Thursday, March 12, 2009

Congrats Charlie!

I'd like to take this opportunity to share with readers here how very proud I am of my son! He has been named "Trainer of the Month" at Fitness Together!

The following is a portion of the newsletter announcement:

Charlie works very hard around the studio and helps out in many ways, but mostly his clients think he is motivating, fun and gets them to their fitness goals. Here is a quote from Charlie's client Linnea Goodrich.

"I can honestly say that Charlie is the main reason I am so committed right now. Having started with him before my accident, he is aware of my potential and has been able to tailor my workouts specifically to me. It has been challenging for both of us to keep our sessions interesting since I was so physically limited in what I could do. He has been my biggest fan in cheering me on every step of the way, knowing exactly when to push me to do more and understanding what I can not do. He really knows how to motivate me and has done a great job with playful competitions between my Dad and Mikael and me. (since he trains all three of us)"

Another client, Ken Coley, has this to say about Charlie:

In July of 2008 I came to Fitness Together with some very specific goals. I wanted to loose about 17-18 pounds, 2 inches on my waist, to gain flexibility and strength, and generally wanted to improve my overall health. Charlie did a fitness and diet evaluation. He then designed a workout program and a healthy diet for me. I was working out 2-3 times a week and also exercising on my own. Within 6-8 weeks I was at my desired weight and I went from a 36" to a 34"trouser size. Charlie was great at working with my special needs. With tendinitis in my right shoulder and sciatica in my right hip, he made sure I worked those areas in a way that gained strength but did not further any injury or pain. I traveled extensively during that time, so Charlie would recommend workout programs for me when out of town. Charlie then changed my workouts to focus more on strength training. I have maintained my desired weight while gaining strength and flexibility. Charlie did a great job of working with my personal needs and goals, while making the entire process fun and challenging. Thanks Charlie and Congratulations on being named Trainer of the Month.


Charlie has been with Fitness Together for about one and a half years. The studio where he works just started the "Trainer of the Month" award and Charlie is the first recipient getting such recognition.

Congratulations Charlie! Our entire family is SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!


sh007r said...

congrats to you and yours, glad you're 'showing off' your family.
More should be proud and loud about good family news.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks sh007r!

I was out all day and it was so nice to come home and read your kind and encouraging comment!

God bless!