, present and future -- see: Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) Catholics in the Public Square January 29, 2008 for details.

Matt W. said...

I end up scratching my head daily as to how these people can even be considered for office. Is this still the United States of America, or did I get moved to Europe during the night and not realize it when I woke up?