Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ACORN Whistleblowers & Obama Eligibility Report link

My time for blogging is limited this morning, but I wanted to make people aware of one segment of Glenn Beck's T.V. show yesterday. I want to find the video clip of his interview with a woman who found out that ACORN financed the bus used for going to AIG homes and protesting in front of their residences.

Read how the whistleblowers (former ACORN workers) are being harrassed at Maggie's Notebook. She has part of the scoop on what was discussed on Glenn's show yesterday: ACORN Whistleblowers - ACORN Pays Poor People to Protest and Worse

One of the whistleblowers refused to go public (or appearing on Beck's show) because she fears for her 2 year old's life!! Just goes to show how far ACORN bullies would go - threatening a former worker who is the mother of a two-year-old child because she spoke the truth about that awful organization and their terrorizing methods???

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This is a significant development!

The Right Side of Life: Report Released on Presidential Eligibility

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Euripides said...

Obama as a "community organizer" indeed!