Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fighting for Certainty In an Age of Deception

This morning, I noticed that Bill Muehlenberg had a post up reviewing John MacArthur's book, "The Truth War" over at his blog Culture Watch.

My comment there (might still be in moderation):

When John MacArthur wrote this book, little did he know how important the additional words on the book cover would be:

"Fighting for certainty in an age of deception."

Deception is all around us in the terrible lies that abound in our current political atmosphere here in the United States.

I loved this book. Thanks for your excellent review. You have inspired me to read it again!


P.S. Inside the book jacket, MacArthur writes, "this book is not friendly fire." That is certainly a literary shot across the bow of the liberal, seeker-sensitive "don't talk about the need to repent" churches that keep their congregations in bondage to sin - all the while making them think they are saved.

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Matt W. said...

What a fantastic book, I have quite a few new books to read, but certainly plan to read that one again myself one of these days. Right now, it just so happens, I'm reading another MacArthur book, "Hard To Believe: The High Cost and Infinite Value of Following Jesus." So far it too is really great.

Christinewjc said...

The Truth War is one of those books that needs to be read every few years. Seeing the corruption, heresy, and apostacy increase since I last read it is truly disheartening. But MacArthur remiinds us that we are to "contest earnestly for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints." That give me the where-with-all to continue to speak out - even when non-believers (and some Christians who disagree with pointing out the need of people to repent) express their hatred of the Gospel of Christ.

Jesus warned us that such reactions would be so.

The "Hard to Believe" book sounds interesting. I will look for it next time I'm in a Christian bookstore.

Love that phrase, "The High Cost and Infinite Value of Following Jesus." Says A LOT about what Jesus did for us at the Cross.