Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Have A Sad Heart Today

It is with regret that I must inform my readers of the reason why I have removed the "Little Green Footballs" link from my blog.

While visiting Lionheart's blog, [Update 1/13/08 note: the post has been deleted. At this point, I have no idea why. You can still access Lionheart's blog here.] I read this:

Regular Visitor of LGF said...
Lionheart, I support your right to speak out against Islamofascism and jihadist groups in your country and beyond but you shouldn't attack Charles Johnson, he's a Randian (Ayn Rand) centrist who does not believe anyone should stay with or adhere to the far left's or the far right's ideologies and their hatred toward certain groups of various ideologies and cultures.

Ayn Rand centrist?

A centrist who does not believe anyone should stay with or adhere to...[t]he far right's ideologies?

...and their hatred toward certain groups of various ideologies and cultures?

Well...there ya go!

Three reasons why I can't keep their website up at my blog.

1. I'm not a fan of Ayn Rand.

2. It appears that they would evaluate my blog and ideology as "far right." Since the blog owner apparently believes that my ideology is wrong, then why should I support their ideology/views any longer?

3. They (apparently) accuse all "far left and far right" groups of hatred.

Well...I've got news. Pointing out the errors of an ideology and the harm that such errors place on our culture isn't hatred.

Come to think of it, I never felt very welcomed over there. My comments were mostly ignored.

Now I know why.



P.S. The reason why I linked to LGF in the first place was because I thought that it was a great source for up-to-the-minute news. However, now that I know what the "leader" over there thinks about Orthodox, Biblical Christianity, my conscience and spirit leads me to the decision to no longer link with them. I am not doing this to "censor" them. They have the same right to post their opinions/ideology/commentary as anyone else in the blogosphere. It just comes down to this for me. I can no longer support, or link to, a blog that (either directly or indirectly) automatically labels my opinions and ideology as "hatred."
Update 1/13/08 @ 6:30 a.m. PT

For those who are following the firestorm of debate between the U.K. blogger Lionheart and LGF, go here [Update 1/13/08 note: the link has been deleted. At this point, I have no idea why. You can still access Lionheart's blog here.] for an update.


zxczxczxc said...

Don't let the door hit you...

Marcel Cousineau said...

It's interesting how there is so much growing division between us in the west.
I see it as the beginning of God's judgment's on all the nations which work to divide Israel nad Jerusalem.

Christinewjc said...

Yep, Zxc ...

Such a nice comment.

Such an obvious coward to create a brand new blogger account with no profile so you could comment anonymously...just to write an old cliched piece of drivel.


zxczxczxc said...

Well I'm not important enough to have a Blogger account...

The cliche merely complements yours.

Matt W. said...

Don't let it get you down, just shake the dust from your sandles, as it were, and keep on keeping on.
Matt W.

Christinewjc said...

I think you might be on to something, Marcel.

I have always disagreed with Bush and Rice regarding the "Roadmap" plan being imposed upon Israel.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the encouragement. It would seem that I got myself in the middle of the "latest blogosphere spat of the new year!"

Christinewjc said...

At least there are some sane and sympathetic commenters posting at LGF:

edtomev wrote:

There's a danger of a disconnect through lack of understanding here. I'd like to point out a few realities.

One thing is that there isn't any forum for people to talk openly about their views in the UK. The political parties are of one view- except for the BNP- and that view is essentially dhimmified. Demographics are moving fast and in a small country this is felt quite quickly. There is no heartland or redoubt of whatever sort to retreat to. Muslims are self-confident, pushy, clever and legalistic. The country is generally secular and very soft Anglican-Catholic apart from that. Anything else may be viewed virtually as a cult- apart, of course, from "one of the world's great faiths", Islam.

A second thing is that Lionheart is in a position that is very much ahead of the game, even for the UK. He comes from an area- it is his hometown- where Islam and Islamism is dominant. Luton is an area with a very high proportion of Muslims and that number has grown throughout Lionheart's lifetime, from a low level rapidly up. LH is the same age, 31, as me, so I can imagine the experience. Imagine if what for others is a distant theoretical or geopolitical problem is a white knuckle reality for you.

A third thing that Lionheart and some of his fellow travelers probably don't realise or haven't understood correctly is that Charles has taken vast amounts of flak about being a "fascist" sympathiser through the comments here- Kos and various others have been picking at every move LGF has made.

A fourth thing is that Lionheart is precisely in a demographic of the population under immense pressure- white young working class males. He doesn't seem to have many prospects and it must be cruel to be subject to the forces of history and deemed a loser through little fault of your own for the crime of actually caring. He could just be a selfish little materialist doing some rip-off trade with his three illegitimate kids and his boxy little semi but instead he's compelled to take a stand and that means he's examined with a fine tooth comb and vilified for chav manners and for seeing his dilemmas with unsubtle directness (but I trust him to understand them rightly, actually).

Just a few thoughts. Lionheart still deserves support. We all need greater understanding and fortitude. Charles and LGF are fantastic too.

How unfortunate that his comment received a -2 rating.


Here's another.

edtomev wrote:

quote: Lionheart quote: I have never voted and am a part of No political party, some of my closest friends, they are more than friends they are family to me, are from different ethnic backgrounds and each of them would stand in any court of law on my behalf and agree with me, so I am not a racist."

A quote from the file of evidence compiled by the blogger who informed Charles of Lionheart's support for the BNP.

Lionheart would not be welcomed by extremist BNPers with that testimony. Considering that, and his extreme situation, he should be cut some slack. /unquote


I agree that he should be cut some slack. We have no idea what he is going through.

Henrik said...

Indeed we Europeans had our share of trouble with Charles Johnson. He's done great things collecting and increasing the spirit of those resisting the Islamofascist challenge, and we are lastingly grateful for that. It was sorely needed.

Today, unfortunately, Johnson seems a bit lost in a left-wing conspiracy that some mythical neo-fascist movement is surging in Europe. I'm European. Here's no such movement to speak of. I've read up on fascism. I'm content that Charles is on a wild goose chase and am looking elsewhere for up to date news.

The Lionheart thing shows how tricky it can be to deal with Charles Johnson. Lionheart went over the edge, got blasted for it - and apologized. That's the way to do it. We're humans, we make mistakes, admit and improve. Unfortunately, Charles didn't accept the apology, which made him look rather stupid.

Finally, thanks for blogging with a Christian heart. I recently read Rodney Stark: "The Victory of Reason". That changed my attitude to Christianity and the Catholic Church, forever.

least said...

SO Chris . . . do you always make decisions based on one comment posted at one blog? The Word of God cautions us against that sort of thing.
And re: ionheart's "apology" . . . feh! An apology is an acknowledgement of wrong-doing and an acceptance of responsibility for it. "I'm sorry, BUT . . ." has no place in an apology. You'd have to be willingly blind or really thick to accept such horse-puckey.
Grace, yes. Stupidity, no.

Henrik said...

least, I think the apology from Lionheart was sincere, and actually a great example of good behaviour in the blogosphere. He was apologizing for his reaction being excessive, then continuing to explain that he was genuinely feeling offended by the way Charles of LGF had treated him.

Charles, as usual, had behaved like a bully. But unlike Lionheart, Charles never admits wrongdoing or apologizes for the smears he publishes. I've been (at a small scale - my friends were attacked) at the receiving end of the LGF rant-machine, and it ain't pretty.

I think Christine, though her justification might seem think, is doing the right thing in not endorsing LGF any longer. It used to be be great, but there are many much more interesting and intelligent places to visit today.

Henrik said...

Oops: I meant "her justification might seem thin", of course...

Former said...

Charles Johnson a Randian? You clearly understand nothing about either Charles Johnson or Ayn Rand.

We have plenty of evangelical Xians in the LGF community, many Orthodox and not-so-Orthodox Jews (including this one), strict Catholics, Greek and Russian Orthodox, Baha'i, and of course atheists and agnostics. If you cannot deal with the fact that Charles is an agnostic, perhaps LGF is the wrong place for you.

Dave said...

Adios, sweetcakes.

With logic such as yours, the west is doomed.


least said...

So now we're to allow boorish behavior 'cause it's a "European thing"?
So, because they come from folks who also oppose the Islamic death-cult, we're to ignore clear and unambiguous racist statements?

NO. Not gonna do it.

How many of us have heard some someone try to justify an offensive action or attitude by saying, "It's a [ insert group or ethnicity here ] thing you wouldn't understand"
How many times have you then said to yourself, "Bull! That's just wrong and I ain't gonna tolerate it."

As the song goes, "Truth is truth. Lies are lies. God don't take no alibis."

least said...

And another thing . . . wrapping a website with quotations from Scripture means exactly zero when your words and actions don't match up with either the spirit the letter or the Spirit of God's Word.

BTW, I'm speaking of Lionheart's site.

Going away now, I am.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Henrik,

You sure gave me a lot of links to read!

I think that this whole spat between LGF and Lionheart should, hopefully, resolve itself within a few days. When I posted this comment quote regarding Lionheart and his situation, I thought that the commenter made an excellent point:

"I agree that he should be cut some slack. We have no idea what he is going through.

We all sit here, comfy and cozy under our free speech rights here in the U.S. while this man is suffering under some terrible persecution, censorship, threat of arrest, jail, and threats of physical harm by those who hate him.

We need to give him some slack.

As far as LGF and the "Big Kahuna" leader over there is concerned, I agree with the thought that it might be best to get my news elsewhere from now on.

Thanks for your compliment about my blogging efforts. As we can see from the comments after yours, some would not agree with you about that. But that's life! Can't please everyone.

The book you mentioned sounds interesting. I might just buy it next time I'm at the book store!

God bless,

Christinewjc said...


There were several issues that brought me to my decision about the LGF website. The more I read at several other blogs, the more I thought that it was the right decison for me.

IMO, even a perceived imperfect apology is better than none at all.

With all that Lionheart is going through, he might need that grace that you mentioned in your comment.

I am reminded of a Christian artist who wrote and sang a simple song with a profound message in it that combined the need for forgiveness and giving grace to those who have offended us. BTW, "grace" is a word that means giving forgiveness towards those who do not necessarily deserve it (which includes us all)...amen?

The song is by Brandon Heath and is called "I'm Not Who I Was."

The lyrics that could be applied to this situation are these:

Well the thing I find most amazing
In amazing grace
Is the chance to give it out
Maybe that's what love is all about

Christinewjc said...


I did not see Charles counter the commenter that wrote the comment stating that he is a supporter of Ayn Rand's philosophy. Usually when a person lets a comment "stand" like that, it might lead people to think that Johnson saw no need to correct it.

Apparently, the Grand Wizard (or, is he the Grand "Lizard"? heh heh) of LGF lets his minions speak for him instead of speaking for himself at Lionheart's blog. What's up with that? Whatever...

Christinewjc said...


WWJD in this situation?

Who knows. Of course I can't speak for Jesus in this situation. I can only speculate. However, based on how he handled the woman who was about to be stoned by a raging gang of men, perhaps he might have said (to all of us) "he who is without sin cast the first stone."

Mark said...

The WWJD question in any situation is pointless and irrelevant.

Folks should be concerend with what DID Jesus do.

Stay on the wall Christine!

Christinewjc said...

Excellent point Mark!

The WWJD is usually thrown at Christians by non-believers in an attempt to ridicule, not to lift one up.


Probably because of hatred for the fact that those who biblically stand up for Christ profess that we KNOW what Jesus DID FOR ALL OF US!

That is the ultimate questioned answered.

In a world where postmodernism and relativism rules the minds of many, sharing the absolute truth of God's Word offends those who don't know God and don't want to know Him!

Jesus asks every individual, "Who do you say that I am?"

How each of us answers that question determines where one spends eternity.

Thanks so much, Mark, for sharing that important fact!