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Resident Obama Raiding U.S. Treasury (Update: New Case)

Update: Natural Born Citizen blog: QUO WARRANTO: A New Hope


Today I had a five hour meeting with New Jersey attorney, Mario Apuzzo. The meeting was entirely focused on the issue of Quo Warranto.

Bottom line: we’ve identified a subset of plaintiffs who have a much more viable path to standing to institute an action in Quo Warranto than active military. This subset of plaintiffs would not be exposed to possible court martial since they are not military plaintiffs. And there is no prevailing need to place this burden on the backs of our military. Our military can retreat [I would rather say "withdraw"] in peace on this issue. There is a new hope with a greater chance of success. This new hope has several layers of possibility. Attorney Apuzzo and I will be joining forces to see this matter receives the attention of proper Government officials.

Found this excellent article that discusses the fact that Obama is a British Subject and not a natural born citizen of the United States of America. Therefore, he is ineligible to hold the office of the presidency.

The article also covers the severe damage being done to our economy by Obamafraud and his tax-evading (did you hear that our tax-evader treasurer wants to crack down on tax-evading citizens? If that's not the pot calling the kettle black...), pro-death-to unborn babies crazies, inept and bungling advisers (including Resident Obama - "buy stocks now"...what an IDIOT!, spokespersons (that Gibbs is TERRIBLE!) and all the rest of his lousy "cabinet."

I found the following article link via WorldNetDaily's forum:

The reason the media isn't discussing Natural Born eligibility is that it is a question of natural law.

That means there is no code or statute defining natural born, but the body of the law and natural concept accepted as true and immutable.

An example is a natural death, versus murder.

If you research the media, the Birth Certificate proves Obama was born in United States and is therefore a 'natural born' citizen. However, the Hawaiian C.O.L.B. is NOT the birth certificate, and because of Hawaiian law there may not even be a Hawaiian birth certificate.

Some are so loose with the law that they call any child born in the U.S. natural born . . . that includes 'border babies' of illegal alien mothers. Some say the 14th Amendment defines natural born citizens, but the authors of the 14th Amendment say otherwise.

This week, I even heard a talk radio pundit say a natural born citizen can only come from natural born parents. Well, that is wrong also.

For an article on what natural born is historically, legally, and as applied to Barack Obama, please visit:

Paralegalnm's Blog: Barack Hussein Obama - a natural born subject of Great Britain.

The article goes into greater detail about Obama being a subject of Great Britain. However, the author also offers an idea for Republicans in Congress to USE the ineligibility issue to save our nation from the Democrats spending spree.

Have you seen the commercial that puts into perspective the awful pigbarrel, drunk on earmark gluttony spending and how bad it really is?

The commercial tells the fact that if you spent one million dollars each day from the time that Jesus Christ was born (almost 2,000 years ago) until today - you would not have spent as much as Congress is spending on all of these StimuWASTE bills, OmiBUST earmarks, and the blown out of proportion budget that Obamafraud and the Dems want to spend!!!

Please read the article excerpt. It may open your eyes to the truth about what is really going on.



Why Republicans Must Take This Issue Seriously
It is one thing when President Bush authorized monies for a Toxic Asset Repurchase Plan (TARP). Those funds, if applied judiciously, could leverage by a factor of over 2:1 an MBS bundle’s value from 20 cents to over 70 cents on the dollar. The banks also needed emergency injection of liquidity in order to continue daily business.

It is another, more serious concern when a president rams through trillions in expenditures, who, when state senator of Illinois made it a practice to legislate for his cronies monies that essentially evaporated. From $100,000 for a neighborhood park, to millions wasted on substandard Section 8 housing, the money was essentially stolen. The so-called ‘Stimulus Plan’ is no different. It will evaporate, leaving only an indelible stain of debt.

The trillions Obama is adding to the federal budget is not productive. Our monetary system based on debt relies on productivity and job creation. The money supply grows and the credit system stays healthy when profits refill the banking system.

In the summer, just prior to the November, 2008 elections, N.Y. Senator Chuck Schumer released proprietary information about IndyMac’s bank insolvency. He started a run on the banks which by autumn revealed decades of bad mortgages made through Fannie Mae and the Community Reinvestment Act. The housing bubble burst. Mortgage securities plummeted in value, and the liquidity of the banking system dried up internationally. Cf. The 2000 tech bubble Greenspan and Clinton created to help Al Gore’s election bid.[9]

The Democrats blamed President Bush and took the presidency and control of congress. The Democrats had been lining their pockets with Fannie Mae bonuses and political contributions for years, and then used the fraudulent profits and economic downturn to steal the 2008 election.

Now, President Barack Hussein Obama, one of the top benefactor’s of Fannie Mae political contributions, is raiding the U.S. Treasury as never done before. That money will evaporate, creating only temporary work and political bribes called earmarks.

The United States will be insolvent and uncreditworthy before the next congressional elections.

Wait Two-Years, or Act Now
In his first month in office, Barack Hussein Obama has passed a spending bill of such proportions that the United States is essentially bankrupted. More spending is on the way. Immigration Reform, ACORN raking in billions, Hamas getting a billion, neutered justice department oversight, federalization of medical insurance, and other ‘transformations’ are on the fast track.

Republicans are re-grouping in hopes of retaking congress in 2010. That is passive-aggressive and, with the pace of Democrat ‘transformations,’ may be too little and too late.

Fortunately, the Republicans are united as never seen before. Except for three senators, every Republican representative, plus some Democrats, voted against a spending bill that the authors wouldn’t even allow them to read, let alone debate.

Time is the enemy, and Republicans stunned and sidelined in the legislative process like third-string towel boys, are desperately starting to grab Democrat earmarks in hopes of saving their seats.

What Can Be Done Now?
An issue that can be addressed now is a congressional investigation of Barack Obama’s Article II ‘natural born’ eligibility. Brought up in congress, it just might stop the Democrat spending juggernaut. If blocked by Democrats, the Republicans can go forward independently as an ad hoc caucus.

If this question is addressed in caucus or conference, an injunction may be obtained in court, or through the court of public opinion. If not stopped completely, at least this headlong rush to insolvency and socialism can be hobbled.

Hat tips:

World Net Daily forum

Paralegalnm's Blog: Barack Hussein Obama - a natural born subject of Great Britain.



Tamela's Place said...

Hello Christin,

oh my! oh my! oh my!

What has America got themselves into? Does not sound good at all!

Have you heard of the new bumper sticker that is out? OBAMA "One Big *** Mistake America! I laugh at it but a part me says that this is no laughing matter!

I think i have caught many off guard at Tamela's place on this last post of mine and some of my usual commentors don't know how to take me? So far i have only gotten one comment! lol! i can only hope that they have been convicted and are examineing their hearts!

I poured out the "Heat" this time instead of my usual encouraging Words.

I am thinking that i should start another blog and leave Tamela's place as the encouragement place and begin another blog and call it "where the heat is on" lol!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Tamela!

America is finally waking up to realize their error of voting for Obama. Buyers remorse posts are popping up in the blogs. Darn can't find the link at the moment.

However, even amongst the dire circumstances and consequences of the "One Big A** Mistake, America" made in the voting booth, it helps to see a bit of humor about it all too! heh heh

I need to go over and read your latest post!

As followers of Jesus Christ, I think (IMHO) that it is important to warn others and sound the alarm bells when something is not right in the world as well as encourage. Both topics are very important in Christian Apologetics. My next post will point out why.

It is difficult for those who may realize that they made a mistake voting for Obama to actually admit it. But as things get worse and worse with Resident Obama, people are awakening out of that ObamaBorg Kool-Aid drinking stupor and seeing how dangerous and evil this man and his policies are for America. SOMETHING needs to be done to get him out of office. We can't wait for the next election. Hopefully, one of the many Obama ineligibility cases will be heard and he will be immediately removed from office.

I have started additional blogs, but sometimes it is really difficult to keep up with them! So, Talk Wisdom is my mainstay. I cover all topics here, and the Obama citizenship issue is usually front and center. I think it is extremely important for the truth to come out. Obama can't hide forever. He certainly can't hide from God.

Thanks for stopping by! I am on my way to read your post now!


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